by Rex Curry

Many news stories cover government attempts to stop "price gouging" and none even hint that there is another side, that gouging is good, that anti-gouging laws shouldn't exist, that they defeat market pricing, or that the laws cause shortages, poverty and misery.

Many news stories repeat bureaucratic claims that seafood is "overharvested" and need more government laws to limit catches, and never mention that the problem is government ownership of water, defeating supply and demand incentives, soggy socialism, and the need for private property rights that would enable farming and market pricing.  (if that wasn't bad enough there are rarely stories on farming of seafood, and the stories NEVER make the tie in to the lack of property rights in government waters that causes overharvesting in government waters.  It is unfortunate that even the seafood farmers can't make the tie in, having come from government schools).  Has a seafood farmer on land ever suggested that he should be able to own areas now owned by government in order to farm in water currently owned by government?  No reporter has ever asked such a question).

Many news stories blather about "water conservation" and watering restrictions even glorifying police-state patrols and enforcement, and the stories never even hint that the problem is government ownership of water systems, lack of competition, lack of market pricing, defeating supply and demand, that would solve all the brainless coverage made by the reporter in his socialist story.

Those are 3 easy ones I see a lot.  I could go on and on.  I want to ask everyone to compile a collection.  Please send in more examples of media blindness about capitalism, free market economics, pricing, property rights, which all prove that the first amendment is incompatible with government schools, and the latter must end.  It  seems that our schools accomplish exactly what soviet schools accomplished.  The media prove that government schools produce socialists who know nothing about free market economics.

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