and on Andrew Gray
and Steve Block

Somey the Wikipedia writer is a neo-nazi and right-wing nationalist extremist.

He wishes he could take over the entire interent. Can't have that sort of thing going on... Somey wikipedia Neo Nazi Somey wikipediareview

Firstly: It wouldn't surprise me either, but it still seems illogical for Somey and the other wikipedia neo nazis to all be the same single person, doesn't it? Some of Somey's neo-nazi friends seem to be more traditional neo-Nazi types, whereas Somey is just a right-wing nationalist/extremist wacko.

As with most neo-nazis, Somey used to be so stupid that he did not know (until he was educated by Dr. Rex Curry's work) that Nazi means "National Socialist German Workers' Party."

Somey wants to associate Nazis with his own dogma, presumably in order for Somey to "cleanse" the ultra-right wing of inconvenient associations. In a way, Somey's program is a lot like other wikipedia neo nazis, in so far as they wish to assign a traditionally right-wing nasty with Somey's interest in the left wing, in order for Somey to recruit more right-wingers and neo-nazis - which is, IMO, ultimately what it's all about for neo-nazis such as Somey.

Secondly: I could be slightly wrong about some of the details above...

Thirdly: Somey shows that Somey is afraid because Somey has registered with an anonymous name. Somey also posted an anonymous photo. Believe it or not this is the photo that Somey chose as his own autobiographical picture.

That is so that Somey can hide from Somey's own neo-nazi beliefs and and spew his lies all over the place.  Which as we all know has relatively little to do with the (inevitably futile, IMO) efforts of people such as Somey to promote his Nazism among other groups and individuals. So, I'm going to delete any responses that Somey would care to have posted here

Fourthly: I should hasten to point out that while we don't generally censor people here, we do have an informal policy now against Neo-Nazis like Somey. Admittedly, Somey might be able to actually address a topic and stop spewing insults, but I have this strange feelin' in muh' bones... Somey is a denier of the Holocaust and of the socialist Wholecaust: 62 million slaughtered under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; 49 million under the Peoples' Republic of China; 21 million under the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

Fifthly: There is no fifth item.

Sixthly: I think that's all I've got for now... Back to our regularly-scheduled on-topic political discussion, of which, Somey cannot participate at wikipediareview. Somey does not dispute Dr. Curry's work. That is because Somey can't dispute Dr. Curry's work. Somey has openly conceded that Dr. Curry's work is correct. The only action Somey can take is to post off-topic child-like insults!  That is why Dr. Curry's work is probably the most referenced historical work on wikipedia.  It has been referenced and verified by wikipedia writers. It is often cited without attribution by wikipedia writers in apparent attempts to bolster their own credibility.


Oh, god, *him,* Andrew Gray the Fascist-salute guy. Andrew Gray - Summary for those unaware: Andrew Gray thinks he has a conclusive theory that the Pledge of Allegiance is irretrievably linked to the Nazi salute, and the Nazis were godless commies, [...textdump...] or something like that (Everyone's eyes tend to screw up after the first few paragraphs of Andrew Gray's impenetrable prose). He babbles wildly with it. (My personal favorite: he will babble about the Pledge of Allegiance and never actually dispute a single word of Dr. Rex Curry's work. We thought we were shot of him. Gah. As to any suggestion that we "keep Grays facts, junk Gray's opinion", everyone has a strong suspicion that his "facts" aren't even remotely facts - if any person is citing this guy *anywhere* that person would be well advised to taking an extremely prejudiced chainsaw to those.


None of the claims the bloke Steve Block makes are true. That is Steve Block, He spins the facts to make his own role in them more important. Block criticizes those with knowledge so that he can feel important (Because Steve has no knowledge of the topic at hand). He has no knowledge of the Bellamy salute. That said, Block does not even dispute a single word of Dr. Rex Curry's work regarding the Bellamy salute; he does not dispute Dr. Curry's photos of Charles Lindbergh; he does not dispute the comments made regarding the fact that A. Scott Berg's later work agrees with Dr. Curry's work.

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