A pic of a Social Security card (Socialist Slave number) burn party, & below is a sign for the fun, & at the end is the speech....
social security cards are burned

social security burn party sign

This is the speech that introduced the event.
    The Libertarian Party and our supporters are here to demonstrate in support of a voluntary social security system.  We're graced with the presence of Lady Liberty, to help us in asking that Americans be liberated from the Social Security system and to burn our social security cards.
    It is not necessary or desirable to chop-off elderly citizens who are currently relying on Social Security.  We do not wish to see any senior citizen dining on dog food or going without clothing or shelter.  Such tragedies are the very reason why we demonstrate for a voluntary social security system, so that others may be spared such a fate, a fate that has been caused by the very social security system that was expected to prevent it.  People are living in poverty BECAUSE their money has been squandered by social security.
    When a social security recipient shops for groceries or any goods or services, he pays for his own social security benefits and the social security benefits of others that have been passed right back to him through the price of the goods or services.  All businesses and all workers pass on the cost of social security deductions by asking for raises, by increasing the prices of goods and services or by any other means.  Social security recipients also pay for the passed on costs of the many other taxes besides social security.  This is why social security recipients are in a continual race to catch-up with the ever-increasing passed-on costs of the very taxes that purport to aid them.
    In addition to luring the elderly into this never-ending trap, social security undermines all other forms of support upon which the elderly could rely.  Social security has undermined family relationships, telling people "Don't worry about grandma or grandpa, the government will take care of them."  But the government doesn't, -it can't.  The government reduces social security benefits on the basis of any outstanding income or aid that a recipient receives.  It attempts to take the television given to a blind girl.  It forces it's participants to take part in fraud.  A fraud where the rules continually change during the game.  It forces the participants to live their lives in anxiety, never certain whether they will receive a return on their money and under what conditions.
    For American workers social security is a deduction from their pay that may exceed their income tax deductions.  It is a deduction that is not invested in the private economy where it would create jobs, but is instead immediately sent out to recipients, making a lie out of the claim that there are "TRUST FUNDS" for each card holder.  If workers were given the freedom to spend their own money, they would immediately recognize a large raise and would be able to pursue investment plans that would overwhelm any benefits they could ever hope to receive from social security.
    Social security is not a solution, it is the problem. 
    It is a program founded on the idea that people are incapable of taking care of themselves, and is thus an insult to every cardholder.  It is also an insult as it presumes that cardholders don't have the intelligence to recognize the fraud that social security is.  Politicians can not make a rational human mind believe that social security is that which it is not.  Social Security is not an investment program.  Social security does not maintain trust funds.  Social security is not salvageable, it is bankrupt.
    Of all the cards in your wallet, your social security must be the most useless.  It's not even plastic, so it's not even useful for scrapping frost off your windshield.  --but someday it will be plastic.  And it will have your photograph and thumbprint on it and you will be required to carry it, and the government will require that you use it to facilitate the government's desire to totally control your life.
    But today, it is mainly the means by which a terrible fraud is perpetrated upon American individuals.  A fraud that is so bad that we are willing to burn our cards, and say to the government, that we will not accept any return on the money that has been taken from us, they can keep our money, if they just do not take any more and free us from social security, by making participation voluntary.  That's how bad social security is.
    The lady liberty will put her torch to our cards to show how desperately we want to escape from social security.