Libertarians are underwhelmed by media claims that stone crab “season” protects the stone crab population.  The media always  fail to mention the only real solutions: private property rights in waterways, aquaculture, aqua-farming, and free-market environmentalism.  As usual the media always call for government intervention.  As the libertarians say, the purpose of government is to provide service, and the purpose of the media is to provide Vaseline.  The media prove that government schools create statists.
    Stone crab season is a  reminder of the hardship that bureaucracy imposes upon stone crabs and those who love them (to eat).  Stone crab “season” is a creation of bureaucrats who subvert private property rights under water in favor of trademark socialism: government ownership of waterways with periodic unavailability and rationing. Thank goodness the government isn't involved in most farmlands, foods and goods, or the results would be similar: Soviet style rationing.
    The solution is property rights in crab habitats.  A proposal for specialty license plates touts the libertarian solution to save Florida’s waterways:  Also see
    Stone crab habitats should be privatized.  Private property and aquaculture farming would produce bigger and better stone crab claws all year round.  Indeed, the abundance and prosperity that inures to land farming, would inure to all seafood, not just stone crabs.