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 On 60 minutes on 2/29/2004 Mike Wallace reported an entire story based on how North Korea uses Anne Frank's diary to teach North Korean children that the U.S.A. is like "Nazis."  Wallace managed to mention during the story that North Korea is "socialist."  Wallace and the people in North Korea used the word "Nazi" about a zillion times during the story (that's par for the average media twit).  Not once did Wallace mention that the Nazi's were socialists, or that "nazi" means "National Socialist German Workers' Party," or that German National Socialists did not call themselves "Nazis," but instead referred to themselves in the usual droning manner as "socialists" and "comrades."  So in a story in which lunatic self-proclaimed socialists were accusing the U.S. of being "nazis," a story crying out for at least one mention of the meaning of "Nazi," if not a grand finale based on that meaning, instead one of the USA's "top" reporters failed to mention it at all.   Why?  Is it because Wallace is an ignoramus? or is it because he deliberately thought about what "Nazi" means and decided not to mention it, not to educate the public, to perpetuate widespread ignorance, and to hide the truth?