Lake Curry is SO relaxing that visitors plan to move to the idyllic location in the upscale River Grove neighborhood of Tampa, Florida.   The "Rex Curry Resort" is usually busy all summer long with family and friends who join us lakeside.  At other times it is blissfully quiet.  So we're hanging loose and enjoying the lovely dock and lake, with week-end visits from our loved ones.  Email us at lawyer (AT)

Curry Lake is named after members of the Curry family who settled on the panoramic vista.  The Curry family has lived in Florida since before 1857 and was also one of the first families to settle Key West, Florida, and to develop Key West back when Florida’s government was nearly non-existent.  Before then, the Curry family helped settle and develop the Bahamas Islands.  
Curry Lake, Tampa, Florida. Lake Curry in River Grove. This is looking across a section of the lake to a nature preserve, with an overhanging oak tree and a decoration on the dock. Curry Lake on google maps is just above Tampsterdam on the Hillsborough River.  The water is so plentiful and clean, that Curry Lake and Tampsterdam are the source of most of Tampa's drinking water. There is also a section that resembles a billabong or oxbow lake. The Curry Lake section of River Grove is next to a beautiful golf course, newly refurbished.  
Lake Curry, Key Lime Pie from the Curry Mansion

It is a treat looking out the picture windows onto the lake.  The wonderful thrill rides of Busch Gardens are barely visible in the distance to the north, peeping just above the sunny horizon.  Lake Curry is called "the original Carrollwood" in jest, because the people who built Carrollwood built Lake Curry's neighborhood first.

It is a treat pedaling in the paddle boat, paddling in the kayak, wakeboarding in the big speed boat, and listening to the radio and to Harry Browne and Ayn Rand on tape.  You'll look sweet upon the seat of a kayak built for two.  This week Cheryl flew in from Germany. We’re cooking, cleaning, and playing golf at the course around the block.
Curry Lake with Carly on Rex's shoulders This is Rex with young Carly on his shoulders coming up on skis.  We're keeping busy, hiking, picking mangos, figs, loquats, citrus, oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, and muscadine grapes.  
We've experienced some exciting thunderstorms on Curry Lake.  They light up the pitch black night sky and make a helluva noise, especially when compared to the normal quiet.  A lightning bolt zapped the electricity one evening.   Well, I'd sure forgotten how much we rely on electricity nowadays.  No lights, and forget the candles -- you cannot read by them and sit  comfortably.  No radio, no TV.  Nothing to do but play on our laptops -- thank goodness they were fully charged (and yes, we now have his and her computers to keep us entertained.)  Thank goodness for capitalism!
Curry Lake wakeboarding on Lake Curry Wakeboarding on Curry Lake with an exciting jump over a ramp using the speed boat.   We're also reading.  Lake Curry is a great place to catch up on things, especially good books.  I've finally posted book ratings on some of the books I've read this past year, should you be looking for something to read or something to avoid.  Feel free to send along a short review with rating of a favorite book of yours and I'll post it (with credits) on the Book Review page. 

Right now life is a lake: Curry Lake.

Curry Lake is near Blackwater Hammock Park on Veve Lane and off Barrett Park. It is near Wilderness Drive and River Grove Drive (in River Grove Estates). Nearby is Rogers Park Golf Course, 7911 N. Willie Black Drive (N. 30th Street), and Temple Crest Cummunity Center Civic Association, by 40th Street Bridge over the Hillsborough River. Lake Curry is not far from the Hobo Jungle Trail, the railroad trestle, Rowlett Park and Busch Gardens. Also see CURRY CREEK.