JUST SAY NO TO SEARCHES & be an SNTS superhero
& fight the USA's growing police state.

      As an attorney, I participated in the “Great American Teach-in” by teaching second graders and sixth graders about “Saying ‘NO’ to searches” today.  For more info see http://rexcurry.net/sntsguy.html
    Each student was given a sticker that reads “Say ‘NO’ to searches,” so that they could wear the stickers on their shirts.  I explained that I often distribute the stickers to the public when I attend parades and public events.  The stickers were printed from the computer onto sticker paper from the office supply store.
    Next, I told the youngsters that lawyers are like teachers because lawyers teach people about laws and about police officers.  The U.S. Constitution gives everyone constitutional rights, including the right under the 4th Amendment against unreasonable searches.  Under the U.S. Constitution, people can say "no" to police who ask for permission to search. In some countries, people cannot say “no” to searches and interrogations by police.  And in our country we are continually losing our freedom also.
    Often, adults (especially adults who have been educated in government schools) do not know that they can say “no” to searches and interrogations by police officers.  Often, adults who allow searches and interrogations cause their own arrests.
    It is my job as a lawyer/teacher to help my clients say "no" to searches.   I explained to the class that in my law office I will pretend to be a police officer asking my client to consent to a search or questioning, in order to help train my client to say “no” and to ask for a lawyer.   I asked the entire class to participate in a role-playing game, where I would pretend to be a police officer and the class would answer the way my client (named "Bob") would answer me in my office.
    “Let’s pretend I am a police officer who has come to Bob's home,” I said.  
    “Hello. I am Officer Rex and the reason I knocked on the door of your home is because there has been a report of some criminal activity in the neighborhood, and you could help me out if you would let me come into your house and have a look around. May I come into your house and look around Bob?”  
    “What does Bob say to me in response?” I asked the class.
    The government-school children screamed in unison “No!”  (some children said "yes" but they quickly caught on).
    I continued: “Well, as an officer of the law I am only trying to do my job and help everyone.  I see that your car is parked in your driveway.  You should let me search your car.  Will you let me search your car, Bob?”   
    The government-school children screamed unison “NNoo!!” and pointed at their "say 'NO' to searches" stickers.
    I continued: “Well, because you are standing there right in front of me, it would not be inconvenient for me to simply search your pockets.  May I search your pockets, Bob?”
    The government-school children screamed in unison “NNNooo!!!.”
    I continued “Well then, as a police officer I want to ask you some questions about where you have been today, and what you have been doing.  You are going to answer my questions aren't you?”  
    The government-school children respond in unison “No, I’m not answering any questions!  I want my parents and a lawyer.”
    That is how I teach adults to give similar responses.
    Things are different for children inside a government school, aren’t they?
    I encourage all libertarians to participate in the “Great American Teach-in,” especially in government schools.

JUST SAY NO TO SEARCHES and be an SNTS superhero
with the Libertarian Lawyer
Dr. Rex Curry

RexCurry.net was one of a handful of lawyers who protested against and tried to stop assembly-line searches and demands for identification and 'papers' at government buildings and elsewhere.  Many courthouses force lawyers to submit to the degrading practices (along with everyone else) and most lawyers submitted without a peep of protest, and many lawyers openly defended the police-state tactics and they still do so to this very day.

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