The social security scam is an example of how socialistic the media are and more proof that government schools are unconsitutional under the 1st Amendment as an impediment to free speech and a free press.
    The media never report the view that numbering of Americans is wrong, or even that national numbering is wrong.  The media do not report the view that there is no constitutional authority for the social security scam or anything like it.   The media are uninterested in criticizing a system that numbers newborn babies before they leave hospitals to create cradle to grave records by which they are tracked, robbed, and controlled their entire lives.
    The media are democratic socialists and republican socialists who can do no better than wring their hands and whine about whether the system is solvent and how to "reform" it.
    An interesting note is that the media will never analogize this event to the burning of draft cards.  And if the media ever does make the analogy it will not be favorable.  The people who burned draft cards never made the analogy and never burned their socialist slave cards.  The people who would burn their draft cards today will not burn their social security cards. Only the Libertarians would enjoy doing both.
    Democratic socialists are more likely then republican socialists to burn draft cards.  But republican socialists are unlikely to burn draft cards or socialist slavery cards.  
    The media are made up of democratic socialists and republican socialists.  Most people in media attended government schools. That explains the sycophantic coverage that the media gives to the socialist slave system.