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FULLY INFORMED JURIES - can stop government violence and minimum mandatory sentences.
NEW U.S. SUPREME COURT PETITION - Jury nullification is now before the U.S. Supreme Court.
YOU CAN BE PRESIDENT FOR A DAY -learn how by learning about jury nullification.
ASSEMBLY LINE SEARCHES - have FIJA advocates pamphleted or refused courthouse searches?

DEMANDS FOR IDENTIFICATION - are they destroying the right to an informed jury?
FIJA CAN STOP RAPES OF MALES - stop the dark secret of the U.S. criminal injustice system.
NON-VIOLENT CHARGES -can FIJA stop the war on drugs (the war on everyone?).
PLANES, GUNS, SEARCHES (& 9-11) - can jurors expand the right of self-defense?
PILOTS, GUNS & YOU - can jury nullification protect 2nd amendment rights?

MOURNING 9-11-2001 -for libertarian reasons.  Use this yearly letter to support the 2nd Am.

LAWYER SEEKS INFO ON SEARCH REFUSALS - are jurors becoming better informed?

     President’s Day (the third Monday each February) presents a secret way for everyone to be President for a day!
    The secret is that juries can veto acts of Congress -just as the President can.  It’s known as a jury veto, jury nullification or jury pardon.  It is related to the "Fully informed Jury Amendment." To learn more visit  http://rexcurry.net/fija.html
    Being a juror is like being President for a day, because juror’s can veto the criminal laws of congress, and can grant any defendant a pardon, like the president can!  
    Every juror is more powerful than the president, because Congress can override the president’s veto, but Congress can’t override a jury veto.  The defendant goes free.      It’s like telling your congressman to go jump in a lake.
    Even if a jury thinks a defendant is factually guilty, they can declare the defendant not guilty, and they won’t be questioned about it, and the “not guilty” verdict won’t be overturned.  It’s a way that juries fight antidisestablishmentarianism. 
    It is a way to stop the growth of the record the 2 million people in prison
    There are only two normal ways that any person can restrict the government: elections and jury duty.  By voting at the ballot box, or by voting on a jury.
    The reason that jury nullification is secret is because it isn’t mentioned in the government schools, in the mainstream media, and definitely not on your local TV.   And the judges won’t tell the jurors, and the judges won’t let the defense attorneys tell the jurors either.  So people on the jury don’t realize that they each have the power to veto criminal laws and acquit.
    Jurors don't realize that they can be president for a day, every day.
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    If your newpaper, TV and radio media do not editorialize constantly about the need to cut government, taxes, programs and laws, then they don't "get it."  They do not understand the issue.  The issue is the enormous size of the government.
    Most media editorialize constantly in favor of new government, taxes, programs and laws.   It is fortunate that the internet exists or no proper media would be available.

    The big story in every election, and the story that the media ignore, is that the old parties all support new government, taxes, programs and laws; that no old party candidate campaigns constantly to cut government, taxes, programs and laws.  The candidates and the media don't "get it."  They do not understand the issues.  The big story in every election, and the story the media ignore, is the enormous size of the government.  

    The media lie in pretending that there are only two candidates running (the old party candidates). The media pretend that stale claptrap from the old party candidates (the same claptrap from all preceding campaigns) is the only relevant comment available and that it is important "news." 

    Another big story in every election, and the story that the media ignore, is that the vast majority of people didn't participate.  The persons "elected" weren't elected -not by a majority of registered voters, nor by those who were could have registered and did not.  The big story in every election, and the story the media ignore, is whether the government is legitimate.  That is why the story is ignored by the media.

Every time a politician dies the news media declare him a "statesman" and rhapsodize about his "accomplishments" which were more laws, more spending and the constant growth of government while in office.  All intelligent people roll their eyes and laugh out loud at the "news," and experience a sense of relief at the obituary, tempered only by the thought "I hope his replacement isn't even worse."  

While the media rhapsodize the political careers of lifelong socialists, they ignore and ridicule people who stand for liberty, for reversing everything done by the media's career politicians.

Every time a newly appointed Drug Enforcement Chief announces that he will "target drug organizations, dry up their money supply, and dismantle them entirely," the media repeat the "news" with complete seriousness, while all intelligent people roll their eyes and laugh out loud at the "news."

In January 2002, a shooting left three dead at the Appalachian Law School in Virginia. The event made international headlines and the media recited more calls for gun control.  A critical fact was missing from almost all the coverage: The attack was stopped by two students who had guns in their cars.

News media report on government schools and funding problems and other issues and never compare private schools.
For example, the news media write articles about school lunches and funding problems or other "lunch" issues, and never once compare private schools.  Many private schools do not provide lunch, and parents and children must bring their own lunch. Private schools promote responsibility and thought.  Government schools discourage personal responsibility.  Even lunch is provided by the government, enticing parents to evade responsibility in the most basic ways.   That is why the media won't make obvious comparisons.   It helps to hide the truth about socialist schools.

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I'd prefer that my son play mindless video games.


28 October 2008

Editor, Washington Post
1150 15th St., NW
Washington, DC 20071

Dear Editor:

We're supposed to be inspired by your report of high-school kids becoming politically active - working, in one case, for the Obama campaign, and in another for the McCain campaign ("Too Young to Vote, But Electing to Care," October 28).

I'm not inspired; I'm saddened.  Why applaud young people who are attracted to the opportunistic compromises, platitudes, distortions, and exaggerations of party politics?  These kids either lack the maturity to understand that party politics is chiefly about winning office (rather than about pursuing truth and justice), or they DO understand this fact.  In neither case is this juvenile political involvement admirable.

Donald J. Boudreaux
Chairman, Department of Economics
Enterprise Hall
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA 22030