The cult of the omnipotent state and the worship of government.
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A lot of research examines Abraham Lincoln and other origins of American National Socialism. Much of the work helps to explain the massive growth of government in these United States of America and the growing police state. More work needs to expose the influence of American National Socialism upon socialists worldwide, and upon the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

In his book "Lincoln Unmasked," the author Thomas DiLorenzo deflates all the stereotypical Lincoln legends about slavery, the war, and more.

Harry Jaffa, the head of what Thomas DiLorenzo calls the "Lincoln cult," has more than once compared the Southern cause to that of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSGWP). DiLorenzo's book humiliates Jaffa with quotations from the most notorious book by the leader of the NSGWP, wherein  support was written for the War of Northern Aggression and for Lincoln's destruction of state's rights and for Lincoln's opposition to political decentralization.  Lincoln was the favorite president of the NSGWP's leader.

The German leader said that the NSGWP "would totally eliminate states’ rights altogether: Since for us the state as such is only a form, but the essential is its content, the nation, the people, it is clear that everything else must be subordinated to its sovereign interests. In particular we cannot grant to any individual state within the nation and the state representing it state sovereignty and sovereignty in point of political power." Thus the "mischief of individual federated states…must cease and will some day cease…. National Socialism as a matter of principle must lay claim to the right to force its principles on the whole German nation without consideration of previous federated state boundaries."

Eric Foner, the socialist professor of history who has spent much of his career at Columbia University, has even cited Lincoln on behalf of the preservation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. DiLorenzo's book cites a February 1991 article in "The Nation" called "Lincoln’s Lesson," in which Foner denounced the secession movements in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Georgia, and called upon Mikhail Gorbachev to suppress them with the same ruthlessness Lincoln showed the South. According to Foner, no "leader of a powerful nation" should tolerate "the dismemberment" of Soviet socialism. "The Civil War," Foner explained gushingly, "was a central step in the consolidation of national authority in the United States." And then: "The Union, Lincoln passionately believed, was a permanent government. Gorbachev would surely agree." Modern American socialists boastfully repudiate the Lincoln myth about slavery and they declare that Lincoln's so-called "Civil War" was the violent suppression of independence, exactly what Foner wanted to see under Soviet socialism.

In 1939 the National Socialist German Workers' Party and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics joined as allies to invade Poland in a pact to divide up Europe, and WWII spread. It led to the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): ~60 million slaughtered under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; ~50 million under the Peoples' Republic of China; ~20 million under the National Socialist German Workers' Party.  They proved that socialism is a lost cause.

In the U.S., Lincoln's War inspired American National Socialism and America's flag fetishism. Lincoln inspired Francis Bellamy, the author of the Pledge of Allegiance (1892).  Francis was cousin and cohort to Edward Bellamy, the notorious author of "Looking Backward," (1887) a book known as the Bible of National Socialism and cited favorably in socialist propaganda worldwide. It was an international bestseller and translated into every major language, including German, Russian and Chinese.  See the Youtube video

The Bellamy's wanted the government to take over everything, including schools, and they wanted schools to be used as re-education camps to create the "industrial army" out of children and impose "military socialism" in America.  That is why the Bellamys wanted a flag over every school and they wanted children to robotically chant to it at the ring of a government bell daily for twelve years of their lives like a brainwashed cult of the omnipotent state.

The early Pledge began with a military salute and then the military salute was extended out toward the flag into the classic straight-arm salute. The historian Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Pledge of Allegiance Secrets") proved that it was the origin of the salute of the National Socialist German Workers' Party and of the similar salute imposed in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The NSGWP is often referred to by a four-letter shorthand term, and that is why most people do not know the actual name of the party: the National Socialist German Workers' Party.  Although the swastika was an ancient symbol, it was also used sometimes by the NSGWP to represent entwined "S" letters for their "socialism," as discovered by Dr. Curry.

Foner's endorsement of Lincoln's modus operandi is echoed by all democrat-socialists and republican-socialists on the national, state, county and city levels. It explains the USA's massive socialism, enormous taxing and spending, and its growing police state.


In 1863, General Ulysses S. Grant was instructed to revoke Order No. 11, which had called for the expulsion of all Jews from Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi. During the Civil War, smugglers were illegally selling southern cotton to the northern textile factories. Grant, commander of U.S. Army forces, believed that Jews were primarily behind this illegal cotton trade, and he decided to expel all Jews from southern territory. Grant wrote: "No Jews are to be permitted to travel on the railroad southward from any point... The [region] must be purged of them." Based on Grant's orders, Jews were expelled from their homes, including 20 families from the town of Paducah alone. Some Jews were denied rail transportation and had to flee northward on foot. Those who did not cooperate were thrown into prison. Jewish community leaders immediately arranged a meeting at the White House with President Lincoln, who cancelled the expulsion order. Grant, who would later become U.S. president, never offered any explanation or apology.


The fact is, Lincoln didn't abolish slavery at all, he nationalized it, imposing income taxation and military conscription upon what had been a free country before he took over -- income taxation and military conscription to which newly "freed" blacks soon found themselves subjected right alongside newly-enslaved whites. If the civil war was truly fought against slavery -- a dubious, "politically correct" assertion with no historical evidence to back it up -- then clearly, slavery won.

The American Lenin   by L. Neil Smith

It's harder and harder these days to tell a liberal from a conservative -- given the former category's increasingly blatant hostility toward the First Amendment, and the latter's prissy new disdain for the Second Amendment -- but it's still easy to tell a liberal from a libertarian.

Just ask about either Amendment.

If what you get back is a spirited defense of the ideas of this country's Founding Fathers, what you've got is a libertarian.
By shameful default, libertarians have become America's last and only reliable stewards of the Bill of Rights.

But if -- and this usually seems a bit more difficult to most people -- you'd like to know whether an individual is a libertarian or a conservative, ask about Abraham Lincoln.

Suppose a woman -- with plenty of personal faults herself, let that be stipulated -- desired to leave her husband: partly because he made a regular practice, in order to go out and get drunk, of stealing money she had earned herself by raising chickens or taking in laundry; and partly because he'd already demonstrated a proclivity for domestic violence the first time she'd complained about his stealing.

Now, when he stood in the doorway and beat her to a bloody pulp to keep her home, would we memorialize him as a hero? Or would we treat him like a dangerous lunatic who should be locked up, if for no other reason, then for trying to maintain the appearance of a relationship where there wasn't a relationship any more? What value, we would ask, does he find
in continuing to possess her in an involuntary association, when her heart and mind had left him long ago?

History tells us that Lincoln was a politically ambitious lawyer who eagerly prostituted himself to northern industrialists who were unwilling to pay world prices for their raw materials and who, rather than practice real capitalism, enlisted brute government force -- "sell to us at our price or pay a fine that'll put you out of business" -- for dealing with uncooperative southern suppliers. That's what a tariff's all about. In support of this "noble principle", when southerners demonstrated what amounted to no more than token resistance, Lincoln permitted an internal war to begin that butchered more Americans than all of this country's foreign wars -- before or afterward -- rolled into one.

Lincoln saw the introduction of total war on the American continent -- indiscriminate mass slaughter and destruction without
regard to age, gender, or combat status of the victims -- and oversaw the systematic shelling and burning of entire cities for
strategic and tactical purposes. For the same purposes, Lincoln declared, rather late in the war, that black slaves were now free in the south -- where he had no effective jurisdiction -- while declaring at the same time, somewhat more quietly but for the record nonetheless, that if maintaining slavery could have won his war for him, he'd have done that, instead.

The fact is, Lincoln didn't abolish slavery at all, he nationalized it, imposing income taxation and military conscription upon what had been a free country before he took over -- income taxation and military conscription to which newly "freed" blacks soon found themselves subjected right alongside newly-enslaved whites. If the civil war was truly fought against slavery -- a dubious, "politically correct" assertion with no historical evidence to back it up -- then clearly, slavery won.

Lincoln brought secret police to America, along with the traditional midnight "knock on the door", illegally suspending the Bill of Rights and, like the Latin America dictators he anticipated, "disappearing" thousands in the north whose only crime was that they disagreed with him. To finance his crimes against humanity, Lincoln allowed the printing of worthless paper money in unprecedented volumes, ultimately plunging America into a long, grim depression -- in the south, it lasted half a century -- he didn't have to live through, himself.

In the end, Lincoln didn't unite this country -- that can't be done by force -- he divided it along lines of an unspeakably ugly hatred and resentment that continue to exist almost a century and a half after they were drawn. If Lincoln could have been put on trial in Nuremburg for war crimes, he'd have received the same sentence as the highest-ranking Nazis.

If libertarians ran things, they'd melt all the Lincoln pennies, shred all the Lincoln fives, take a wrecking ball to the Lincoln Memorial, and consider erecting monuments to John Wilkes Booth.Libertarians know Lincoln as the worst President America has ever had to suffer, with Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson running a distant second, third, and fourth.

Conservatives, on the other hand, adore Lincoln, publicly admire his methods, and revere him as the best President America ever had. One wonders: is this because they'd like to do, all over again, all of the things Lincoln did to the American people? Judging from their taste for executions as a substitute for individual self-defense, their penchant for putting people behind bars -- more than any other country in the world, per capita, no matter how poorly it works to reduce crime -- and the bitter distaste they display for Constitutional "technicalities" like the exclusionary rule, which are all that keep America from becoming the world's largest banana republic, one is well-justified in wondering.

The troubling truth is that, more than anybody else's, Abraham Lincoln's career resembles and foreshadows that of V.I. Lenin, who, with somewhat better technology at his disposal, slaughtered millions of innocents -- rather than mere hundreds
of thousands -- to enforce an impossibly stupid idea which, in the end, like forced association, was proven by history to be a
resounding failure. Abraham Lincoln was America's Lenin, and when America has finally absorbed that painful but illuminating truth, it will finally have begun to recover from the War between the States.


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CULT OF THE OMNIPOTENT STATE Francis Bellamy and Edward Bellamy succeeded in creating a ritualistic cult of the omnipotent state in the U.S.A.

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