Socialist Symbols of Hate !
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Berlin, Moscow, Beijing

The Socialist Trio of Atrocities!

Support this virtual Wholecaust Museum and build the physical Wholecaust Museums that will document the worst atrocities in history.

SUBJECT:  On V-E Day help enlarge Holocaust Museums


V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day, May 8th) is an appropriate time to enlarge Holocaust Museums. Holocaust Museums will quadruple in size under new plans to add "Wholecaust" Museums. The larger museums will document the Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): 62 million killed under the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; 35 million under the Peoples' Republic of China; 21 million under the National Socialist German Workers' Party. (The death tolls cited are from the book "Death by Government" by Professor R. J. Rummel).  The atrocities were the worst in history.

New Wholecaust Museums are slated for six cities worldwide (New York City, DC, Los Angeles, Berlin, Moscow and Beijing).  As a lawyer, I am happy to announce that my supporters and I will assist all Holocaust Museums in expanding to include Wholecaust Museums.

V-E Day commemorates the victory over socialism and over the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis).  The U.S. helped end a war in which the National Socialist German Workers’ Party initially joined with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, as allies to invade Poland in 1939 in their scheme to divide up Europe.

Before, during and after the National Socialist German Workers' Party, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics killed even more people. The Peoples' Republic of China followed.

The world must not forget.  Help to enlarge all Holocaust Museums.   ************************

The story of Wholecaust Museums is told in my forthcoming book “Swastikas, Holocausts, Nazis & the USA”

Older Holocaust museums did a great job fighting ignorance concerning one-fourth of the Atrocities.   The wider museums will finish the work that the older museums began.   All older Holocaust museums are part of the new Wholecaust Museum network.  

The shorthand “Nazi” is so overused that most people do not know that it means “National Socialist German Workers’ Party.” An easy way to remember that Nazis were self-proclaimed socialists is that the swastika resembles two “S” letters overlapping and the Nazis often used stylized “S” lettering in their symbols.

The National Socialist German Workers' Party and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics invaded Poland in 1939 as allies in a pact to divide up Europe. After WWII, Stalin and Mao went on to kill even more people.  Those misanthropes and necrophiliacs set the worst records that have never been broken. Socialists are nuclear bombs.  Socialism is nuclear war.  Fight the Wholecaust deniers.

The larger museums will also examine how close the USA came to joining the socialist Wholecaust, then and now.  For example, until 1942 the pledge of allegiance to the flag used the infamous straight-arm salute.  A recent historical discovery shows that the straight-armed salute of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazis) came from the military salute in the USA, and from the original pledge of allegiance in government schools, as written by a socialist in the USA.  It did not come from ancient Rome. & &

New research shows the role of American socialists in the growth of government in the USA and worldwide. disinterred two of the worst examples: Francis Bellamy (author of the pledge of allegiance) and his cousin Edward Bellamy (author of the international bestseller "Looking Backward" translated into all major languages including Russian, Chinese and German). The Bellamys advocated nationalization of the entire economy. HEAR AUDIO AT  

Francis Bellamy should be added to Holocaust Museums as the origin of the straight-arm salute, and both Francis and Edward Bellamy should be added as sources for the dogma of "National Socialism."

At the height of Nazi power, the USA's government deliberately stepped onto the same path with national numbering imposed in 1935 with the social security system.  The federal government was growing massively and attempting to nationalize the economy in many ways.  The US Supreme Court struck down much of the new legislation as unconstitutional until justices were pressured by the "switch in time that socialized nine."

Government was taking over schools in the USA and imposing segregation by law and teaching racism as official policy. Laws required daily robotic chanting of the pledge upon the ring of a government bell, like Pavlov's lapdogs of the state. 

After WWII ended, the government's schools in the USA continued segregation and racism, stopping in the 1960's.  The USA also continued its Nazi numbering and its robotic pledge, with no stopping.

Today, the USA numbers babies, and government schools demand the numbers for enrollment, and the numbers track homes, workplaces, incomes, finances, and more, for life.  School laws still tout the daily pledge, a bizarre ritual shunned by every other country. 

The whole cost of socialism's caustic ruin can not be calculated.  Wholecaust Museums help expose the misery and loss of life.  

FAN MAIL ! - is hailed in victories against modern legacies of the socialist Wholecaust.