Laws against "price gouging" cause shortages, poverty, misery and even starvation and mass-slaughter. Here are excerpts from the linked articles:

"Price Gouging" is beneficent.

"As an attorney, I cannot advise clients to ignore laws, even bad laws such as 'price gouging' laws. As a libertarian, I can damn the media for reporting the government's '1-800-narc' number to snitch to the government against free market economics. The media should drop the 800 number and stop being mindless mouthpieces for our police state. The media should show more respect to the public."  Here's how:

"As an attorney, I am asked if laws against 'price gouging' are wise (or constitutional).  Laws against price gouging have rarely been litigated, because the laws are almost impossible to enforce (and that is good).  The extent to which anti-gouging laws are enforced is the extent to which the laws cause hoarding, shortages, poverty, misery and even mass death.  Laws offer various ways for free people to sell their property freely, and to charge whatever they wish, whenever they wish."  The following issues provide areas to examine.

The "Pro Price Gouging Legal Defense Fund" helps victims and everyone

The Palm Beach Post exposes Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist with the help of Rex Curry

Daniel Ruth: Price Gouging is good. Charlie Crist Anti gouging laws are bad.

This is what Charlie Crist would do to Floridians:
Fascist Republican Governor of Georgia vs. Gasoline - Posted by Lew Rockwell on September 27, 2008 at

Writes Don Printz: "My fearsome Governor Sonny Perdue in Georgia has just charged more than 130 gas station owners to produce invoices to justify their charging gasoline above 'normal' prices. (Guilty until proved innocent I guess.)

"Now at least 90% of gas stations in Atlanta have no gas at all. Plus the convenience stores who don't have fuel have lost almost 100% over their other business, because without fuel few come in to buy other items.

"An entrepreneur from outside the South would have tank trucks full of fuel heading to our area for $5-6/gallon. But since our Governor says that above $4.40 is 'unfair' it is 'fair' that we have none.

"Hope the 'fair' price lets me come to Auburn in one month. Maybe if I pay with gold..."


One of the first "media debate" dares occurred when Rex Curry publicly issued a standing challenge to newspaper columnist Daniel Ruth, and members of other political groups or media outlets, to debate Ruth's column in which Ruth condemned economic freedom (what Ruth calls "price gouging"). The response against Ruth from the general public was so great that Ruth said he was labeled a "Dork, anti-free market statist $#@%!&@, Dummkopf, liberal, daffy, dolt, stupid, dunce and, oh by the way, socialist." In a second column Ruth, humiliated by Curry's debate dare, would not debate and issued a public apology to Curry regarding Ruth's earlier column.

Attorney Rex Curry was the first to use the phrases "price gouging is beneficial" and "price gouging is great" and "price gouging is good" and "price gouging is beneficent" in a sincere positive manner.  A recent search of the web and newsgroups for those phrases revealed either no results, or results that used the phrases in a derogatory manner, and almost no instances of positive advocacy of price gouging.  It is more proof that government schools must end.  The phrase "government schools must end" was also first used by Attorney Rex Curry.  

Links explaining the economic ideas that support price gouging.

Expose the media's hypocrisy regarding gas prices and "price gouging."

Expose media bias regarding "price gouging," sunken socialism, and watering restrictions

Government perpetrates true "price gouging" in its water monopoly.

    An on-topic issue from Hurricane Katrina for criminal defense lawyers is defending people who are charged with the bogus crime of  "price gouging" and fighting against anti-gouging laws that cause shortages and misery and death.
    Another Bush, perhaps your future president, asks snitches to tattle on "price gougers" over a toll-free hotline. True price gouging is what the persecutors in Florida's government do 24/7 with their taxes, spending, debt and police-state behavior. Because of "price gouging" laws, Florida's government (and Louisiana's government etc) kills people and causes widespread shortages and suffering. Florida's Attorney General Charlie Crist (the same one that is trying to overturn the drug-dog case below) and Consumer Services Commissioner Charles Bronson duel for their media cheerleaders to see who is the biggest ignoramus and scam-artist on the topic. They both show that the government is a lost cause for liberty. In fact, they are aggressive EVIL against liberty.  Their people outspend Clinton by double (in social spending alone). Crist wants to be the next of Florida's statist governors.
    Thank goodness that captalism provides so many ways to defeat them and their incredibly deadly dogma. Violations can net $10,000 fines each, and that is true price gouging and the real scam. Thus, beneficent price-increases (slandered as "price gouging") are banned so that political whores can commit true price-gouging and harm everyone by giving government more money for more violence. Rumor has it that the telephone hotline receives complaints against "price gouging" laws and complaints against the true price gouging scam: Taxes, fines, and the police state.
    The government and its insane laws are causing poverty, shortages and hoarding.  It could worsen.

Florida's Governor shows his stupidity by speaking against "hoarding."  Hoarding becomes wiser where laws ban "price-gouging," as in Florida.

I would have gladly paid $5 a bag for ice instead of throwing out the $90 worth of food these idiotic marxist anti-gouging laws forced me to throw out. -Rick G.

"Price Gouging": a concept that only a politician, journalist or other short-sighted economic illiterate could coin.

"If a government were put in charge of the Sahara Desert, within five years they'd have a shortage of sand." - Dr. Milton Friedman

"The proverb warns that 'You should not bite the hand that feeds you.' But maybe you should if it prevents you from feeding yourself." - Thomas Szasz