The Pledge of Allegiance (& the military salute) was the origin of Adolf Hitler's "Nazi" salute under the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis).

Francis Bellamy & Edward Bellamy touted National Socialism and the police state in the USA decades before their dogma was exported to Germany. They influenced the NSDAP, its dogma, symbols and rituals.

The swastika, although an ancient symbol, was also used to represent "S" letters joined for "socialism" under the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis), similar to the alphabetical symbolism for the SS Division, the SA, the NSV, and the VW logo (the letters "V" and "W" joined for "Volkswagen").

To join the Fan Club contact >    pledge-of-allegiance (at)

"....Dr. Rex Curry, a libertarian lawyer who has done vast research on the Pledge’s socialist roots, provides pro bono services nationwide to educate students and teachers about 'the right to reject robotic ritualism.' The history of the Pledge simply proves Upham and Ford were able to capitalize on the promotion of Bellamy’s socialist agenda, and it’s not over yet."  LINDA BENTLEY of Sonoran News, Arizona

Re: Pledge of Allegiance = Worship of Government: I'm gonna run this in "The Libertarian Enterprise." Thanks, - L. Neil Smith, famous author and critic of Michael Medved "Why Michael Medved Needs Glasses 'And have you stopped shaving your palms?' " You made Playboy without taking your clothes off. The Matheson case is one of your best. I am still getting calls about your case. - Doc C, Texas. (referencing an article in Playboy Magazine about drug dogs).

"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. REX CURRY doesn't have that problem." -JP Pierce

Rex, Do you have any literature written for children?  Your writings on the internet have taught me a lot!   : )   Thank you, Connie S.

From a thesis submitted to the faculty of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts In Political Science. “Interestingly, some critics of Bellamy's political theory go so far as to speculate that the nationalism in Looking Backward directly inspired Nazism. These groups hold Bellamy responsible for the Jewish Holocaust, and blame him for ~60 million dead under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; ~40 million under the Peoples’ Republic of China; ~20 million under the National Socialist German Workers’ Party ( A leader of this anti-Bellamy movement is Rex Curry, a professor of law who has studied and published highly controversial connections between the Bellamys (Edward and Francis) and the German Nazi party. Curry's work has given him an active and outspoken following who believe Bellamy to be the deadliest villain in history.” (from Myths and Blueprints: Enacting Utopia through Fiction, Lynita Newswander, citing Curry, Rex. Accessed 1 March 2007). [notice that the author of the thesis just can't bring herself to actually mention the topic of the Pledge of Allegiance as the origin of the nazi salute. Also, it does not matter whether Edward's book “directly inspired” Nazism, or “indirectly influenced” Nazism, as parsing the degree of the Bellamy impact is not of great importance, other than to people who want to minimize or ignore the Bellamy impact].

You have to ask yourself why citizens of a free representative government would adopt a socialist mantra and a fascist salute? To explore this issue further, go to or see

Hello!!! Love your videos!!! <3+fav you rock :P         - maxwelledwar at YouTube

Hi Rexy, I'm very glad to have come across your site. Since a long time I've been restless, because actually reading history and putting things into perspective using common sense I just couldn't believe in mainstream opinions on topics like this. Just too many things don't fit together. So in my continous search for serious information I bumped onto your site...which helps me fix the puzzle in my head. I jus can't put all that in words but thanks for ''putting'' some things right and most of all sharing it with us. By the way: I was looking for the origin of the Maybach Emblem...which you have also mentioned on your site. I was wondering why double M for Maybach...I looked at the Emblem a couple of times and what I saw in the end wan't the double M, moreover it seems to be an owl? I was surprised cause I thoght the ''stuff with the owl'' came up later in history...after Maybach and co. Sorry for my bad English. Keep on keeping on...we ''the next generation'' are thankful. Greetings - Cedrick O (from Germany?)

Mr. Curry, Subject: thanks. We are currently involved in a lawsuit centered around a local school using drug dog searches on the students, the interrogation of 14 different students, the use of Narcopouch 909 as a 'drug test' and the resulting suspension of my 14 year old daughter, even though she tested (hair follicle) negative for any controlled substance. The drug dog used during the sweep was not seen to make any kind of response, but the defense is saying the dog uses "signs known only to the handler." I have read the articles posted Steven Nicely too, and forwarded them to our attorney. I think they will help. Regards, Phil C.

FEATURED LINK: , This is a site of historical interest about the Pledge Of Allegiance. If what I see on this site is accurate then the Christians can have the Pledge Of Allegiance, God and all--I don't want it.

What an informative site, I'm glad I found it. Perhaps you might also like this article from 1938 regarding the American National Socialists loafing around Camp Nordland that I recently posted at Keep up the good work!  - Matt J.

Hello, My name is Alexis, and I am required by my English teacher to have one of my assignments given this semester to be published before the end of his semester and that is this next week. I wrote a paper on identity theft and was looking for a picture to add to my article. I found a great picture of a roll of bathroom paper with Social Security cards pasted onto them.  I thought that it would be very eye-catching for me to put it on my paper, and I would appreciate it immensely if you could let me know if you would be wiling to grant me permission to use it to complete my article? Sincerely, Alexis I.

Hi there, Loved your site. Here is another bit of evidence regarding dodgy dog sniffers and bent cops: "Talcum dog team leave red faces." Good luck with the cases. Yours, Mike in Australia.

From Twitter: @siddhuw best website evar #2:   Best page on that site is very very very NSFW (warning)!

Gday Rex! I'd like to purchase a couple of your pledge of allegiance photos for use in my masters thesis. Very respectfully yours, Ben D. University of Melbourne

Writes Greg Sutton: "The expert on the Pledge is Dr. Rex Curry. His website contains many disturbing photos of early pledge takers. Here is a sample." at Lew Rockwell in "Our Father, Who Art in Washington."

Subject: signs and symbols - I am VERY interested in the research that you have done. I am studying at UCT (University of Cape Town) in South Africa and I am writing a paper on you and your findings. just wanted to say hi and that I love your work on the Swastika! thanks.  Nigel-George Cupido

"Those who advocate that vile and diabolical fealty known as the Pledge of Allegiance should take a gander at the website of Pledge expert Rex Curry who provides a thorough documentation and archiving of the Pledge." By Todd Andrew Barnett with More on the Vile and Diabolical Pledge of Allegiance at
Let Liberty Ring Blogspot Blog

Pledge of Allegiance: Is it Government Sponsored Indoctrination? Posted by X-Beast Driver (Jeff C.) on January 8, 2010 at 4:11am - "I'm not sure what to think anymore............This is so mind blowing!!! I have been actively involved in the patriot movement for around 20 years or so. I love my country and the principles it was founded on. I got this email today that totally blew my mind. It shook me to the core of my belief system. About halfway down in this article there are some hyperlinks (to Dr. Rex Curry's work) and one of them is a jpeg picture showing young American children at the turn of the century (early 1900's) reciting the pledge of alleigence with the right arm outstretched in a Nazi salute. On the weblinks there is also strong evidence that suggests that Nazism was created here first under Woodrow Wilson before it was exported to Germany. I'm still in a state of shock over this. I don't know what to think or beleive, it just blows my f*%king mind! This leads me to Patric Henry's words that I have copied below. I hope I'm wrong about this and I just got suckered in and made a fool of because even with that humiliation it would be far easier for me to deal with it than if this information I've posted is true. 'For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and provide for it.' Patrick Henry.

Dr. Rex Curry is right & Wikipedia is wrong.

"Wikipedia is not quite correct in its chronology of the pledge, . . . at least from my experience. I began the first grade in the fall of 1941, and the pledge of allegiance was recited with our right arm extended, palm-down. This continued until sometime after the U.S. entry into World War II, when the pledge was recited as Wikipedia described it, with the palm turned upward. I don't know if our teacher told us the reason for the change, or if kids - being brighter than adults give them credit for being - figured out that the change occurred so that we would not appear to be emulating the Nazis. But prior to Pearl Harbor, the palm-down, extended-arm salute was the officially prescribed form at Prescott School in Lincoln, Nebraska."  - Butler Shaffer 'I Pledge Obeisance' at

"Ow! my jaw! I wish it wasn't so close to my desk." - a fan upon seeing the early Pledge pics for the first time ever.

Is this the Rex Curry from  If so I would love to talk to you about the Pledge of Allegiance.  I am a HS Government teacher and have been studying the socialist roots of the pledge for a while.  Thanks, Jimmy C.

Is The Singapore Government Fascist? Published by Seelan Palay

According to historian Dr. Rex Curry, the People’s Action Party’s logo was adopted from the British Union of Fascists (BUF), an outlawed political party in the United Kingdom known for it’s association with the German Nazi Party (National Socialist German Workers Party). 
Dr Curry is also the author of "Swastika Secrets".

March 9, 2009

(If Dr. Curry lived in Singapore, he would probably be arrested, beaten or worse by the government of Singapore)

"Hello Dr.Curry, I happened across your web site and I must say I've found your information utterly fascinating. From a historical point of view with it's accompanying documentation, as well as the broad range of knowledge found there. I find it is a must read for anyone wanting to protect themselves through knowledge of how our Civil and Constitutional rights are being violated daily by the police and US court system. Thanks so much for your website, research and the giving of your knowledge."  - Will5000

"Since I got tired of tracking down the various links to Pledge history, I have created this hub page which links to many of your resources. It helps marketing the real history of the Pledge. Thanks for your Pledge history pages."  Cary Thomas, Seattle for Exordia and

"I believe Dr Curry's discovery that PAP's logo glorifies National Socialism." Venarse LiveJournal Singapore

Hi, I found your site on the Pledge and its salute to be very informative. Also, I see you are in Tampa, FL.  Thanks for the great website.  Win (Diana V.)

le mieux c'est encore de lire ça par exemple:    -

Rex, I just uploaded the radio show you and I did together. The stuff we talk about is pretty timeless. Hey thanks, buddy. I had fun. Hope you like it. I also added you to my links page. -- GC Gordon Comstock

Rex, Great stuff you have on the net. I have been a Social Security / Socialist Slavery rebel since 1979. I did not get SS for my two children now 22 and 19 have discouraged them from doing so. My oldest has now married and of course her hubby is a human robot. She wants to join the work force and they keep denying her a job because of no SS number. Can you help her or can these business be sued?  Thanx  MDA

That's interesting stuff, thanks! Nick at George Washington University

I am contacting you in response to your article, Can Jurors, prospective jurors, subpoenaed witnesses, and defendants stop courthouse searches by "saying no to searches"? I have received a jury summons in Austin, TX  and have been informed that I will have to consent to a courthouse search.   I do not wish to consent to such a search.  I will retain a local attorney about the issue.  I will of course share the court's response with you. Thank you in advance for your work on the subject and commitment to our freedoms.  Kind regards, Eric R. from Texas  (Epilogue: I decided to first try a simple request for accomodation from the court. I was excused within 30 minutes.  Of course that wasn't my intention.  I suppose not enough people force the issue, and I'm quite sure the judge never saw it.) 

Liberty knows Dr. Curry by his first name.  -fan

Jonah Goldberg cites Rex Curry [in the book "Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning"]. Rex is right about Francis Bellamy and the original intent of the pledge, that is to increase the feelings of nationalism in the hopes of acheiving socialism.

The most chilling part is how the original salute to the flag went.

Now I don't know if I buy the notion that the Nazis took the salute from us and that the "Roman" salute is just a myth, but it is quite disturbing that millions of school children began their day saluting the flag like Nazis until World War II.

As a teacher, I've always been ambivalent about the pledge. I get up and salute, but I don't always say it. And I don't make my students say it either. There's just something wrong about being forced to pledge to the flag of a free country. It seems like too much of a contradiction, and I for one do not want to see nationalist sentiments morphing into socialism.

I don't know. Maybe someone can explain to me why I should hold an oath created by a socialist for the purpose of inspiring nationalism as sacred.

My Mind is Clean.

(referencing "Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning" by Jonah Goldberg)

Dear Sir,  This short note is in regards to my experience with our local judges and the law pertaining to being searched (fourth amendment) infringement.  I received a notice that I had been selected at random for the jury pool at our local court house. I filled out the appropriate paperwork and sent it in. I also drafted a letter and sent it certified mail with return receipt request stating that I sincerely wanted to be in the jury pool but I was not willing to freely waive my fourth amendment right. I stated that I was amenable to other considerations such as having an officer escort me through the building or something similar, but I was not comfortable in surrendering my fourth amendment right (for the peoples good)(Their reasoning why I should).  I have received a letter carefully crafted by the Judge excusing me from jury duty, I am in hopes that more people will understand that they don't have to be searched. I will probably send you a copy of the judges letter if you so desire it.   I have also been in some communication with Jerry Spence of Wyoming on this matter, it looks like I won't be needing his services..... Thanks a bunch for all that you do!!!!!     Most Sincerely Yours,  Tim M. Idaho Falls, Idaho

Rex, I received your manuscript and it was indeed very interesting and well done. I tried to leave feedback but eBay interfered. I have a sketch of the leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party that is signed that I would like your opinion on it since it appears you have studied his signature.  Thanks!  Steve

This brief is pretty interesting. The question presented is "Whether the entire Pledge of Allegiance (or even the explicit 2-word deification alone) violates the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment, as applicable through the Fourteenth Amendment, in government schools due to its anti-libertarian use for the worship of government and in light of its history as the origin of the salute of the National Socialist German Workers' Party." 

Real Americans don't pledge allegiance. Real Americans declare their independence. It is in keeping with THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE (U.S. 1776). If government's schools taught the true history of the pledge, then no child would chant it. If Americans knew the truth, then the pledge would cease to exist.
Fight the flag hags and their flag fetish. Government's schools should not teach kids to verbally fellate flags each morning. It is like a brainwashed cult of the omnipotent state. For adults it is childish. The Pledge of Allegiance is emotional masturbation.
The federal government has no place in education and it is tyrannical. Federal flags are at schools to prevent liberty and to impose National Socialism. The Pledge is the most visible sign of the USA's growing police state. Remove the Pledge from the flag, the flags from schools, and the schools from government.

Indeed, people have not a single clue as to the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance. Anyone having to pledge allegiance to anything should be tipped off to the absolute nonsense of it all, no? Because that's what it is - it's bloody nonsense. I was at a Tiger ballgame recently, and was walking through the concourse when the moment sprang up for all to bow in acquiescence to God Bless America. At the sound of the song, it was so funny: people, who were generally walking around, talking, etc., immediately reacted to the first few notes of the song, stopped what they were doing, and stood there giving the finest salute they could muster for the moment. It was creepy the way people responded and promptly struck forth obedient postures. Pliant beings, all.        --  Karen De Coster

Hi Rex! Thank you for your dedicated work. I would like to order the following items listed below. Thanks for your help and I hope to be able to add this to my other documentation to show people how we are losing our world to these power mongers/killers. I think it is wild that when I asked my mom she said she remembered the early straight-arm salute and then she still just freely dismissed it when I brought it to her attention. I guess that is the power of the media, huh?  Thanks again!!  George C.

Rex. I have just visited your website and would like to congratulate you on what is very clear your shear hard work. I myself am a dedicated Security and Drug detection dog handler investing thousands of pounds in training. In addition I am company director of Watchdogs Ltd and am concerned about the level of  training handlers have not completed. In addition within the UK we are about to come under Licensing which many of us have been waiting for for a long time. There is no requirement for a drug dog handler to have a licence so the handlers working security dogs who know they won't be able to get a licence are now trans-shipping to drug dog handling. Having said that I do feel a stop will be put to this soon. Keep in touch. Phil H., Director Watchdogs Ltd, Member of NASDU NTIPDU BPSCA BIPDT JSIC.

Mr. Curry:  Just a short note to thank you for  your article "Libertarian Realism." I gained an increase  in my fighting spirit  from this article against the Criminal Federal State. Smshdw-aol

and  and  and
and  and  and
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and  and  and  and

References to Dr. Rex Curry in other books and works:

     From the book "Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning" by Jonah Goldberg (on - "Religion was the glue that held this American national socialism together. Bellamy believed that his brand of socialist nationalism was the true application of Jesus'  teachings. His cousin Francis Bellamy, the author of the Pledge of Allegiance, was similarly devoted. A founding member of the first Nationalist Club of Boston and co-founder of the Society of Christian Socialists, Francis wrote a Sermon, "Jesus, the Socialist," that electrified parishes acorss the country. In an expression of his "military socialism," the Pledge of Allegiance was accompanied by a [stiff-arm] salute to the flag in American public schools. Indeed, some contend that the Nazis got the idea for their salute from America. (page 216).
     The story of the Pledge of Allegiance and its National Socialist roots is a fascinating one. Dr. Rex Curry, a passionate libertarian, has made the issue his white whale. See (page 440, n. 25)"     ("Go get'em, Ahab!" - from Owen Whitman)

     "Americans on Politics, Policy, and Pop Culture: The 101 Best Opinion Editorials" From by Aaron Lee, Jason Wright and Courtney Marsh on contains the editorial "Tree Laws Kill Trees" by Rex Curry.
     This is an excerpt on page 46: "As an attorney, I am consulted by property owners who want to remove trees without fear of tree-preservation laws.  I cannot advise clients to ignore laws (though tree laws often seem easy to ignore). I can tell clients what a lot of people do: they don’t plant any trees that are protected by tree laws.  And any tree protected in tree laws that is still small enough to be legally killed, is killed.
    Tree laws can be amended, so that every tree is a potential risk that a property owner will be restricted by government in the future alteration of his property.  Tree laws make treeless property the safest route. 
    Tree laws kill trees, as every libertarian knows.  And rightfully so, because tree laws violate private property rights by “socializing” trees. 
    All freedom is founded on private property.

"Great Graves of Upstate New York: Final Resting Places of 70 True American Legends" by Chuck D'Imperio page 20: "As recently as the year 2005, courts of varying degrees were questioning the constitutionality of the pledge. Some believed that Bellamy espoused socialistic principles, and one, Rex Curry, has even established a Website (  urging the changing of the names of all schools dedicated to the memory of Francis Bellamy. It has yet to take hold ..."

In "Cosmic Evolution: The Accelerated Human," the author James B Lawrence writes "....on, "New discoveries show that American soldiers used the swastika as their symbol early in World War I, and up to 1941, against Germany. The symbol was used by Americans in the French Escadrille Lafayette, by the 45th Infantry Division, and on Boeing P-12 planes. The discoveries are in the growing body of work by the historian Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Swastika Secrets"). He has previously shown how socialists in the USA originated the modern swastika as overlapping "S" letters for "Socialists" joining together in a utopian "Socialist Society." During the time when American soldiers adopted the swastika, the symbol was associated in the USA with the growing popularity of "military socialism," a dogma touted by Edward Bellamy, the American author of the international bestseller "Looking Backward," (1887) known as the bible of National Socialism. The symbol was also famous in the USA as alphabetical symbolism for socialism in the Theosophical Society (TS), from 1875. In 1888, the Theosophical Society teamed up with Bellamy's Nationalist movement for military socialism. The "Bellamy swastika" spread. By 1915, the symbol was also widely popular as an ornamental "Good Luck" symbol, as in a 1915 postcard showing the American flag posed favorably with a swastika." Introduction page ix and in works cited.

The Politics of Historic Districts: A Primer for Grassroots Preservation by William E. Schmickle. Excerpt: "Can you blame the developers for being exasperated? As one critic (Rex Curry) reasonably charges, preservationists who come late to the game "shirk responsibility. [They] do not plan ahead, but wait until new construction nears and then cry for government to intervene." (at page 20-21). The quote is from this web page
Notice the image that comes up in a google image search for "Historic preservation laws are bad."

"Requiem for the Phoenix" by Skip Allen in his work of fiction (?) Excerpt - page 12: "... He singled out Rex Curry from the New York Times, though that newspaper had published ..."

Dear Sir,  I recently purchased a Goldtone Bulova Freemason watch from you for my grandpapa and he loved it. I'm writing to inform you that if you have any more of those identical watches left or can get some, I have two of them sold for you. My papa wore it out after I give it to him and friends saw it. They loved it and contacted me to get them 2 just like it. If you have any way of getting two of them, I would like to offer you the same price for them also. Please let me know what you think at your earliest convenience. Thank you!  Thunderp

We're really proud of you Rex!  Your fan, Roberta Tuck

Hi Rex, Thanks for your help today (providing a photograph of the original pledge of allegiance). -- Robyn Blumner, columnist for the St. Petersburg Times Newspaper. (Robin Blumner and the St. Pete Times associated with the Poynter Online Institute. Despite the thank you note, they have a habit to cover up the National Socialist German Workers Party and the origin of its dogma, symbols and rituals. See more about that at )

I once doubted the greatness of Professor Rex Curry, but he sure put me in my place.  I will always treasure his comments.  --Matt Crypto

Dear Mr. Curry -- Thanks for your help on short notice last night. The subject of the Pledge of Allegiance came up in connection with a rally at a local college in support of the phrase "under God." Your material made a terrific sidebar. Little known facts from the past. Your Web site is mentioned in the photo credit. If you'll send me your address, I'll mail you a copy of the newspaper.  Randy Wright, Executive Editor, Daily Herald, Provo, UT (The article also quoted Utah's Attorney General Shurtleff in defense of letting kids say "under God" as a matter of free speech, and then quoted him in support of a constitutional amendment to prohibit flag desecration. That is clearly a content-based distinction).

Received information about your work and was wondering if you'd like to go on my radio shows.  - Greg Szymanski

Rex - This might make an interesting Liberty Watch Radio Program.  Please get back to me about being a guest.  Thanks, Charles H.

Dr. Curry, Please call me at your earliest convenience; we'd like to interview you on the broadcast. God bless, Ray McBerry, President of DixieBroadcasting

Thank you for your work. Because of it, I have removed Wikipedia as a source of information on my web site. Sincerely, Brian Mc. (Dr. Rex Curry's work has been announced and verified on Wikipedia. A recent article at reports on the many references to Dr. Curry's research and discoveries on Wikipedia. Even Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales (Jimbo Wales) has publicly noted Dr. Curry's influence on Wikipedia. Wikipedia writers use Dr. Curry's work without attribution in apparent attempts to bolster their own credibility).

Mr. Curry, Just wanted to briefly thank you for what you are doing with respect to the Pledge of Alligence and your efforts to have it abolished. Wow, talk about an
uphill climb!  Goodluck and Godspeed.  David M.

your website is great! I wouldn't have known about it if Libertarian Enterprise hadn't posted the reference to you. Now I can share your site with friends (and add it to my own site).  Rick T. of KY

"We don't dispute what you have to say (and we believe that you are historically correct about the hand salute)..."  Cleveland Jewish News

Hi Dr. Curry, I’m working on a piece for that fact checks the science behind the television show "Fringe." I was hoping to speak with you about the episode airing tonight on Fox. In the episode, scientists will attempt to crack an ancient code to find a kidnapper. I'd like to ask you a few questions via email about ancient codes and how we attempt to decipher them once they're uncovered. I'd also like to gather a bit of background about how codes were used. I thought you'd be the perfect candidate. As background, receives 3.5 million unique visitors and 9 million page views each month. Would you have a few minutes to reply back if I sent the questions over?  Thanks, Allie T.


Fringe Is on the Right Track With Code-Cracking Science: Last week, Massive Dynamic was the secret force behind a young boy's mind controlling ability. But in this week's episode, "August," the Fringe team encounters the Observers—strange men who pop up during important events in history and keep a log of mysterious code that the agents must try to crack. PM spoke with etymologist Rex Curry about deciphering ancient codes and symbols to see how (and if) it can be done. By Allie Townsend Published on: November 20, 2009

This week's episode begins with the kidnapping of Christine, a 27-year-old student from Boston, who, before her abduction, was on her way out of town to study in Rome. Her kidnapper is a man wearing a 60s-era suit, without hair or eyebrows. The Observer.

After subduing security guards attempting to come to Christine's rescue with a gun that seems to blast out waves of high energy, the Observer speeds off in a getaway car—with Christine. It takes no time for Agent Olivia Dunham and the Fringe team to discover who is behind the crime, since it was committed in front of bystanders. The bigger question is, why?

Though stumped, Dunham isn't completely clueless. The Observer left a notebook full of symbolic code at the scene. There is one lead in cracking the code, however, and that's because it's already being studied. As usual, all roads seem to lead the Fringe team to the same place: Massive Dynamic. The company's researcher admits he's made no progress with the code, but has found evidence that's a little more interesting. Colonial silversmith and famed midnight rider Paul Revere's engraving of the Boston Massacre reveals a mysterious figure in the background: an Observer. The same goes for the execution of Marie Antoinette and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Paintings of these famous scenes of history unveil the presence of the Observers and their ability to view time outside of just a linear entity as humans see it.

Back in the lab, Walter's right-hand gal Astrid tries to decipher the code using a computer program, but there is not one symbol that repeats. And, as Astrid notes, "Without repeated symbols, language is not possible." So how do we decipher unknown codes or languages?

Cracking codes is all about taking advantage of information we already have, says etymologist Rex Curry. "The Rosetta Stone involved an ancient code and helped translate Egyptian hieroglyphic writing because it contained carved text made up of three translations of a single passage: two in Egyptian language scripts—hieroglyphic and Demotic—and one in Greek," he says. "It provided a window into the mind of Egyptian hieroglyphic writers via comparison to writers of the other language scripts."

The Egyptians weren't the only ones to use secret codes to transmitting messages. Mary, Queen of Scots, used a cryptography code system to communicate with her followers in her plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth. Cryptography is used not to hide communication between two parties, but to conceal its meaning. In order to do this, code writers must send their memo through an encryption algorithm, a coding device that can only be deciphered properly with the use of its key.

But according to Curry, codes have only just hit their stride due to the millions of codes used in electronic banking and shopping. "Coding is a worldwide tool used millions of times daily by people via computers and encryption for online transactions," he says. "It's so common and easy that people don't even think about it. They wouldn't be able to break their own coding if they tried."

So in this instance, Fringe got its facts right: language does require repetition, and cracking complex codes require some sort of key that compares them to another language. For now, it seems that Astrid and her Fringe compatriots are out of luck when it comes to unlocking the mysteries inside The Observer's notebook.

     I wanted to write a post in my blog on the pledge of allegiance and stumbled on your site. I have been in the process of considering to put my son into public school (after finishing his third grade in Montessori) and recently checked out our local elementary school. ..... I just cringe at the notion of my son having to participate doing the pledge of allegiance.  As if that is not bad enough, living in Austin TX it also means that the children here do some pledge to the TX flag which is ridiculous.
     I am originally from the Netherlands and have always felt that this whole pledge thing is a propagandic, Hitler Youth type exercise. After my research this morning and finding your site I am shocked to find how right I was!
     At any rate, even though one can excuse their child from participating, how practical is that in real life? Your child will be an outcast or feel that way even if no one will make fun of him for not participating. But that will be my struggle for me to figure out.
     I think that those who are browsing through sites, if they see your site, will stop dead in their tracks and stop to read and hopefully THINK!
Thank you, Ingrid

At around 8:20am each morning at school a voice booms over the loudspeaker reciting the pledge of allegiance.  Students sluggishly rise from their seats to face the flag, place their right hand across their chest, and vocalize their commitment to the United States of America.  Ah, the rites of patriotism.  I always presumed these daily undertakings are intended to unify, inspire, and re-affirm our duty to "ask what we can do for our country."  Surely the pledge is a harmless, quaint characteristic of American life...right?

From Lysander at Class Context:  Not until reading Rex Curry's criticism did I realize that the pledge of allegiance is not an innocuous ritual, but a disturbing remnant of American militant socialism.  The pledge was created by one of the Bellamy cousins and expressed their favor for totalitarianism.  It was ordained as an oath of solidarity at the expense of individuality, compelling students to believe their "value" exists only to the degree they submit to the state.

   The original hand gesture is even more frightening.  As it turns out, the placement of the hand over the heart is a modern phenomenon.  Curry writes:    

   The original pledge used a straight-arm salute beginning in 1892. As the nation's leading authority on the pledge of allegiance, made the historic discovery that the salute of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazis) originated from the military salute in the USA, and from the original flag pledge (as written by a socialist), and not from ancient Rome...
   Because of the Bellamys, children used the "sieg heil" gesture for flags flying over racist government schools through the rise of Nazism (the hand-over-the-heart spread in 1942).  The bizarre practices served as an example for three decades before they were adopted by the National Socialist German Workers' Party.  The U.S. practice of segregation even outlasted the horrid party, into the 1960's and beyond.  That is why the Bellamys are known as the "American Hitlers." 

   Take a look at some of the pictures on Rex Curry's website for proof of the militaristic undperpinning.  Needless to say, I won't feel very comfortable asking students each morning to stand and submit any longer.  Does drilling this practice into vulnerable adolescents every day not disturb others?  It has far too much of a "Big Brother" quality for my taste.

Tyrannosaurus Rex    from

Photograph of “First Historic Public Burning of Social Security Cards”

Thanks to JNOV’s scouting, we’ve become rabid fans of, which reads like a Talking Heads album cover come to life.

Rex the iconoclast is the first person to publicly burn his social security card in protest to end socialist slave numbers and the first and only person to organize the public burning of SS cards against Nazi numbers and the only place on the web with the historic photographs.

Rex comes to our attention because, well, we came to his. Last November we observed the passing of the man who added “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance, and Rex saw fit to include our post on his site at  That’s where JNOV discovered it — and after some chitchat here about her discovery, Rex updated his page.

Back when we wrote our obit, we neglected to include the fun irony that Francis Bellamy, who composed the original Pledge in 1892, was an avowed socialist, and cousin of better-known socialist Edward Bellamy.

And while we’re too lazy to double-check Rex’s extensive research, we’ll take his word that there’s even more to the Pledge story than we’ve known. Apparently the original salute accompanying the Pledge wasn’t hand-on-heart, but an outstretched arm.

Thus: You can chart a Line of Tyranny that starts from the Pledge, leads through the Boy Scouts and the swastika to the Nazis, and lands squarely on us.

"If you were a citizen of my country, my country's government would poison your drink." – A Fan from a very socialist country. (Reply from "If I were a citizen of your country, I might drink it!").

The flavorful and zesty libertarian known as Doctor Curry is focusing upon the concept you plebian masses call your "Pledge of Allegiance." You will thank him when his heavily spiced logic overruns the feeble states that claim to govern you. Quake with mirth, or quake with fear.   - Adieu, Amanda.


Thank you! PonXho at the Youth Justice Coalition

Tattoos exposed.

Interesting stuff Rex.  I home school my son for reasons such as this.  He is a 15 year old with College level reading skills etc. and he has been taught that being an American does not mean allowing our government to control, brainwash or intimidate.  Denise B. Citizens for Future Generations at SPEAK OUT ARIZONA

Lots of great info.  Is there a "pledge to not pledge" to sign somewhere in all that information?  I've been refusing to pledge for a couple of years....gets pretty angry stares at things like town meetings.  Kat D.

The salute "Heil Hitler"


Pledge of Allegiance

Dr. Curry, I saw that you mentioned yarek oaths.
I was wondering if you might have an opinion on whether or not the methods of making oaths in freemasonry might shed light on the yarek oaths.  Whatever your opinion is on this subject, you seem to be a very well studied and very critical thinking individual, and I was wondering if you would share that opinion with me. Thanks. Ed G.

Hello my name is Dylan, I was doing some research on the topic of drug dogs and rights tonight while sitting at home. This comes after two friends and I were in my friends car and were stopped for going 56 in a 40. I stumbled upon your site and was wondering what were your thoughts of all this and any comment you had on our ordeal (described below). Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I found a lot of recourse on your web site. -Thank You, Dylan

Bless the cranky, for they dare to speak uncomfortable truths. Rex Curry doesn't much like the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance. He has good reasons to object, too, which he has carefully documented. If you want a shortcut to outrage, just cut straight to his photos of U.S. children being forced to give Nazi-style salutes to Old Glory. I suggest, though, that you also linger over the text, which describes the Pledge's ugly origins in a swamp of totalitarian socialism. ....Say what you will about Baptists, but I agree with them that children lack the capacity to dedicate their souls to God. So, too, with regard to an infant's capacity to pledge political fealty. ....In its current form, the Pledge of has its speaker promise allegiance to the flag and its associated political regime, followed by a description of the latter. The Pledge does not clearly condition allegiance on "the republic" hewing to the principles that alone might justify it. Surely, though, we would owe no allegiance to a tyranny.

....I've found no revision, however, that corrects the odiously unconditional structure of the present Pledge. I think that friends of liberty should accept nothing less (though they still might well demand more). Regardless of the Pledge's wording, though, I'll be damned if I'm going to give one of those Nazi-styled salutes. I've got quite a different sort of salute for totalitarian statists. And happily, it economizes my effort while maximizing my message.  - Tom W. Bell of

At least now, if anybody wonders why education and state should be separated we can point to the current pledge for one reason (of many).  We can say: "Look! When the state controls education, it makes 5-year-olds pledge allegiance to it like Hitler Youth!"   - Gil

I’ve just recently discovered your website. It is excellent!   Stephanie M.

I was fascinated to see the pictures of US school kids saluting the flag, as they do seem to have an uncanny resembalence to images from the period of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. In this respect they are similar to images you explained from the 20s and 30s of people giving the 'Olympic' salute which was identical to the National Socialist German Workers' Party. This salute was given not only at the Olympics but at all sorts of other sporting events. I've seen pictures in the local papers for Northamptonshire from the 1930s of English school children giving the salute as they march past!  
    It is my understanding also that the method of exterminating unwanted people by gas can be found in H.G. Wells' 'A Modern Utopia' (1905). - Philip C.

Rex .. thanks.  I hope others can hear your great performance (trouncing Michael Medved).. Jack

I am familiar with your web site, have consulted it on several occasions & found your timeline very helpful. I was surprised that you found this article in our little hometown newspaper. As a matter of fact there was a lot that went on in the school's class that the reporter never mentioned. One student role played Bellamy &
that's how the class began as he talked about his philosophy & what he hoped to accomplish with the Pledge - then someone else role-played a student & took the case to court - where some of the students simulated the judge & jury - so we began "Looking Back" & came up to current times. It was a very interesting class & a lot of opinions were expressed - some of which surprised me.  - Roseann H.

Re: Trouncing Michael Medved. Howdy, Rex!  Good work!  Keep it up, for the sake of everyone's liberty. Thanks!  Beau C.

I've read with interest your articles and opinions concerning the flag salute controversy. I've also found the information presented informative, and I agree with your views.  Bill K.

Thanks very much for that, Rex.  I should have told you long ago -- I appreciate the history you're preserving with your studies on the pledge. - Elias

Dear Mr Curry,  I wonder if I could please ask for some help?
    We are a children’s civil rights organisation based in the UK. As you are probably aware, there has been a rise in the use of drugs sniffer dogs here. In some schools, dogs are taken in to perform routine searches, and it is now commonplace in London to have dogs posted at the exits to London underground trains.
    While we have been concerned about the use of dogs, and had objected on various civil liberties grounds, we had naively assumed that dogs were pretty accurate! We’ve found out the hard way that this isn’t true: two of our (non-drug-using) teenaged members have now been stopped by dogs at stations, and then searched. They were both pretty upset by the experience.
    We want to find all the research possible about the accuracy of sniffer dogs, and intend to bring out a report to publicise what is going on. – quite honestly, we are more likely to stop the practice of going into schools with dogs in this way, rather than by arguing civil liberties (not a major concern of the British public!)
    Are you able to point me in the direction of research into the accuracy of sniffer-dog detection + the rate of false positives? I’d be very grateful if you could.
Best Wishes,  Terri Dowty, Director, Action on Rights for Children

Until I saw your pictures, I had no idea about the original flag salute...frankly I was shocked.   - Barb in Michigan

How does one contact eBay to complain about their behavior toward you? - Don

A link between the Nazi Symbol and Socialism is put up, and later, someone called "Nlight" calls it "presumed nonsense" and removes it. Why? Who the heck is Nlight? Well, someone who couldn't take it anymore, apparently. But if you go look back at his older entries about himself, you see he's a computer geek from the northwest. Why did he remove the link between socialism and nazism? Because he felt like it. Because he "presumed" it was "nonsense", according to the edit. So now the 1st guy has to become a content defender, putting back his socialism link with a citation of it. But now here comes Rasmus_Faber, about 20 minutes later, to undo the 1st guy's work and return it to the non-socialist link. What is called a "revert war" then occurs, with the 1st guy trying desperately to keep his entirely valid Socialist Party link about the Swastika alive while Rasmus Faber (who is, as his page says, a software engineer) repeatedly stops his changes from staying.  
-Jason Scott

Your work is to be commended. I especially found the pictures connecting the pledge of allegiance to its socialist roots and to segregation very compelling. I
emailed your ebay site requesting more information about a poster of the segregated school children with arms forward saluting the flag -my favorite example of
government Snafus. Keep up the good work and remember always be modest so you are not an easy target.  Sincerely, John A.

Hi Rex. Great work on the pledge and the flag, about which most people didn't and don't have a clue. So much has yet to reach the ears and eyes of the masses. Keep up the good work. And obviously you have done a hell of a lot of work on this.  Stuart D.

Rex, I will never Pledge Allegiance again! THANKS! -Tom S. in St. Petersburg

Keep up the great fight, Rex!!  Don B. Professor at GMU

I never knew Michael Medved could be such a jackass until I heard his interview with you -  Jan-Peter W.

Great job Rex – go get them! FYI, the Tampa Tribune’s Elaine Silvestrini is close to the Feds, the Federal prosecutor and FBI in particular. Indeed, the frequency with which her name appears on the Tribune’s local federal law enforcement related stories suggest that the Fed “law dogs” are her primary assignment – and of course, she has to feed her “pups”. Her ad hominem attack on you via wholly out-of-context insinuation and spin concerning your website is an unprofessional - albeit typical - government inspired smear attempt. By speaking truth to power, you have just now correctly pointed out that the Emperor has no clothes.  - Your Pal, O

This article was really interesting, did not know you were on that case. Why did the reporter Elaine Silvestrini choose to write about it?  Her motives were very unclear.  She also seems quite uninformed about, and somewhat disinterested in, governmental intrusions on liberty.  In addition, Silvestrini does not seem to grasp the role of an attorney.  She seems to find it quite shocking that anyone would challenge the status quo.  Very disappointed in her coverage, if she's going to be a reporter it would help to have an inquiring mind. - K

An old friend of mine, attorney Rex Curry, who was one of the first libertarians I ever met and who helped transform much of my thinking, developed a case that may be headed to the Supreme Court. Florida v. Matheson, which he won, involves a challenge to the veracity of drug dogs searches. The state of Florida is appealing and the issue is on the high court's docket.  My experience with libertarianism started at meetings we used have at a Chinese restaurant. I was a student at USF.
  - Keith H. is your formulated motion to suppress that has altered the lawyers' processes and procedures relative to all these violations of people's civil rights in this once free country.  Thank you for your brain and they way you have chosen to use it.  Gary M.  

I think there should be more people in the world like you. The issue of these "drug" dogs being untrained and only used as an excuse for a police search needs to be addressed much more widely. I had never even thought of dogs being wrong until I read your web site. Keep up the good work. I know myself and millions of other people are on your side. Sean S. Florida Atlantic University


I used to have your email address that starts with rexy (very clever of you; so close to the word "sexy" that I remembered it). Unfortunately, I couldn't remember the rest. I looked you up on Google and then I spent a couple hours reading your website, book reviews, watching the Matheson Supreme Court Hearing, etc, etc ....Uh-oh....gotta stop or I won't get anything done!  Warm regards, Dyalma O.

Hi Rex, I wanted to congratulate you on the drug-dogs case.  Is there a convenient way for me to stay informed about further news with this case? Thanks,
Mark S. E.

I host a Libertarian radio show in Tampa Bay, Florida called "Freedom Works!"  We broadcast to the entire West central Florida area and I'd love to have you as a call-in guest some night.  The show airs Tuesdays 9-10 PM Eastern time.  - Paul M.

Dear Sir: I heard you speaking today on the Michael Medved nationwide radio show. Of course, saying so tends me to justify my abhorrent listening habits - but the one benefit I find in listening to his show is that he often has on some interesting people whom he usually attempts to verbally molest. I must say that you held up well against his assault. Which leads to finding your website and just beginning to discover its wonders. After reading the page on the dogs I want to have you cloned
nine times for supreme court positions. -Fred W.

Dear Mr. Curry: Thank you for your efforts about the Pledge.  You definitely held Michael Medved at bay on his show a couple weeks ago. The Pledge is a mind game to fool people into thinking they have some unilateral obligation.  Let's push it back in their faces.  Thanks for all your good works. Let me know what you think.  Best regards,  Carl O.

Hey Rex, Thanks, I really appreciate it. I am a teacher, currently still a sub, among other academic intervention positions with riverside school district, so I find it quite interesting to hear from you, and that your are a lawyer interested in fighting these types of issues.  I do not say the pledge, of course, but I as of yet choose to not ever speak of or acknowledge that I don't pledge, or my arguments to it.  If there were a "save my ass" way I could object to it, or present historical information, I'd gladly do it.  - Debbie X.

I like your latest flag news really very much. It will also be specially plugged in my upcoming comment in my blog "CB's notewok."  PS: After so many years of fellating the flag, couldn't they now bugger it?  ;-)   All the best to you, Chris B.

Rex, in many ways I agree with you..........  Bob Fontana ( issued a challenge to Bob to publicly debate and was victorious over Bob in the public debate challenge by Bob's default).

Rex Curry, Good News!  I am pleased greatly by your rantful "Flag Day" and shall publish it upon our Poor Mojo's Almanac(k).  If you are ever in San Francisco, CA or Ann Arbor, MI, contact us poste haste; we owe you a beer (or comparable soft beverage of your choosing). Of course, any physical remuneration is in addition to all-encompassing, world-wide fame and Glory stretching infinitely both backward and forward in time-- you shall still doubtless receive such as that. All for the Best in the Best of All Possible Worlds, Editor-in-Chief PMjA

I think school kids should go back to the Nazi-like salute with the right arm extended rather than this "hand over your heart" bullshit when reciting the pledge. It'd be a lot more appropriate.  - Anonymous

Dear Mr. Curry: The Wilson Quarterly, a general interest magazine based in Washington, D.C., is running an item related to the history of the Pledge of Allegiance in America. We would like to run a photograph showing the original, Nazi-style salute to the flag, as depicted on your website here: However, none of these photos meet our needs precisely. (The closest one is but we are hoping to find something that is more vertical; we would need to crop this one significantly in order to make it work in our format.)  Do you have other photos in your collection besides the ones depicted on this page. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, James Carman, Managing Editor, The Wilson Quarterly

Pledge of Allegiance in FRIGHTENING photos
and more photos and articles revealed by the superstar documentarian Dr. Rex Curry at
For fascinating information about symbolism see 
Growing Media Coverage, Radio, etc
Fan Mail

I'm a high school student and I've read up on the pledge (which is why I don't stand and I get yelled at). I came across this site and saw some interesting photos. This is the only place I have seen them. Are the pictures real? I don't know where to find any things like that and I wanted to do more research. Please help me out because I'd like to share those pictures and the info with the rest of the mindless drones in my school. Thanks. Steve

(The following writer speaks German and English): Yours is an interesting and seemingly logical theory on the state socialism / hakenkreuz symbolic connection that I've not heard before. As you point out, Hitler was an artist and Goebbels was a diabolical master of propaganda.  Your Pal, Owen W.

Sir: When I was in high school they started to impose the new rule that each morning class should pledge to the flag.  I decided I didn't want to pledge my allegiance to any flag and remained seated while everybody else stood and recited the pledge.  The other kids scowled at me, knocked me on my head and jeered at me.  I remained seated, unfazed and adamant.  That was the first day.  The second day one other kid decided to remain seated.  By the end of the week only the teacher was standing for the pledge.  How foolish she looked standing there by herself!  rhayat1

I am contacting you in response to your article, can jurors, prospective jurors, subpoenaed witnesses, and defendants stop courthouse searches by "saying no to searches"?  I have received a jury summons in Austin, TX  and have been informed that I will have to consent to a courthouse search.   I do not wish to consent to such a search.  I will retain a local attorney about the issue.  I will of course share the court's response with you.
Thank you in advance for your work on the subject and commitment to our freedoms.  Kind regards, Eric R. from Texas  (Epilogue: I decided to first try a simple request for accomodation from the court. I was excused within 30 minutes.  Of course that wasn't my intention.  I suppose not enough people force the issue, and I'm quite sure the judge never saw it.) 

Dear  I am doing a project for school on National Socialists / Nazis in the US, and while researching it found your website. I would love to include your findings on the pledge of allegiance in my presentation.....  Sincerely,  Claire W.  ( also offered to participate in a public debate at Claire's school).

I listened to the audio of the your interview with Medved last night.  Excellent work.  The hypocrisy of the 'conservatives' is truly amazing. Great job! -Barney R.

Rex: I cohost a local tv show in Danbury CT. and will be using some information from your site for this friday's show. I will be showing a picture of your flag with the swastikas in the blue field. Obviously, I will be promoting your website address. I hope you don't mind. Here's the idea. Change one swastika back to a star every time a state removes saying the pledge in their school system. Would you be like to be a guest on the show in the future? Either in person or as a call in guest.
Keep up the good work.  Godspeed, John M.

Dear Mr. Curry:  The story your website tells of the pledge of allegiance history needs to be told.  As an historian and a teacher of history, the photos you show would be invaluable in teaching the real story of this area. There are millions of people who would be shocked and outraged about the history of this nationalistic ritual. I know I would feel very badly for my students if they never had a fair opportunity to see the actual background to much of what they have been led to
experience. It is important  that they get that chance. Sincerely, Chirs H.

The oldest living medical marijuana patient (OLMMP): "Rex, thanks for your work against drug dogs.  I was in the airport recently and a dog sniffed my bag and walked away. I called to the handler and asked if the dog was trained for bombs or drugs, and the handler said 'for drugs.'  So I told him to bring the dog back because I had marijuana in my bag." phoned OLMMP, but only reached his voicemail.  OLMMP called back and said "I am sorry that I missed your call. I had stepped outside to take my medicine."



I agree with most of your research. Particularly your discovery on the pledge of allegiance is groundbreaking. I've never read anything about this before. I fully agree that the real evil is socialism, but most people don't realize it.  They have been brainwashed in the government's socialist schools (the ones they call "public schools"). Keep up the good work. Best, Servando G.

Your web site is quite something to see - the social security card (SS card) burning brought back memories.  The stuff about the pledge was news to me and I'm circulating the links to it as fast as I can. Just thought I'd write and let you know that my mother (now 91) remembers doing the straight arm salute. I don't recall doing that but I didn't start gov't school until around 1952.  - Bill H.

Rex, I had another look at the extraordinary documents (pictures) of the Hakenkreuzes / Swastikas you present at  You show some examples which indicate that at least for the leaders the connection between the flag and the other instances of "S" symbols is more than close, almost identical. But these were not to be seen where I could see them. I did not live in Germany, but in Nazi-occupied and integrated Luxembourg and only once visited Nürnberg where my father lived and worked at the time and stayed a couple days in the area and of course travelled there and back, through Stuttgart for instance and missed by half an hour to be killed in the bombardment of the Stuttgart main station. My father had some papers, but I do not remember then nor later having seen all of those you show. Regards, Chris B.   (note from -what is remarkable about the comment above is that it suggests other reasons for ignorance about the "S" symbolism and those are laws that prevent people in many areas (including Germany) from seeing their own history in its symbols.  So, the people who might know the most about their historic symbols have been turned into the people who know the least, because "fascistic" laws ban Nazi symbols). Christian B.

Your website rocks! My friend Jodi of the Florida Cannabis Action Network referred me to your essay in Liberty4All online magazine, which subsequently pointed me to your website. I have worked full time past six years working to end 21st century Prohibition.  But info on drug dogs and their misapplication is something I'm short on, therefore I was pleased to see your work.  Best regards,  Steve H.

Rex, Thanks for this victory and guidebook on your website about how to deal with police stops that use drug dogs. Great job! David S.

I congratulate you on a resolute interview under the duress of a rude host.  I regret that he talked over you so much and was more interested in holding you up for derision rather than seeking to probe your rationale in depth.  It prevented you from expanding on your points and imparting even more information than you were able to.  I don't believe I disagreed with anything you said.  I was amazed!  I arrived independently at the same conclusions as you.  Any impartial observer of history would be hard pressed to avoid these conclusions.  I arrived at them through my own education reform activism (privatize - I support Marshal Fritz and oppose compulsory indoctrination).  I somewhat support tuition tax credits but seriously doubt that they can avoid the corrupting influences of government.  Had I been as articulate as you and in your shoes, when MedFed invoked Lincoln I might have attempted to slam him as well, using the constitutional, historical and economic arguments of DiLorenzo, Wilson, Williams, Rockwell et al!  Public schooling, indoctrination, nativist bigotry in public schools and the role of the NEA needed greater exposure than you were permitted.  I have attempted to inform myself about these and related matters.  Their roots extend to at least the 1830s (if you exclude the roots of the War Against Southern Independence) and involve the beginnings of the nativist public school cabal.  Its a fascinating inquiry!  -Chris K.

Pledge of Allegiance Pledge of Allegiance

Pledge of Allegiance Pledge of Allegiance

Rex, I really enjoyed your webpage about drug sniffing dogs. It was filled with useful facts and references. Charlie M. of Utah

Rex, I am overwhelmed by the articles and photos you have on your web site! Amazing really. And me an avid researcher and never before to have heard or seen this... The nazi salute used in american brainwashing institutions (government schools)! I want more information. I hope you are working on a book to get this information out. The way I found you was that this morning there was an article on the web about yahoo and ebay being forced by socialists-fascists in france to keep nazi memorabilia off the web. I am always interested to see what exactly these fascists are trying to keep from me so I went to ebay and typed in nazi flag and found your historic photos!! What a world we live in hey? Peace.  Bob J.

Rex, You are absolutely correct. I am forwarding your email to everyone I know. Interestingly, I've told my friends and family many times that I could
remember doing the salute of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazis) each morning in grade school - before Roosevelt got us into WW2. Shortly before that time, they made us turn the outstretched, upward slanting right arm and hand to the palm-up position, with the thumb curved. Even later, I don't remember when, it became hand over heart. There are only a few good lawyers in America. You are one of the few.  Thank you, and keep it up.   - Jody

RE: defeats LewRockwell & Rep. Ron Paul in debate challenge & in web searches regarding the pledge of allegiance.
Hi, Rex! You go!!  Keep up the good work!  You are one of the very few lights that are still shining in this gathering darkness.  - Kate G.

Hello Rex, Good for you on the Ron Paul debate: we won't win except by telling the absolute, total truth. Thank you for all you are doing for liberty, I.J.

Bill writes to suggest Star Trek as sharing blame for the spread of the Roman salute myth: "I used to think that the Roman salute was the fist placed over the heart before the arm was extended (I believe at chest level), as imitated by Star Trek's Romulans (essentially Romans with space ships)."

Anonymous writes: Great work Rex.  Also, Mexican presidents take an inauguration oath while holding an arm out in a similar fashion, and it is also similar to prayer-related gestures in religious services in the USA.  Also, How is a Tazi like a Nazi? Hezbollah uses the salute ( Hizb Allah warriors).  See the paper "Islamic Antisemitism And Its Nazi Roots" based on the keynote address by Dr. Matthias Küntzel, a political science professor from Germany, who spoke at the conference on “Genocide and Terrorism – Probing the Mind of the Perpetrator,” April 11, 2003 at Yale University, New Haven.

Mr. Curry: Thank you for the subject article on Dixie Forever! As a white 64 year old Southern male, I grew up chanting the pledge every morning at school. As an unreconstructed kid and man, it always irked me to have been required to make that pledge. For the past 20 years or so, I will stand, out of respect for those who feel it their duty to chant, but I refuse. Your article will remain in my files for anyone who decides to give me a bad time about the pledge. Actually, I see more and more folks doing the same thing these days.  -Steve in South Carolina

Man's Inhumanity To Man ... In reference to socialism

"Behind 1984, there is a sense of injustice, a tormented sense of the way political systems suppress individual thought. Man's inhumanity to man." Jean Eloi, 2002[14]

"Edward (Bellamy) later wrote in support of socialism, "It was in the great cities of Europe and among the hovels of the peasantry that my eyes were first fully opened to the extent and consequences of 'man's inhumanity to man.'" But Edward died in 1898, and did not witness the worst of man's inhumanity to man in the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part) ..." Dr. Rex Curry, 2001[15]

"Throughout all of human history, from the first murder to the present crises (the rise of socialism in America) and catastrophes, we have faced famine, depression, wars and rumors of wars, (and) countless examples of man’s inhumanity to man." Gail B. Leatherwood, May 2009[16]

"The (Socialist) State, therefore, is the most flagrant, the most cynical, and the most complete negation of humanity. It shatters the universal solidarity of all men on the earth, and brings some of them into association only for the purpose of destroying, conquering, and enslaving all the rest. It protects its own citizens only; it recognizes human rights, humanity, civilization within its own confines alone. Since it recognizes no rights outside itself, it logically arrogates to itself the right to exercise the most ferocious inhumanity toward all foreign populations, which it can plunder, exterminate, or enslave at will." Mikhail Bakunin, September 1867[17]

^ [15] Curry, Rex Dr. (2003). [ "EDWARD BELLAMY, FRANCIS BELLAMY, SWASTIKAS, NAZISM, NAZI PARTY & ADOLF HITLER LOOKING BACKWARD AT THEIR GERMAN CONNECTIONS (Bellamy ties to German National Socialism & the American Swastika)"]. Edward Bellamy German connections. Rex Curry. Retrieved January 9, 2010. Note: Edward Bellamy was the founder of the American Nationalist Socialist Party [sic]. Curry cites the book: Edward Bellamy Abroad, by Sylvia E. Bowman.

Hitler was also called an athiest, but no: "I say: my feeling as a Christian points me to my Lord and saviour as a fighter. … In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and of adders."  (Adolf Hitler, April 12, 1922)   Bellamy must have been Hitler's hero.  - K. Alexander

Rex; Thank you for a great CONCISE history of the pledge of allegiance.  I have long known the story, and taught it to many students at Academy of the Rockies (an earlier school we owned and operated) and here at Freedom Mountain Academy.  I also include it in the Freedom School seminar developed by Robert LeFevre and bequeathed by him to me in 1980.  But your account had extra (and useful) information, and was tightly presented. If you haven't seen our website at, I believe you will find it interesting. Best wishes for good health and happiness. in Freedom, Kevin C. Mountain City, Tennessee

When I was in Jr. High School, I stood respectfully mute during the pledge.  It occurred to me that since I am a man of my word, and since I had given my word in the form of a pledge, I had absolutely no reason to re-pledge my allegiance.  I will never pledge again.   If someone did not believe me the first time, why would they believe me the 100th time?  It would be like the president taking the oath of office each morning before going to work.   Thanks!  Lenny F. Colorado

My schooling began in 1933 in New York City.  If I recall correctly, we didn't give a straight arm salute; we gave a military type of salute.  Years later, that was changed to putting our right hand over our hearts.  Doris G.  (Dear Doris, please enjoy )

Dear Mr. Curry,  I'm editor of the New Jersey Libertarian, monthly newsletter of the New Jersey Libertarian Party.  I just received your latest article (avoiding
U.S. laws by travelling) and enjoyed it and your web site very much.  I'd like to plug your web page in the next issue of the NJL, and run your columns from time
to time.  Thanks for an enjoyable article and site.  I'm trying to pick out the tshirt I want :-).   Deb S.

I took a moment to take a peek at your site and was impressed with your articles. Please let me know if it would be all right to reprint some on my main site. I also noticed your Cafe Press associate shop. Feel free to add it to the group's links page if you'd like to. Take care. I hope to hear from you. Yours truly, George-Erich S. Editor

Sir,  I love your website; it has some wonderful information on it!  I am a candidate for State Treasurer of the Libertarian Party this year, and I have been asked to
give a short presentation on government education at a university in my state (Missouri).  In the presentation, I would like to show some pictures of the Bellamy/National Socialist German Workers' Party salute.  Thank you very much,  Lisa J. E.

I like your site and I intend to give a speech at Toastmaster's on the originial pledge and salute. I'm sure they will be shocked by your pictures of school children. : )   Win H.

Hey Rex if you watch enough ole Gene Autry westerns you can see a bunch of School Kids do the same thing (the straight arm salute). -sanblas

Rex....This is great stuff. Keep it up. I pray that soon you won't be the sole source on the history of the "pledge."  Marshall, President, (Alliance for the Separation of School & State) Advisor,
rex, that is a great site, full of great stuff. Thanks for posting here. I've seen it before, but hadn't bookmarked it for subsequent enjoyment. Now I have it. Very nice work!  Elias

Just wanted to say thanks for the articles you send me. A lot of people send me a lot of junk I could not care less about, but your stuff is always interesting.  Thanks again, Kirsten A.

STANLEY NOTE:  Loved your site and I am passing it on to the Stanley Scoop, as well as sending you the Scoop.  The Stanley Scoop reaches hundreds of thousands of people each day.  Spreading the message of a Constitutional America is the purpose.  Live FREE or Die!!!  - Rick Stanley

Howdy, Rex!  I'm impressed and moved by your Web site about the socialist origins of the U.S.'s Pledge of Allegience!  I'm delighted to point my friends' browsers there, so that they can easily see why I mistrust our government and its whitewashed history.  Might the atrocities of other socialist experiments, especially those that imposed horribly flawed "scientific" reforms in agriculture, be worthy of inclusion on your site?  The Khmer Rouge comes to mind immediately. Ceausescu's Romania less so, but still I can't help but think of it when I read your Web site's historical revelations.  Thanks!  Beau C., Press Secretary Coalition to Elect Zander C.

Dear Rex,  I stumbled across your site while I was doing research for a paper on the Pledge of Allegiance for an education class I'm taking at the University of
South Florida.  Browsing through your site, I found that though I don't always agree with you, you raise some good points.  In case you're interested, I've attached a near-final draft of my paper to this message.  I didn't follow your linguistic conventions, but I think you'll find that you and I came to some of the same conclusions regarding the Pledge.   David D.

A fan wrote: Chuck Muth is advertising for you - E-POSTCARDS FROM THE FRINGE:  We received an email from Rex Curry yesterday titled, "Libertarians shine w/next pledge court case."  Mr. Curry expresses gratitude that the Supreme Court threw out the "under God" challenge to the Pledge of Allegiance on technical grounds...but only so he can file a new challenge hoping to ban the ENTIRE "totalitarian" pledge - not just the "under God" part. ..........Although Curry has some valid points regarding pledge recitation......  Chuck Muth's News & Views is published by Citizen Outreach

I've known Rex Curry for years and done political activism with him on behalf of the Libertarian Party.  I was unable to work with Chuck Muth on anything. Rex Curry, on the other hand, has been very helpful to the Libertarian cause.  .....take a look at some pages on his website where he has some information on this subject that most people have not heard and some photographs that could change a lot of people's image of the pledge of allegiance almost instantly.  From my own information on the subject, he is right that the origins of the pledge of allegiance are not nearly as laudable as we have been led to believe. Here's links to relevant pages on his website: Photos:  Explanations:  Rex is calm, rational and polite with a demeanor you would expect from a lawyer.  (Yes, he's a lawyer.)   Charles C.

Rex, Thanks to your time, effort, and website, I now sit silently when others stand to do the flag pledge.  Jack T., of Lee County       

REX UR My Hero, TY for fighting Pledge!  - Joe M.

Nice article. Very enlightening. I think that as Libertarians we should have our own pledge and flag (the one by Roberto Liebman is good). As a child I had to learn the U.S., British and French pledges/anthems. Even then I knew they couldn't all be right. As an adult I know the Libertarian pledge would be right. Dr. Roy B.

Thank you! I have added you to the Featured Site section of my news page: and also to my links page. Those are very interesting photos - while I strenuously object to pledging allegience to the state, I sure didn't know about the Nazi
salute. Really lends some additional perspective to the issue - I'll definitely be sharing that with my kids.  -Carol in St. Petersburg

I was put on detention in the 7th Grade for refusing to do the pledge. My argument was "it's just a piece of cloth."   -DAN

I got your info from a libertarian daily.  I've been pushing this Bellamy issue for a couple of years.  I saw a drawing of the salute- but, until now, no photos.  The thought control in USA is much worse than I imagined. A truly explosive issue.  I am spreading the links as fast as I can.  Conservatives will not even discuss this matter. . Thanks a million    From:  dfarel

unbelievable...and what is left of the original freedoms and concepts, are nearly gone. too many years of bad philosophy has done us in. few have any idea what freedom means and how it is derived from other higher concepts.    mike g.

Yes, Senator McClintock, it does have something to do with authoritarianism   from: Hal Netk

A Column by Senator McClintock  - "......It has very little to do with atheism. It has a great deal to do with authoritarianism."

    Brother, You have my attention!!!  I have never been a flag waver, or gung-ho type of patriot... but your piece is both chilling and interesting.  I'd love to hear more about your discoveries. 

Rex - I saw the salute in a photo in a leftist rag during the '60's. It was a scout troup. Maybe the scouts could help you get more pictures.  Alice L.

    More groups are dropping the Pledge of Allegiance thanks to sent an email announcement stating "We did this subject (citing a at the Arizona Breakfast Club in response to my not doing the pledge."  Please notify of any other groups that have been inspired to drop the pledge of allegiance because of the website at or any other. 

    Hello Rex, My name is Bridget F. and I am the chair of the Campus Libertarians at the University of Missouri- Columbia.  I am also an aide to Tamara Millay
who is, as I'm sure you know, the frontrunner in the race for the VP nomination. I saw some of your work on and have to say that I was amazed. Which leads me to my question:  is there any way my organization could use some of your graphics for flyering and the such?  Thank you, Bridget F.

    I was intrigued by the information on your page about the pledge.  As a child in the 60s and 70s, I can attest to how difficult it is to be the one hold out when everyone else stands, salutes, and recites.  Even as a child I couldn't justify repeating those words and praising a flag.  A flag!  As an adult, I would love to see an end to this ridiculous, indoctrination ritual.    Thanks for the information.  Best regards,  Cherie Y.

    A fan of writes in: "The original socialist salute to the U.S. flag sometimes had extra motions to it.  For example, in one high school in 1938, each student said 'I pledge allegiance' with his right hand over his heart, and then extended the arm to the flag for the duration of the spiel, with the palm up. It was as if each student had removed his own heart from his chest and offered it to the government through its flag symbol.  What a scary symbolism THAT is to tie into socialism's philsophy of self-sacrifice to the state and mass slaughter as pointed out in your graphic art of the socialist trio of atrocities."
    The fan continues:  "So it makes sense that after the National Socialist German Workers' Party adopted the same salute, and then the U.S. became aware of the socialist atrocities of the National Socialist German Workers' Party, that individuals switched to holding the hand over the heart  -as if protecting the heart from being ripped out by the government, and each individual refusing to sacrifice himself/herself to socialism."

    In conclusion the fan makes these suggestions for those who continue to salute and recite the pledge: "Always do it while armed  --in case self-defense becomes necessary. Begin the pledge in the usual modern manner by placing the right hand over the heart. Next, overlap the right hand with the left hand over the heart (for extra protection). then DUCK!!!!!   While in a crouched position, bob and weave and RUN FOR COVER !!!! "  Good luck.

Good news.  Casper Star-Tribune reports in today's (Mar. 3) on-line edition that the House Education Committee killed the pledge of allegiance bill yesterday.  Don't know if your letter, which I forwarded to the legislature, affected their decision or not.  But I intend to continue using your site as a resource in my ongoing efforts to educate my listeners about this issue.  Thanks, and  best regards,         Michael Gonsior

I have no photos to offer on the subject, but I clearly remember my first-grade class (in fall of 1941) and saluting the flag with outstretched arm and palm DOWN (like the National Socialist German Workers' Party salute) and how, the following year (as best I recall) we went to the outstretched arm with the palm UP.  Later, the whole charade was accomplished with the placing of our hand over our heart.

I developed my own "pledge":

I pledge allegiance to myself,
And to the spirtit for which I stand.
One person, indivisible,
With liberty and non-violence for all.

                             Butler Shaffer

I remember as an elementary- and high school-student saluting the flag hand-over-heart for the first 3 words, then arm outstretched, palm up for the remainder.  This was through at least 1960 or so.      - Frank Clarke

Thank you.  This is really fascinating.  I knew the pledge was written by a socialist who was a cousin of Edward Bellamy, but I never new the detail, or the photographs of the "salute."  Wow!  Tremendous!  The press may ignore you, but some of them may also want to run with your photos and a brief history lesson (proudly of course).  Yes, I would support a CONstitutional Amendment to require CONgress, the President, the Supremes and all federal employees to stand and give a daily recorded recitation of your pledge.
Powell Gammill

Thank you again for sending me the information on the Pledge of Allegiance and in response to my article on the subject. I have become so fascinated by this that I am now developing a manuscript for a book. I'm very busy with my job as well as my campaign for Congress but I've nevertheless started to work on the project.  Thank you. Best Regards, Chuck Morse

(Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery)
Mr. Curry,
    I have found the following phrase (or similar phrase) on your site in multiple places: " is the only site that attempts to collect and publish photos showing the U.S. flag's original socialist salute."
    I expect that you will remove or alter this claim now that you know it to be false. I am officially asking you to do so, as (as you know) I am also attempting to collect and publish photos of the original pledge salute on my site.
    You also might as well stop claiming that you have "the only website that provides the scary original speech given by Francis Bellamy for the debut of his Pledge of Allegiance". That speech will be posted on my site by the end of the weekend.
    In fact, I am currently downloading your entire site, and will spend the weekend searching for the word "only" on it, and make sure that (where possible) I render your claim as the "only site" to do whatever education, etc. about the pledge false. So you might as well do your own search for the word "only" and do what you need to to make it so you are not defrauding people.
    This is an official request that you cease and desist claiming that you and/or your site are the only ones attempting to collect and publish photos of the original straight-arm pledge of allegiance salute. That claim is not true, as my prior e-mails to you (attempting to collect and publish photos of that nature) make clear.
    Be Well, Be Free,
Lance B.

Also, Gary Catt, Editor of The Palladium-Times had no dispute of Dr. Curry's historical disoveries about the Pledge of Allegiance and neither did Jaytea of Whizbangblog.  The Palladium-Times calls itself "Oswego's award winning news team." 

For more fan mail to on other topics visit

For more info on the original socilialist pledge to the U.S. flag see

Swastika Swastika, Edward Bellamy, Credit Cards & myths

Edward Bellamy & the Credit Card myth Edward Bellamy & the Credit Card Myth

Edward Bellamy is sometimes erroneously claimed to be the "inventor of the credit card." When Bellamy used the phrase "credit card" he meant a ration card under his authoritarian socialism. He was not referring to the modern creation of capitalism for shopping in free enterprise.

Bellamy wanted to destroy the modern credit card and the capitalism that created it. 

Bellamy's card is a soviet-style ration card under Bellamy's totalitarian socialist dogma. Bellamy's card is similar to social security cards (socialist slave cards) in the United States that are given to infants to track them for life, stealing non-stop. Social Security's nazi-style numbering began in 1935, as the USA followed the path of the National Socialist German Workers Party. It is a monstrous debit card, not a credit card.

The credit card myth is a reference to an item in Bellamy's fictional book "Looking Backward" (1887) in which Bellamy promoted his futuristic plan for National Socialism in the United States. Money and capitalism has been abolished in Edward Bellamy's vision of the 21st century. Bureaucratic clerks make use of physical punch cards to indicate the government's pretend "value" of purchases.

Edward was cousin and cohort to another infamous socialist Francis Bellamy (author of the Pledge of Allegiance in 1892). The Bellamy cousins were self-proclaimed National Socialists who promoted “military socialism” (a Bellamy term). To promote militarism, Bellamy's pledge of allegiance began with a military salute.  The military salute was then extended out toward the flag. Thus the Pledge was the origin of the stiff-armed salute adopted later by the National Socialist GermanWorkers Party, as shown by the historian Dr. RexCurry (author of "Pledge of Allegiance Secrets").

Here are two quotes from Edward Bellamy's book:

"A credit corresponding to his share of the annual product of the nation is given to every citizen on the public books at the beginning of each year, and a credit card issued him with which he procures at the public storehouses, found in every community, whatever he desires whenever he desires it. This arrangement, you will see, totally obviates the necessity for business transactions of any sort between individuals and consumers. Perhaps you would like to see what our credit cards are like."

"You observe," he pursued as I was curiously examining the piece of pasteboard he gave me, "that this card is issued for a certain number of dollars. We have kept the old word, but not the substance. The term, as we use it, answers to no real thing, but merely serves as an algebraical symbol for comparing the values of products with one another. For this purpose they are all priced in dollars and cents, just as in your day. The value of what I procure on this card is checked off by the clerk, who pricks out of these tiers of squares the price of what I order."  From Looking Backward, by Edward Bellamy and published in 1888

This is a "debit/ration card," since each person is given a stated amount on each card. Unlike normal debit cards, Bellamy's card rations items that are completely controlled by government and socialism.

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