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anti-business, anti-employer, anti-corporation, anti-capitalistic and pro-government regulation?

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An Open Letter to a Comic Strip Creator
By Rex Curry, 6/13/2003 12:21:58 AM

An open letter to Dilbert's Scott Adams (author of the "Dilbert" comic strip and related books),

Please sell me the right to publish alternative versions of the "Dilbert" books and comic strips, or let me encourage you to publish alternative versions. As an attorney, and a libertarian, too, I see a lucrative market for Dilbert via special editions that have an anti-government and pro-freedom message in place of the present message (anti-business, anti-employer, anti-corporation, anti-capitalistic and apparently pro-government regulation?).

The "Dilbert" strips from 06-08-2003 and 11-30-2003 are perfect examples. 

The 06/08/2003 strip shows how Dilbert would be better if the word "management" were replaced with the word "politics" or "government." Please review the 06/08/2003 strip with those improvements. Dilbert could be improved in most cases with a simple computerized "find-and-replace" program changing "buzz-words" such as "management" "business" and "corporation" and replacing them with "politics," "bureaucracy" and "government."

I recall the first time I read a Dilbert book and I laughed out loud as I instinctively began to mentally alter the written "spin" and insert an anti-government, pro-freedom message from front to back. I do the same whenever I read any Dilbert strip or book. I never read Dilbert the way it is written.

Please publish special editions of Dilbert with government as the butt of the jokes instead of free enterprise. Or let's work out a deal so that Dilbert can be published in special editions. Dilbert would hit a new market, massively inspire that new market, and probably become a legend among people who prize freedom. Dilbert can ridicule government and give people the courage to fight government. Dilbert might become a revolutionary hero, change history, and restore America's libertarian heritage.

No one should wonder if Dilbert is a Marxist goldbricker.


Rex Curry, Attorney At Law, Tampa, FL, can be reached at: mailto:rexy@ij.net

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