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The name "National Public Radio" is another example of the Bellamyite dogma of National Socialism. It is also reminiscent of Nationalsozialistische deutsche Arbeiter-Partei, translated National Socialist German Workers' Party, which is better known by the overused shorthand "Nazi." There aren't many differences between the two on the topic of their socialist policies.

August 11, 2003 Martin Kaste, a South America Reporter on national public radio reported at length about Colombians who are "trapped" in their small village because driving ten minutes out risks kidnapping, robbery or worse by gangs.  Kaste spoke favorably about the military (men with guns) who tried to help by escorting villagers to go swim in the nearby water, but some of the scheduled military trips did not occur because the schedule was not clear and thus not enough villagers showed up in their cars to make the trip worth the time of the military escorts.  Kaste interviewed actual villagers who had been robbed or kidnapped (sometimes repeatedly).  NOT ONCE did Kaste explain whether any villagers may legally own guns, whether any have ever defended themselves with guns against the criminals, what the results were, whether the villagers even have the ability to band together with guns and travel as a group with the ability to defend themselves with guns against the criminals, whether they ever have, and if not why not.  Kaste’s story painted the stereotypical statist myth that the villagers are hopeless, that private use of guns is not even worth discussion, but that the only answer is government guns and the military.  The story left so many obvious questions unanswered for anyone who understands individual liberty, the right of self-defense and the 2nd Amendment.  Does Kaste hate people and freedom?

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