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Oppose the National Socialist German Workers' Party and its socialist legacies that exist in today's government.   
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KKK Ku Klux Klan tattoos swastikas

Swastikas and the KKK are scary reminders of tattooing that was forced upon people persecuted under German National Socialism. It is still related to the "Socialist Slavery" symbolized by the overlapping S-letters of the swastika under the National Socialist German Workers Party.

Symbols in the Ku Klux Klan ( KKK ) often use religious images, swastikas (the hooked cross) and symbols from the National Socialist German Workers Party or from Christian Socialism. Learn more at
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The KKK & swastikas are related to Flag Tattoos & Fet!shism.  http://rexcurry.net/tattoos.html

Fascism = Socialism

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KKK Ku Klux Klan & Karl May & Adolf Hitler
When the leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party died he possessed at his bedside rows of books by his favorite author, Karl May. During his life, the NSGWP leader even emulated May's signature. http://rexcurry.net/karl-may-adolf-hitler-swastika-kkk-ku-klux-klan.html.html

The German writer Klaus Mann said "A whole generation in Germany grew brutish and ran wild - partly through the evil influence of Karl May. ( . . . ) He had poisoned their hearts and souls with hypocritical morality and the lurid glorification of cruelty.( . . . ) He anticipated, in a quasi-literary sphere, the catastrophic reality that is now before us; he was the grotesque prophet of a sham Messiah."

"The Third Reich is Karl May's ultimate triumph, the ghastly realization of his dreams. It is according to ethical and aesthetic standards indistinguishable from his that the Austrian house-painter, nourished in his youth by Old Shatterhand, is now attempting to rebuild the world." (Karl May Hitler's Literary Mentor. by Klaus Mann in: The Kenyon Review, Autumn 1940, S. 399f. The first third of this essay is printed in the translation by Walther Ilmer in: Karl May. Hrsg. v. Helmut Schmiedt. Frankfurt A.M. 1983, P. 32-34).

F.C. McKenzie: "Inside Adolf" wrote "Old Shatterhand continually quoted the Bible claiming that he was invested with a divine right to exterminate inferior races, and we know that Hitler frequently expressed this view in later years" (Beaver Publishing House, Victoria (Australia) 1993, p.18).

In the late 1930s, zealous National Socialist sycophants gave their new spin to the Winnetou novels. Old Shatterhand was puffed up as a Socialist Superman. Yankees became Jewish Yankees / Capitalist Yankees.

The same socialist control of books and reading continued under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics after the National Socialist German Workers' Party ceased.  In East Germany, the Soviet Socialists decreed May a non-person, even though May had lived his whole life in or around Dresden. No paper was made available to print his books. Even reading a May novel became a punishable offense. The Cold War simply made things worse. It happened even as Soviet Socialists set new horrid records for cultural genocide that exceeded that under German National Socialism.

According to an article in the Economist "When American GIs poured into Germany in 1945, they were astonished to discover that German children, after 12 years of Nazi rule, could be found decked-out in buckskins and feathers and playing “Indians.” Every spring in Radebeul, a quiet Dresden suburb, tens of thousands of grown-ups do the same.

May (1842-1912) was a German who was famous for writing about the USA.  Karl May wrote many books including a book about the white-hooded knights of the fiery cross otherwise known as three words beginning with the letter "K" (and that was the title of May's book). That book is almost unknown in the USA today. See a photograph of it at

May also wrote "The secret brotherhood" (The Collected works of Karl May ; ser 3, v. 3).

Klara May, Karl's wife, wrote "Under the swastika around the world" (row title) in "The Liberty Fight" Official daily paper of the NSGWP, Gau Saxonia, Dresden. 4. Jg., No. 48 (18. 2. 1934).  German socialists did not use the word "swastika," but used the word "Hakenkreuz" (hooked cross) because their symbol was a type of cross.

Members of the 3K's clan are often shown in old and new photographs performing a straight-arm salute to the flag of the United States or to the Christian Cross (or the "Fiery Cross").  The photographs are shown with the erroneous implication that K3 adopted the salute from the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSGWP).

The raised-arm salute originated in the U.S. in the early Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. flag and it was the origin of the salute of the German National Socialists, as shown in recent discoveries by the historian Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Pledge of Allegiance Secrets"). The USA used the straight arm salute to the national flag for three decades before German National Socialists started doing the same thing.  It is more accurate to say that the NSGWP was influenced by National Socialists in the U.S. and within the hooded group.

Karl May might have also helped to inspire the NSGWP's leader in choosing the swastika symbol for the NSGWP. May is famous for his cowboy and Indian tales set in the USA. The symbol was a popular symbol in the USA (and might have been repeated at that time by American Indians) long before the NSGWP began in 1920.

The NSGWP's leader was also familiar with Indian reservations in the USA through Karl Mays work and other sources, and also familiar with the use of concentration camps for mass slaughter in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The leader of the NSGWP wrote his most notorious book while serving time in prison. Karl May developed a love of good stories while serving time in prison for fraud.

The straight-arm salute was created (1892) by Francis Bellamy, a self-proclaimed socialist in the Nationalism movement in the USA.

Francis was cousin and cohort to Edward Bellamy, author of "Looking Backward" an international bestseller that was known as the Bible of National Socialism. Edward also authored "The Religion of Solidarity" and other articles and books with similar ideas.

Both Bellamys worked together to promote their dogma of "Christian Socialism" and "Military Socialism" and "Nationalism" and they wanted the government to take over all schools to spread their dogma. When the government granted their wish, the government's schools imposed segregation by law and taught racism as official policy.  Government in the USA provided a horrid example to German National Socialists for three decades before the NSGWP began.

The Bellamys and the clan supported government schools for the same reason. They were on a crusade for conformity. They called it "Americanism" or "Hooded Americanism." They were bigoted, racist, sexist, narrow-minded and they obsessed about immigrants and people of other religions.  They wanted to weed out individuality and differences and they wanted to make everyone the same.

People were persecuted for refusing to give the straight-arm salute to the national flag. That persecution occurred in the USA (to the stars and stripes) and in Germany (to the swastika flag) at the same time, although it started in the USA first. Today, most people in the USA were educated in government schools (socialist schools), so they are ignorant of the fact that it was happening in both Germany and the USA.

Children of various races and backgrounds attended government schools that were segregated by law and they were forced to perform the straight-arm salute in robotic chanting every morning at the ring of a government bell (just as it is done today but with a different gesture).

Many people considered the raised-arm salute to the national flag to be sacrilegious worship of government and socialism. Religious people had good reasons to consider the pledge / salute to be sacrilegious, in that Germans used the ritual toward their flag, the swastika flag, which the Germans did not call a swastika flag. German called their symbol a Hakenkreuz, not a swastika. Hakenkreuz means "hooked cross."

Most people do not know that a cross was worshiped as the notorious symbol of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. It is one of the biggest cover-ups in history. The hooked cross became a symbol of Christian Socialism.

In the USA the hooked cross was a common symbol and was referred to as a cross (armed cross, twisted cross, lucky cross, crooked cross, hooked cross) before "swastika" became dominant. The eventual dominance of "swastika" occurred in part to distance the cross from German Christian Socialism, by slandering a foreign symbol ("Swastika" is Sanskrit, not German).

                                                                                                                Karl May autograph photograph http://rexcurry.net/karlmay-adolf-hitler-signature.jpg
Karl May Signature compares with Adolf Hitler's signature
Although the swastika was an ancient symbol, the noted cryptographer and symbologist Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Swastika Secrets") discovered that it was also used sometimes by German National Socialists to represent "S" letters for their "socialism."  With a 45 degree turn of his Hakenkreuz and pointing it clockwise, the leader of German National Socialists used the "swastika flag" to combine the cross with collectivism, merge church and state, mesh religion and socialism, and mandate the worship of government. He altered his own signature to use the same symbolism, and in his SS divison, and similar alphabetic symbolism still shows on Volkswagens. In the same way that the 3K's repeated letters, the NSGWP emulated the practice with 2S's overlapping for their socialist group. http://rexcurry.net/book1a1contents-swastika.html

Support for Dr. Curry's work comes from other authors who believe the Holocaust under the National Socialist German Workers Party was an inquisition (including religious persecution) undertaken by the leader of German National Socialism under his religious and racial beliefs.

The Bellamy book "Looking Backward" was so popular that it was translated into every major language, including German, Russian, and Chinese.  It immediately inspired a supportive political movement with “Nationalism Clubs” worldwide.

The Bellamy dogma was popular in the U.S. and worldwide, influencing people living in the countries of the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): 65 million slaughtered under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR); 49 million under the Peoples' Republic of China (PRC); 21 million under the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSGWP). Their satanic leaders would not separate church and state, they combined religion with socialism, and they worshipped government. In 1939 the National Socialist German Workers' Party and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics joined as allies to invade Poland in a pact to divide up Europe. After WWII, Stalin and Mao went on to kill even more people. http://rexcurry.net/wholecaust-museum.html

It all shows how close the USA came (and is still coming) to the socialist Wholecaust. Many Americans are sad examples of how places like that come into existence, grow so large, last so long, and kill so many.  

Historians make their work relevant to current events. Such stories are relevant to the fact that the present government in the USA is anti libertarian and is out-socializing the previous administration by more than double and growing (in social spending ALONE). The dogma of socialism and self-sacrifice is still growing all over the world.

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Karl May signature emulated by Adolf Hitler
May's most famous work is Winnetou. It begins with the arrival of a young German writer and adventurer named (coincidentally) Karl in St. Louis in the 1860s. He has adventures with the Indian named Winnetou. Winnetou's life ends by brutal murder in the Grand Tetons in Wyoming in 1874.

Somewhere in the middle of the beginning and end, Karl joins a team surveying Arizona so that a Railroad can run all the way to California. There are railroad bosses and they are all Yankees portrayed as mean, dishonest, greedy, and cadaverous.  It never occurs to any railroad bosses to ask permission of Apaches who live on the land. To cut a long story short, the Apache knight Winnetou captures Old Shatterhand and his small band of surveyors and sentences them to a slow and particularly gruesome death, unless, you've guessed it, unless Shatterhand can defeat an Apache warrior in single combat.

The designated warrior just happens to be Intschu-tschuna, Winnetou's father. Of course, Shatterhand  defeats him. But Shatterhand spares the warrior's life and so earns not only the lasting trust of all good Apaches but also becomes blood-brother of Winnetou and co-chief of the Apaches.

The Germans have a saying: "We know Goethe, but we read Karl May".

Humorous anti-American graffiti in Germany, in translation:"US citicens leave the occupied country, Indians are here again".The name of Winnetou is a famous red-Indian figure in the famous adventure stories by Karl May.

Klara May, Karl's wife, wrote "Under the swastika around the world" (row title) in "The Liberty Fight" Official daily paper of the NSGWP, Gau Saxonia, Dresden. 4. Jg., No. 48 (18. 2. 1934) (Unter dem Hakenkreuz um die Welt (Reihentitel) in "Der Freiheitskampf" Amtliche Tageszeitung der NSGWP).

***************************                                                                                Karl May image http://rexcurry.net/swastika-stamp1l-indian-karl-may.jpg
Karl May Adolf Hitler swastika stamp Indian
Theodor Heuß    1884 - 1963, Professor, 1. Präsident der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Theodor Heuss 1884 - 1963, professor, 1. President of the Federal Republic of Germany

Irgendwann trat die Knabenzeitschrift "Der gute Kamerad" in unser Leben; ... durch ihn kamen wir zu Karl May, der eben begonnen hatte, der Halbgott der Jugend, und nicht bloß der Jugend, zu werden. Wir verschlangen von ihm, was erreichbar war, und abonnierten die in Heften erscheinenden neuen Werke. Er bezauberte uns. Was frugen wir nach Echtheit, nach Wirklichkeit! Es genügte, daß immer etwas los war, daß man in fremden Ländern und Sitten mit sicherer Hand geleitet wurde, daß es Käuze gab, über die man lachen konnte, Helden, für die man schwärmen durfte, Bösewichter, die man verachten mußte.    Vorspiele des Lebens, Tübingen 1953, S. 155f.   

The boy magazine “the good comrade” stepped sometime into our life; … by him we came to Karl May, who had evenly begun, the half God of the youth, and not only the youth to become. We devoured from him, which was attainable, and subscribed the new works appearing in booklets. It bezauberte us. Which we asked for authenticity, for reality! It was sufficient that it was always somewhat the matter that one in strange countries and customs with safe hand were led that there were Käuze, at which one could laugh heroes, for whom one was allowed swarms Bösewichter, which one had to despise. Play the life, Tübingen 1953, S. 155f.

Eines Tages klingelte es an der Wohnungstür, ein ältlicher kleiner Herr mit einem zerknitterten Gesicht - was mich zunächst beschäftigte, war eine riesige Krawatte mit einer großen Swastika in buntem ??? ... Vorstellung: "Karl May". Gegenfrage: "Old Shatterhand?-' Freundlich geschmeichelte Zustimmung; der Besucher konnte also mit der "Bildung" eines Durchschnittsdeutschen rechnen ...  Erinnerungen 1905-1933, Tübingen, Stuttgart, 1953, S. 171.

A daily rang it at the housing door, a ältlicher small gentleman with a crumpled face - which employed me first, was an enormous tie with a large Swastika in multicolored ????… to conception: “Karl May”. Counter question: “Old Shatterhand? - 'Friendly flattered agreement; the visitor could count thus on the “formation” of an average German… memories 1905-1933, Tübingen, Stuttgart, 1953, P. 171.



Hitler, Karl May und die Emigranten

Die sich abzeichnende Rehabilitierung Karl Mays in der DDR hat einmal mehr zum Bewußtsein gebracht, daß die Rezeptionsgeschichte dieses Autors trotz allen Verkaufserfolgs und manch kollegialer Anerkennung eigentlich eine Abfolge mehr oder minder heftiger publizistischer Anfeindungen darstellt. May, der Hochstapler, dessen fiktive Abenteuer die Leserschaft narrten, May, der blasphemisch-bigotte Scheinkatholik, der Pornograph und Schundliterat, May, der frühere Räuberhauptmann und kriminelle Jugendverderber - so lauteten eine Generation lang die Hauptvorwürfe seiner zahlreichen Gegner. Dem Ganzen setzte schließlich Klaus Mann die Krone auf, als er den Autor 28 Jahre nach seinem Tode als Präfaschisten denunzierte, als literarischen Antizipator und geistigen Mentor des Dritten Reichs.

Hitler, Karl May and the emigrants Appearing the rehabilitation Karl May in the GDR brought once more to consciousness that the prescription ion history of this author represents a succession despite all sales impact and some collegial acknowledgment actually more or less violent journalistic meeting with hostility. May, the Hochstapler, whose fictitious adventures the readership narrten, May, blasphemisch bigotte illusory catholic, the Pornograph and Schundliterat, May, the former robber captain and criminal youth-crude - in such a way a generation long the main reproaches of his numerous opponents read. Klaus man finally put the crown to the whole one on, when he denunzierte the author 28 years after his death as Präfaschisten, as literary Antizipator and mental Mentor of the third realm. ”


»A whole generation in Germany grew brutish and ran wild - partly through the evil influence of Karl May. ( . . . ) He had poisoned their hearts and souls with hypocritical morality and the lurid glorification of cruelty.( . . . ) He anticipated, in a quasi-literary sphere, the catastrophic reality that is now before us; he was the grotesque prophet of a sham Messiah.

The Third Reich is Karl May's ultimate triumph, the ghastly realization of his dreams. It is according to ethical and aesthetic standards indistinguishable from his that the Austrian house-painter, nourished in his youth by Old Shatterhand, is now attempting to rebuild the world.«   By Klaus Mann: Karl May Hitler's Literary Mentor. In: The Kenyon Review, Autumn 1940, S. 399f. Das erste Drittel dieses Aufsatzes ist in der Übersetzung von Walther Ilmer abgedruckt in: Karl May. Hrsg. v. Helmut Schmiedt. Frankfurt a. M. 1983, S. 32-34
The Kenyon Review, Autumn 1940, S. 399f. The first third of this essay is printed in the translation by Walther Ilmer in: Karl May. Hrsg. v. Helmut Schmiedt. Frankfurt A.M. 1983, P. 32-34

Mephisto is a book by Klaus Mann (Random House, New York, USA, 1977).  First written in 1936, it is a scorching portrait of German National Socialism. The author wrote it while he was in exile from his native Germany. The books subject matter is based on the author's brother-in-law Gustaf Grúndgren, who married the author's sister, Erika. Grúndgren, who had once been a flamboyant defender of communism and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, had a magnificent career under the National Socialist German Workers' Party under the auspices of Herman Goring, where he had been the leader of theatrical life in the Third Reich. Mann wrote Mephisto to "analyse the abject type of treacherous intellectual who prostitutes his talent for the sake of some tawdry fame and transitory wealth." A lawsuit was brought against the book by Gründgrens adopted son.


The self-proclaimed Knights may be America's most notorious secret society. The 3K's began in 1866 to resist the U.S. federal government's growing police state, military occupation, and martial law following the war of northern aggression against southern independence. It ended in the 1870's.

In 1915, a second distinct group using the same name was inspired in conjunction with the film The Birth of a Nation. The second Klavern group had a formal membership organization, with a national and state structure, that paid thousands of men to organize local chapters all over the country. Millions joined and, at its peak in the 1920s, the organization included about 15% of the nation's eligible population.

The 3K's have been the subject of a lot of research, some focusing on the influence of religion, socialism, and Christian Socialism in the group and in government. Much of the work expresses worries of a future filled with religious persecution and totalitarianism. Those worries have relevance to the enormous size and scope of government in the USA and its growing police state.

Francis Bellamy was a minister who lost his position because he used the pulpit to push what he called "Christian Socialism" in sermons on themes like "Jesus the Socialist." http://rexcurry.net/book1a1contents-pledge.html


The leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSGWP) was believed to be of Christian faith by many people. He was influenced by the Christian Social movement and its founder Karl Lueger, after Luerger's rise to power in Vienna in 1897. Vienna mayor Karl Lueger was credited in 'Mein Kampf' as a role model and inspirational figure to the leader of the NSGWP. The book Culture and Political Crisis in Vienna : Christian Socialism in Power, 1897-1918 is by John W. Boyer and he traces the movement's evolution from a dissident political group of disparate ward politicians, through its maturation into the largest single party in the Austrian parliament by 1907, to its major role in Imperial politics during the First World War.

In the historic film "Triumph of the Will," the leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party states: "The Party will be like a religious order."

The Protestant Reich Church was formed by under the National Socialist German Worker's Party in 1933, by merging 29 regional churches into one church. The founding of the church was the result of work by the German Christian Socialists.

During the war, Alfred Rosenberg drew up a thirty-point program for a new "National Reich Church." One point declared that the "Hakenkreuz" (hooked cross or swastika) would be the type of cross used in the Church.

In his book The Holy Reich (NSGWP Conceptions of Christianity, 1919-1945) Richard Steigmann-Gall argues persuasively that the the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSGWP) did not reject Christianity.

KKK Ku Klux Klan Pledge of Allegiance

In addressing the rabid socialism of the NSGWP in The Holy Reich, Steigmann-Gall writes about Joseph Goebbels and Goebbels' novel "Michael" (1923):

Joseph Goebbels, for whom the “socialism” in National Socialism was of particular importance, was a notable example in this regard.

Sacrifice is intrinsic to socialism. 
Goebbels’ reference to “Christ Socialists” (Christussozialisten) as opposed to “Christian Socialists” (Christliche Sozialisten) emphasizes the nearly evangelical nature of the struggle: An unadulterated return to Christ’s teachings, free of the temporal church, is the only way to German salvation. “The modern man is intrinsically a seeker of God, perhaps a Christman.... We modern Germans are something like Christ Socialists.”

Even in private, without the requirements of political expediency that otherwise might have compelled him to cynical posturing, Goebbels similarly wrote: “Speaking does not help. Action! Be socialists of action. There is too little of that. Be true Christians!”’ This emphasis on an active morality, a “practical” Christianity, would be a continuous theme for Goebbels well into the Third Reich.

Goebbels seriously believed his own disturbing statement — there is no evidence that he ever said anything different in private when he would have had the freedom to reveal his “genuine” feelings, if they differed from his public comments. Instead, his private statements and his public statements were consistent.

KKK Ku Klux Klan Pledge of Allegiance

The following is about the leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party:

[I]n a private meeting on NSGWP economics with his inner circle, held in 1930, [The NSGWP leader] elaborated his ideas on “real” socialism once again, but now with explicit reference to Christ: “It is such a far-reaching and complete conversion that the adult is no longer capable of it. Only youth can be converted, newly aligned and adjusted to the socialist sense of obligation toward the community. For almost two thousand years the Gospel of Christ has been preached, for two thousand years the sense of community has been taught. . . . But today, at the end of these two thousand years, economic liberalism flourishes as never before!” ...

For [the NSGWP leader], the answer to the current state of affairs lay in a resurrection of Christ’s ideas: “As Christ proclaimed ‘love one another’, so our call — ‘peoples’ community’, ‘public need before private greed’, ‘communally-minded social consciousness’ — rings out through the German fatherland! This call will echo throughout the world!” Without reference to a particular variety, “positive” or otherwise,
[the NSGWP leader] insists that Christianity is at the center of [National Socialist German Workers' Party] social thought. As with Buch and Goebbels, [the NSGWP leader] regards the teachings of Christ as direct inspiration for the “German” socialism advanced by the party.


Many Socialists and Christians in modern America may have difficulty understanding how their ideas were used in the National Socialist German Workers' Party. The New Testament describes the early Christian communities as if they were socialist:

All that believed were together, and had all things in common; And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need.  (Acts 2:44-45)

It is a line that long pre-dated Marx’s notorious recipe for death: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

    Socialist Symbols of Hate !
FAN MAIL ! http://rexcurry.net/pledge_heart.html
RexCurry.net is hailed in victories against modern legacies
of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

The Socialist movements and the cross.
The hooked cross became a symbol
of Christian Socialism under the
National Socialist German Workers' Party.

KKK Ku Klux Klan Nazi salute
It is frightening how far the USA joined in the depravity. The major Supreme Court cases about the pledge involved religious children in government schools who were being forced to robotically chant the pledge to the national flag with the straight-arm salute. Those cases began in the 1930's but did not reach decision until 1940 & 1943. At first the children were unsuccessful in the USA.  Socialists persecuted the children, expelled them from the socialist schools, arrested their parents, seized children from parents on allegations of "unfit parenting," and many children had to flee and use the many better alternatives, including home-schooling and their own church schools (but they and their schools were often persecuted by socialists there also).

At the height of National Socialism abroad, the USA's government deliberately fell farther into the same abyss with national numbering of humans imposed in 1935 with the social security system. The federal government was growing massively and attempting to nationalize the economy in many ways. The US Supreme Court struck down much of the new legislation as unconstitutional until justices were pressured by the "switch in time that socialized nine."

It is sad to note that during the same time period in the USA, religious people who were fleeing the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSGWP) were turned away from the USA, and knowingly sent to suffering and death.  That happened because of socialists who support restrictions on immigration and on every American’s right to hire, to do business, and to freely associate. It was similar to today.  Socialists in the USA still support restrictions on immigration and they reject the right of every American in living with, marrying, renting to, selling to, buying from, hiring (as housekeeper, lawn man, doctor, nanny, teacher etc) any person with whom that American wishes to associate. Little has changed.

KKK Ku Klux Klan Pledge of Allegiance

The USA still follows similar anti libertarian policies promoted by the Bellamys. Many socialist Bellamy policies caused the USA’s big, expensive and oppressive government and its growing police-state. The Bellamys promoted the U.S. disaster of old prohibition, as well as modern prohibition.  It caused the Great Socialist Depression (from the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act 1930 etc) that persisted and even lasted through U.S. involvement in WWII. Socialism's quest for omniscience was enlarged with social security numbers in 1935 to track and tax everyone, as the USA followed the path of German National Socialists at the height of their power. The federal government grew massively and nationalized the economy in many ways.

The Pledge still exists along with laws mandating that teachers lead the robotic pledge chanting every day for twelve years of each child’s life (though the salute was altered). The government still owns and operates schools. The U.S. practice of imposing segregation by law in government schools and teaching racism as official policy outlasted the National Socialist German Workers' Party by over 15 years. After segregation in government's schools ended, the Bellamy legacy caused more police-state racism of forced busing that destroyed communities and neighborhoods and deepened hostilities. Those schools still exist.  Infants are given social security numbers (socialist slave numbers) that track and tax them for life.  Government schools demand the numbers for enrollment.

The Bellamys were bigots and racists and they obsessed about immigrants coming into the USA.  They wanted to impose a heavy-handed method of brain-washing immigrants and all Americans into accepting their socialist dogma.  Because of the Bellamys, the USA has a long history of turning immigrants away from being good Americans and independent capitalists, and in turning immigrants into socialists who are dependent on government.

The Bellamys promoted a government takeover of schools, and when the government granted their wish, the government schools imposed segregation by law and taught racism as official government policy. 

It is also true that German National Socialists did not refer to themselves with the hackneyed shorthand n-word, nor the f-word, and there is no such use in Mein Kampf nor in Triumph of the Will.  Modern writers, on the other hand, cover-up the truth and never use the actual name of the horrid Party, and deceitfully use the shorthand terms, exclusively to perpetuate widespread ignorance, and that is why those terms are trite.

The Hakenkreuz (hooked cross) was an ancient religious symbol in Germany, related to the un-hooked cross and to the Prussian-German Iron cross and to other crosses.

KKK Ku Klux Klan 1923 Pledge of Allegiance