Reclaim Mom's Day

Mother's Day is a reminder of the superiority of mothers over maternalistic government.

Yet, government growth usurps motherhood.

Indeed, some people are so dependent on government, they should send Mother's Day cards to their local, state and federal officials.

Government officials act as if Mother's Day is an antiquated celebration in that anything mom can do, the local, state and federal government can do better.

Official policies say mom is too stupid to school baby, provide health care or even to control baby's television selections.

Even so, mom's tax dollars are good enough for the government.

Despite committing wholesale theft taxation, government still accumulates debt so large that every mother's pride and joy is born deeply in the red.

With mom's money and baby's IOUs, government buses children away from their mothers to overpriced, dangerous schools that produce illiterates.

Socialism is an abusive parent.

Democrats want government to be mommies and feed, clothe and shelter everyone - with other people's money.

Republicans want government to be daddies and make everyone do as he is told and to punish the disobedient. Libertarians want to treat people, including mothers, like adults.

Reclaim Mother's Day: reduce government.

Happy Mother's Day.

Rex Curry
printed in the USF Oracle