Learn about jury veto, jury nullification, jury pardon and the "Fully informed Jury Amendment."

    Shocking news? It may be a misconception that rape is a “crime against women.” America’s criminal justice system has probably resulted in more rapes being committed against men  - men in prison.
    One of the first significant American events of the new millennium took place on February 15, 2000. According to The Justice Policy Institute, the prison and jail population in this country reached 2,000,000 for the first time in our history. More than half of those imprisoned are nonviolent offenders. The largest category of prisoners, by a wide margin, are drug law violators.
    No other nation on earth, nor any nation in history has ever incarcerated so large a percentage of its citizens. Not only is the raw number growing, but the rate of increase is growing as well.
    The so-called “war on drugs” is reviving interest among jurors in the libertarian idea of jury nullification -every juror’s power to ignore criminal laws (such as drug laws and their draconian sentences) and to declare “not guilty” any defendant.  Many jurors are fed up with the war on drugs and with the number of people in prison.
    The real crime is being committed by those who put into violent prisons all the non-violent adults who engage in non-violent behavior with other adults.  It is not a war on drugs. It is a war on the bill of rights and upon all citizens.
    2 MILLION IS TOO MANY!  For more information about jury veto, jury nullification, jury pardon, the fully informed jury association, the fully informed jury act, the fully informed jury movement, and the "Fully informed Jury Amendment" see

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     President’s Day (the third Monday each February) presents a secret way for everyone to be President for a day!
    The secret is that juries can veto acts of Congress -just as the President can.  It’s known as a jury veto, jury nullification or jury pardon.  It is related to the "Fully informed Jury Amendment." To learn more visit
    Being a juror is like being President for a day, because juror’s can veto the criminal laws of congress, and can grant any defendant a pardon, like the president can!  
    Every juror is more powerful than the president, because Congress can override the president’s veto, but Congress can’t override a jury veto.  The defendant goes free.      It’s like telling your congressman to go jump in a lake.
    Even if a jury thinks a defendant is factually guilty, they can declare the defendant not guilty, and they won’t be questioned about it, and the “not guilty” verdict won’t be overturned.  It’s a way that juries fight antidisestablishmentarianism. 
    It is a way to stop the growth of the record the 2 million people in prison
    There are only two normal ways that any person can restrict the government: elections and jury duty.  By voting at the ballot box, or by voting on a jury.
    The reason that jury nullification is secret is because it isn’t mentioned in the government schools, in the mainstream media, and definitely not on your local TV.   And the judges won’t tell the jurors, and the judges won’t let the defense attorneys tell the jurors either.  So people on the jury don’t realize that they each have the power to veto criminal laws and acquit.
    Jurors don't realize that they can be president for a day, every day.
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For more information about jury veto, jury nullification, jury pardon and the "Fully informed Jury Amendment" see 

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28 October 2008

Editor, Washington Post
1150 15th St., NW
Washington, DC 20071

Dear Editor:

We're supposed to be inspired by your report of high-school kids becoming politically active - working, in one case, for the Obama campaign, and in another for the McCain campaign ("Too Young to Vote, But Electing to Care," October 28).

I'm not inspired; I'm saddened.  Why applaud young people who are attracted to the opportunistic compromises, platitudes, distortions, and exaggerations of party politics?  These kids either lack the maturity to understand that party politics is chiefly about winning office (rather than about pursuing truth and justice), or they DO understand this fact.  In neither case is this juvenile political involvement admirable.

Donald J. Boudreaux
Chairman, Department of Economics
Enterprise Hall
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA 22030