Adolf Hitler autograph & Nazi signature secrets exposed Handwriting analysis and forensic handwriting examination cases solved with professional opinion rendered by expert graphologist and documents examiner.
Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) personality profiler, investigator, graphology instructor.

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This amazing document is an academic research paper that exposes secrets about Adolf Hitler and his signature and it includes remarkable historic image(s) about new historic discoveries about the swastika symbol and Nazi symbolism.    

The essay's author is Attorney Rex Curry and includes descriptions and examples of Adolph Hilter's autograph spanning years, and  news-making discoveries about the swastika's history and how the discoveries transpired, memorializing the events for the sake of posterity.   It also serves to authenticate the discoveries and that the documentary paper is a collectible item acquired from the website that archives the work of the lawyer and historian who made the historic discoveries.


A forthcoming book "The Pledge of Allegiance and the Bellamys," (by Rex Curry) will expose farther the influence of Francis Bellamy and Edward Bellamy upon the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): 62 million dead under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; 35 million dead under the People's Republic of China; 21 million dead under the National Socialist German Workers' Party.  The death toll was so bad that Holocaust Museums would quadruple in size with Wholecaust Museums to document the entire slaughter.

the Flag & pledge in the USA pre WWII

Disturbing and utterly compelling this graphology examines the dogmatic influence upon the autograph Adolf Hitler.   Provocative handwriting analysis provides a porthole into Hitler's head. How the discoveries were made is a fascinating story in itself.  The disoveries were made by accident during legal research involving litigation about the Pledge of Allegiance by attorney Rex Curry.  And the image(s) were acquired in the process.

Many people forget that “Nazi” meant “National Socialist German Workers’ Party.”

Attorney Curry is the person who made the news-breaking discovery that although the swastika was an ancient symbol, it was sometimes used by the Nazis to represent overlapping "S" letters for "socialism" under the National Socialist German Workers Party.  That also makes it a mnemonic device for the etymology of the shorthand term.  It is explained in a forthcoming book "Swastika Secrets" (By Rex Curry).

Rex Curry is also the person who discovered that the straight-arm salute of the monstrous National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazis) came from the USA's original Pledge of Allegiance in government schools.  It was the same origin as that of the virtually unknown "Olympic salute."  

Attorney Curry helped to prove that the straight arm salute did not come from ancient Rome.

Attorney Curry is the person who discovered that the straight-arm salute of the monstrous National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazis) came from the USA's original pledge of allegiance in government schools.  

The “Pledge of Allegiance” was authored by Francis Bellamy, cousin and cohort of Edward Bellamy, author of the book "Looking Backward." They were both self-proclaimed national socialists in the USA and active with the "Nationalism" movement, "Nationalist Clubs" worldwide, the "Nationalist" magazine, the "New Nation" magazine, and the "Nationalist Educational Association.
The Nationalist Magazine

Francis Bellamy (and Edward Bellamy) influenced socialists in Germany, and his pledge was the origin of their salute.

The Pledge began with a military salute that extended outward toward the flag.  Because of Bellamy, the military salute led to the Nazi salute.

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the Flag & pledge in the USA pre WWII