Did gun haters kill Mark Jeffrey Reynolds?  Did gun haters almost kill Anne Hjelle?  They were attacked by vicious animals while biking in a wilderness park in California.  They had been disarmed by vicious animals while biking in a wilderness park in California.
    As an attorney, I am often consulted about gun laws.  Many states (and the federal government) restrict the carrying of firearms while in parks.  I have a webpage about guns at
    In the California park, a mountain lion sprang from the brush and pounced on Hjelle's back and dragged her off by her head.  Fellow bikers threw rocks at the animal.  No kidding. Rocks.
    Why were they reduced to throwing rocks like Neanderthals in the 21st century? Because vicious socialism hates individuals and their rights and it disarms its victims. It happened before in government-run (socialized) Parks.  Socialists didn't care, so they continued to disarm the victims.  The socialists will kill again.
    Government-run parks aren't the only victim disarmament zones that kill.  They killed on  9-11.  And the vicious animals killed with the socialist trio of mass murderers (the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the People's Republic of China, and the National Socialist German Workers' Party at ).
Stop victim disarmament with the resources at
Help protect individuals from vicious animals.  Don't be reduced to throwing rocks.

Vicious animals.

the more I learn about government....