The author Jonah Goldberg cites Dr. Rex Curry in the book "Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning"  - "Religion was the glue that held this American national socialism together. Bellamy believed that his brand of socialist nationalism was the true application of Jesus'  teachings. His cousin Francis Bellamy, the author of the Pledge of Allegiance, was similarly devoted. A founding member of the first Nationalist Club of Boston and co-founder of the Society of Christian Socialists, Francis wrote a Sermon, "Jesus, the Socialist," that electrified parishes acorss the country. In an expression of his "military socialism," the Pledge of Allegiance was accompanied by a [stiff-arm] salute to the flag in American public schools. Indeed, some contend that the Nazis got the idea for their salute from America. (page 216).
     The story of the Pledge of Allegiance and its National Socialist roots is a fascinating one. Dr. Rex Curry, a passionate libertarian, has made the issue his white whale. See (page 440, n. 25)  

Pledge of Allegiance videos & images The Pledge of Allegiance (& the military salute) was the origin of Adolf Hitler's "Nazi" salute under the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis).

Francis Bellamy & Edward Bellamy touted National Socialism and the police state in the USA decades before their dogma was exported to Germany. They influenced the NSDAP, its dogma, symbols and rituals.
The swastika, although an ancient symbol, was also used to represent crossed "S" letters for "socialism" under the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis), similar to the alphabetical symbolism for the SS Division, the SA, the NSV, and the VW logo (the letters "V" and "W" joined for "Volkswagen").

Playboy Magazine Drug Dogs the Debunker Rex Curry Lawyer

PLAYBOY MAGAZINE "You made Playboy without taking your clothes off. The Matheson case is one of your best. I am still getting calls about your case. - Doc C, Texas.

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MICHAEL MEDVED is trounced by Dr. Rex Curry on the nationwide radio show that Medved hosts Here in shockwave flash audio (with no commercials)

MORE ON Michael Medved (audio)

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Re: Pledge of Allegiance = Worship of Government: I'm gonna run this in "The Libertarian Enterprise." Thanks, - L. Neil Smith, famous author and critic of Michael Medved "Why Michael Medved Needs Glasses 'And have you stopped shaving your palms?' "

OPINION EDITORIALS - Frightening lessons from American History
Frightening lessons from the History of Germany & the USSR

WXYB Hawk Radio 1520 AM - Tampa - Florida Windows Media File WMA

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The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Pledge on Robb Revere Radio

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Pledge Of Allegiance, Nazi Salutes, Edward Bellamy, Francis Bellamy

Op-Ed: Swastikas & Nazis exposed by British Group, Wikipedia, FOTW & Dr. Rex Curry

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REX CURRY ON FOX NEWS unleashed in Maryland

Liberty Watch Radio with Charles Heller

Pledgeophiliacs exposed on the radio with Tom Smith

Hear expose the pledge on the radio program called "The Grassy Knoll"

Dixie Broadcasting
Dixie Broadcasting

In "Cosmic Evolution: The Accelerated Human," the author James B Lawrence writes "....on, "New discoveries show that American soldiers used the swastika as their symbol early in World War I, and up to 1941, against Germany. The symbol was used by Americans in the French Escadrille Lafayette, by the 45th Infantry Division, and on Boeing P-12 planes. The discoveries are in the growing body of work by the historian Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Swastika Secrets"). He has previously shown how socialists in the USA originated the modern swastika as overlapping "S" letters for "Socialists" joining together in a utopian "Socialist Society." During the time when American soldiers adopted the swastika, the symbol was associated in the USA with the growing popularity of "military socialism," a dogma touted by Edward Bellamy, the American author of the international bestseller "Looking Backward," (1887) known as the bible of National Socialism. The symbol was also famous in the USA as alphabetical symbolism for socialism in the Theosophical Society (TS), from 1875. In 1888, the Theosophical Society teamed up with Bellamy's Nationalist movement for military socialism. The "Bellamy swastika" spread. By 1915, the symbol was also widely popular as an ornamental "Good Luck" symbol, as in a 1915 postcard showing the American flag posed favorably with a swastika." Introduction page ix and in works cited.

"....Dr. Rex Curry, a libertarian lawyer who has done vast research on the Pledge’s socialist roots, provides pro bono services nationwide to educate students and teachers about 'the right to reject robotic ritualism.' The history of the Pledge simply proves Upham and Ford were able to capitalize on the promotion of Bellamy’s socialist agenda, and it’s not over yet."  
    - LINDA BENTLEY of Sonoran News, Arizona

"Hi Rex, Thanks for your help today (on a column exposing the early salute of the Pledge Of Allegiance)."
    - ROBYN BLUMNER, columnist for the St. Petersburg Times Newspaper. (Despite the thank you note, they have a habit to cover up the National Socialist German Workers Party and the origin of its dogma, symbols and rituals. See more about that at )

"Dear Dr. Curry -- Thanks for your help on short notice last night. The subject of the Pledge of Allegiance came up in connection with a rally at a local college in support of the phrase 'under God.' Your material made a terrific sidebar. Little known facts from the past."
     - RANDY WRIGHT, Executive Editor, Daily Herald, Provo, UT

"Received information about your work and was wondering if you'd like to go on my radio shows."

"Rex - This might make an interesting Liberty Watch Radio Program.  Please get back to me about being a guest.  Thanks,"

"Dr. Curry, Please call me at your earliest convenience; we'd like to interview you on the broadcast. God bless,"
    - RAY MCBERRY, President of DixieBroadcasting

Pledge of Allegiance in FRIGHTENING photos found by the superstar documentarian Dr. Rex Curry

For fascinating information about symbolism see 

Growing media coverage, radio appearances, etc

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     "Americans on Politics, Policy, and Pop Culture: The 101 Best Opinion Editorials" From by Jason Wright, Aaron Lee and Courtney Marsh on contains the editorial "Tree Laws Kill Trees" by Rex Curry.
     This is an excerpt on page 46: "As an attorney, I am consulted by property owners who want to remove trees without fear of tree-preservation laws.  I cannot advise clients to ignore laws (though tree laws often seem easy to ignore). I can tell clients what a lot of people do: they don’t plant any trees that are protected by tree laws.  And any tree protected in tree laws that is still small enough to be legally killed, is killed.
    Tree laws can be amended, so that every tree is a potential risk that a property owner will be restricted by government in the future alteration of his property.  Tree laws make treeless property the safest route. 
    Tree laws kill trees, as every libertarian knows.  And rightfully so, because tree laws violate private property rights by “socializing” trees. 
    All freedom is founded on private property.    


"Great Graves of Upstate New York: Final Resting Places of 70 True American Legends" by Chuck D'Imperio page 20: "As recently as the year 2005, courts of varying degrees were questioning the constitutionality of the pledge. Some believed that Bellamy espoused socialistic principles, and one, Rex Curry, has even established a Website (  urging the changing of the names of all schools dedicated to the memory of Francis Bellamy. It has yet to take hold ..."


"Requiem for the Phoenix" by Skip Allen in his work of fiction (?) Excerpt - page 12: "... He singled out Rex Curry from the New York Times, though that newspaper had published ..."

opinion editorials Jason Wright & Aaron Lee & Courtney Marsh Pop Culture. Tree laws kill trees rex curry

"Tree Laws Kill Trees" by Dr. Rex Curry is now in print in the book "Americans on Politics, Policy and Pop Culture."

The book includes the 101 Opinion Editorials from, compiled by Jason Wright and Aaron Lee, and edited by Courtney Marsh.

It is available at

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    - ROBYN BLUMNER, columnist for the St. Petersburg Times Newspaper: "Hi Rex, Thanks for your help today (on a column exposing the early salute of the Pledge Of Allegiance)." (Despite the thank you note, they have a habit to cover up the National Socialist German Workers Party and the origin of its dogma, symbols and rituals. See more about that at )

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