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burning socialist slave card
    Join the nationwide movement for secession of states in these united states of America. Fight modern slavery.  Join burn parties to end the social security scam and to burn your socialist slave card in Lady Liberty's torch with Libertarians everywhere.  Host your own secession fundraisers with the resources linked below. 
Help the United States of America progress
to the Untied States of America.
Stop Socialist Slavery & end your Nazi number.

If at first you don't secede, try, try again!
my Nazi Number is 262-00-6302
Remove the pledge from the flag. Remove flags from schools. Remove schools from government.
It's the patriotic thing to do!
If at first you don't succeed at secession, just keep on seceding until you do succeed!

Secession is the only way that individuals can stop massive federal spending and debt and escape socialist slavery.

Thinking people agree that we need to pull out of Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.  We also need to pull out of Washington, D.C.  The latter dis-engagement is more important than the former.  We cannot acheive victory in Washinton, D.C. 

Help replace the flag of the United States of America with the flags of the Untied States of America, the many Culpepper flags ("Don't tread on me") and the first Texas Battle flag ("Come and take it").

Read about secession for the state of Florida.

When the federal bureaucrats come to steal your money for their socialist slavery system and for their sky-rocketing debts, tell them "Don't tread on me" and "Come and take it."

The following link is to the first and only site on the web with an example of a segregated class performing the early "nazi-style" salute to the USA's flag during the time when government schools imposed racism, as exposed by the noted historian Dr. Rex Curry..


Think of American Indians as a state that successfuly seceded and remains seceded. Or, as a state that never ceded.

Thanks to American Indians (Seminoles), Tampa has a vegas style casino, because they can ignore so many state and federal laws.  
Also see

Thanks to American Indians (Hualapai), Arizona has a short 1-day cruise on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, because they can ignore so many state and federal laws.

The Socialist Flag for USA's government schools ! revealed the reason that national flags are at local government schools and classrooms: It is a promotion of nationalization of the economy, and socialism and militarism in the USA under the Bellamy dogma of "military socialism."

Everyone should wear the "socialist slave" shirt (below right) when robotically chanting the pledge.

Reasons why each state should stop being a united state

Alaska: has plenty of oil, but the federal government’s politicians have socialized much of Alaska, including ANWAR, and they won’t sell the land and they will not allow drilling. Washington is treating Alaska like an unwanted step-child. Alaska has an incentive to quit the United States, and become an independent country, or a Canadian state. Then the politicians would really be dependent on foreign oil. But conditions would improve for the general population of those states that remained united, because new sources of petroleum products would be available. Alaska’s secession would aid the U.S.A.


The national government is arrogant and out of control. It is in a persistant vegetative state and its feeding tube needs to be pulled so that it will no longer violate the rights of individuals.

"Decentralization" is a better term than "Secession."

Singapore seceded from Malaysia peacefully in modern history.  Quebec has voted on the issue of secession from Canada twice, voting against secession both times.

Some states enable amendments to the state's constitutional, and some states enable the amendments via voter proposal.  Florida is one state that allows that method. The method is sometimes known as a "citizen initiative." That method can be used to pass an amendment to secede the U.S.A. In Florida, the proposed amendment to the state's constitution could be similar to Florida's original secession declaration.

The Department of State, Division of Elections, website contains considerable information including the "how  to's" of a citizen initiative

There is also a list of those currently active

Here are the Ordinances of Secession of the 13 Confederate states.
They might serve as patterns.

The first and only public burning of social security cards was organized by the historian Rex Curry.  A sample flier from the historic event that can be updated for new events is available.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the national flag was written by a nationalist who wanted to nationalize everything, including people, via national numbering. It is now the cornerstone of the USA’s police state. 

National numbering was imposed in 1935, as the USA followed the Nazi path.

The USA numbers infants, and then government schools demand the numbers for enrollment.  In government schools, children engage in bizarre robotic chanting of the pledge of allegiance in military formation, upon the ring of a government bell every morning, like Pavlov’s lapdogs of the state. The pledge was the origin of the salute of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis).

The pledge of allegiance and the social security scam were both touted by the pledge’s author, a self-proclaimed national socialist who advocated “military socialism” and the use of schools to produce an “industrial army” to nationalize everything.

If social security taxes had been invested in stocks from 1935, then the government would have nationalized almost every business already.   That totalitarianism was delayed.
New plans for social security will invest the taxes and nationalize everything. 

Instead of being a beacon of freedom, the USA is still showing Nazism to the world.  (Do another USA apologizes to the world for Nazism).
HISTORIC PHOTO only here of the first public burning of social security cards to end socialist slave numbers (by mythbuster Rex).

THE U.S. IS PRODUCING DRAFT CARDS - your social security card is your draft card. wake up.

SOCIAL SECURITY IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL - from the worst President, the socialist F.D.R. & his Depression.

PHOTO CONTESTS - send in old pics and make new ones to celebrate the best burn party photos.

SAMPLE FLYER - this notice was used for a social security card burn party covered in many newspapers.

SAMPLE SPEECH - this speech introduced a social security card burn party.

YOUR SOCIALIST SLAVE # - (your social security #) came from the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

SOCIAL SECURITY # TATTOOS - some people are already getting them. When will you get yours?

SOCIALIST SLAVE T-SHIRTS - wear your own popular shirt (front) (back) to tell everyone the truth.

SOCIAL INSECURITY CARDS - if you already burned or lost your card, then burn these from Wisconsin.

SOCIALIST SLAVE # BUMPER STICKERS - go with your car tag, VIN & eventual G.I. transponder.

LICENSE PLATES - car tags to help track you by two of your many different socialist slave numbers.

RUBBER STAMP TATTOOS - use a rubber stamp to "tattoo" every slave at your burn party.

SOCIALIST SLAVE LAPEL TAGS in .PDF - "My socialist slave number is ___" as shirt labels.

SOCIALIST SLAVE BUMPER STICKERS - ties it into the national socialist philosophy.

HELLO! - My Socialist Slave number is..... -another convention-style sticker for publicity stunts.

SOCIAL SECURITY TOILET  PAPER - you've finally found a good use for your socialist slave card!!!!

SOCIAL SECURITY UNIVERSAL BARCODES - for scanning you & to keep you in line.

CUSTOM NECK TIES -  "My socialist slave number is _______" in a classy design for professionals.

THE SNTSS SUPERHERO - you can be the "Say No to Socialist Slavery" superhero and have fun too!

AUGUST 14 - the day the socialist slave system was imposed nationwide in 1935.

SEPTEMBER 1 (LABOR DAY) - Workers break the chains of the SS scam & their socialist slave numbers.

GRANDPARENT'S DAY - Senior citizens help to stop the social security scam every September.

DECEMBER 1 - the day the first socialist slave number was forced upon a free individual in 1936.

DECEMBER - as an attorney, I explain how Social Security darkened the month of December.

SAMPLE MEDIA LETTER - an example of a letter to the media for announcing burn parties.

INTERNET SEARCH RESULTS - show the prevalence of anti-slavery phrases

MILLION MAN MARCH - imagine a million socialist slave cards burning at once in Washington D.C.

SOCIAL SECURITY KILLS - the theft prevents people from buying health insurance and healthcare.

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Pledge of Allegiance Image Pledging Allegiance Photograph
Pledge of Allegiance, Edward Bellamy, Socialism's Sick Swastika !
Pledge of Allegiance Image Pledging Allegiance Photograph
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Sig Rune, Sieg, Sowilo, SS, SA, Socialism's Sick Swastika !
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