Aquaculture FISH FARMS FARMING LIBERTARIAN ENVIRONMENTALISTS Fish Farming & capitalism save the environment !

Misguided people often ask government for more regulations to protect the environment. Government does not prevent destruction of the ecology, it aids destruction. Abuse results from soggy socialism's "tragedy of the commons" - the neglect that results to any resource that is not protected by private property rights.  "Public" (state) ownership of large bodies of water has long defeated aquaculture and other undersea farming along with its abundant ecology.  Socialism has been as environmentally disastrous underwater as it has been on land.
    The only way to correct the mess is with property rights.  Private property rights would encourage owners to increase size and reproduction through aquaculture and scientifically assisted reproduction and growth.  Private property rights in water will create profit incentives for construction of better resources to improve commercial fishing and recreational fishing.
    Environmentalists usually ignore the idea of private property rights for environmental benefits. If the first agricultural farmers had consulted modern reef experts, they would have been advised that private property in land would not work. Self-proclaimed environmentalists purchase farmed fish and other farmed food and never see any hypocrisy between their daily economic decisions and their attitude toward reef areas.  Environmentalists swallow underwater socialism hook, line and sinker.
    Most editorials are hardly any better, as they parrot the typical marine commentary in television, radio or print.  It is a constant whine, "if only there were more regulations,"  "if only there were more law enforcement officers."  It is such a gestapo drone it is a comedy, made funnier by the complete blindness to the only meaningful alternative: private property rights and free market economics.
    The duty of government is to recognize and protect property rights in all things, wet or dry.  Littoral and riparian rights, ancient laws recognizing property rights in oceans and rivers, have never waded far from shore.  Water rights are old enough to dive deep, if the law does not drown them.  There is no reason why private property rights should end at the water's edge.

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SEA TURTLES & LIBERTARIAN ENVIRONMENTALISTS, Enviro-capitalists, Dr. Capitalism, FREE MARKET ENVIRONMENTALISM privatize waterways! Free Market Environmentalism & Capitalism
Eco-logical    Eco-nomics

EXPAND THE EVERGLADES  save it from the eco-disaster of socialism.

ECO - LIBERTARIANS - we wow a major newspaper re: state ecology.

COLORFUL CAR TAGS laud private waterways and pan soggy socialism. save nature from socialism.

LAWN WATERING LAWS - government creates water shortages and police state tactics.

BID TO BUY - reefs, beaches, lakes, rivers, gulf & ocean & Everglades areas, etc.,

FARMING SEA TURTLES - the U.S. destroys capitalism, destroys sea turtles
& exports socialism.

GOVERNMENT KILLS CONCHS - & kills the Conch Republic.

FARMING STINGRAYS: Cayman Islands could lead the way.

SOCIALISM KILLS CRABS - your choice: stone crabs  
or blue crabs

FARMING MANATEE - socialism & nature harms manatees.  and

FARMING CORAL REEFS  only property rights will save reefs from socialism.

FARMING SPONGES - real sponges must be saved from socialist sponges.

MALTHUSIAN THEORY - it is only in socialism's poverty and atrocities.

EXPOSING THE GREENS - they destroy the environment and enslave everyone.

CAPITALIST ECOLOGY - all in popular graphic media for everyone everywhere.

How capitalism has saved trees historically

How socialism has destroyed trees and other resources

Even more colorful artwork about capitalism saving the earth & mankind

Tree laws kill trees

Watermelons on the Inside - oppose the Earth Charter Community Summit socialists.

FARMING LIZARDS - in your own back yard.  they are easily domesticated.

FARMING OPIUM POPPIES - New FL specialty car tag touts legalizing FL's state wildflower.

FARMING WATER - don't conserve. remove government from water and support free markets.


HISTORICAL PRESERVATION - is hysterical perversion that harms history & freedom.

PROTECT PROPERTY RIGHTS - historical preservationists are neo-luddites.


DEBATING A SOCIALIST ? - a rexwrite rewrite of a stereotypically socialist critique.

As a contender for the honorific title of "Top Libertarian Environmentalist," I spend a lot of time writing about libertarian environmentalism and how to speak to environmentalists.

There is a lot of material available on the internet about eco-capitalism, and many books provide a lot of help, too.  

If you hear that all libertarians want to "sail the seas," listen again because you probably heard the maxim that all libertarians want to "sell the seas."

Libertarian environmentalists use the following phrases in a sincere positive manner: sell the oceans, sell the seas, sell the gulf, sell the lakes, sell the rivers, sell the parks, sell the Everglades 

"We love manatee!" Eco-capitalists quip, "They taste just like chicken."  But the reasoning of free market environmentalism shines.

Cuba, eastern Europe, the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics,  The Peoples' Republic of China and other socialist messes have demonstrated that the Malthusian theory is manifested only in socialist economies.   Any eco-capitalist can explain why.

Socialism is an environmental disaster.  Enviro-capitalism rocks!

Enviro-capitalists explain why the best environment is a capitalist environment.  The color of a healthy environment and the color of money are the same.  Mother Nature is a capitalist. Capitalists are the true greens.  



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free market environmentalists
free market environmentalism

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libertarian environmentalists
libertarian environmentalism

Environmental socialists want to anthropologize for being human.

NYC's Central Park was a swamp, er, wetland, and no one is trying to restore IT.
Venice Italy was a swamp, er, marshland, and no one is trying to restore IT to it's natural state.

By 2020, the four most popular seafoods - shrimp, salmon, tilapia and catfish - will likely come from the aquaculture industry, and not from socialized saltwater , but from farms that are privately built and owned, according to industry analysts.

A Libertarian environmentalist once said "I am a team player - but I play for the other team!"

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"Tree Laws Kill Trees" by Dr. Rex Curry is now in print in the book "Americans on Politics, Policy and Pop Culture."

The book includes the 101 Opinion Editorials from, compiled by Jason Wright and Aaron Lee, and edited by Courtney Marsh.

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Support Growth Management: Manage the growth of government. Support Growth Management
Support Growth Management: Manage the Growth of Government. Growth Management & Eco capitalism
Support Growth Management: Manage the growth of government. Support Growth Management

The color of a healthy environmnet and the color of money are the same Capitalists are the true greens
ECO-CAPITALISM Capitalists are the true Greens!
The color of a healthy environmnet and the color of money are the same Capitalists are the true greens

Mother Nature is a Capitalist! Mother Nature is a capitalist! Natural Organic Capitalism.
Natural Organic Capitalism: Mother Nature is a Captialist.
Mother Nature is a Capitalist! Mother Nature is a capitalist!

Follow the socialists: Reject Socialism Follow the Socialists and reject socialism.
Socialism: Follow the Socialists & reject Socialism
Follow the socialists: Reject Socialism Follow the Socialists and reject socialism.

Enviro-capitalists Enviro-capitalism
Enviro-capitalists Enviro-capitalism Enviro-capitalist
Enviro-capitalists Enviro-capitalism

Socialism is environmentally disastrous. Socialism is a disaster to the environment in so many ways.
Pledge Of Allegiance The Pledge of Allegiance & socialism, segregation and racism
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Swastika, Francis Bellamy, Pledge of Allegiance, Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward, Holocaust, Inquisition
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