Price Gouging is good image
Price Gouging is good image. Anti gouging laws are bad.
As an attorney, I cannot advise clients to ignore laws, even bad laws like "price gouging" laws.

As a libertarian, I can damn the media for reporting the government's "1-800-narc" number to snitch to the government against free market economics. The media should drop the 800 number and stop being mindless mouthpieces for our police state. The media should show more respect to the public.

If the media really cared then they would promote an 800 number to explain free market economics and why anti-gouging laws cause hoarding, shortages,
poverty and suffering.

The media are more likely to add an 800 number to snitch on hoarders, and pair it with the gouging line.  That is probably the next step in the police state.

Price-gouging is beneficent and anti-gouging laws should be repealed.

True gouging is taxation. Government steals money and then pays people to build and rebuild dangerous housing in dangerous locations that cause injury and death. Then, everyone must weather the storm of socialism, as government sabotages the free market again with anti-gouging laws. Government creates total dependency on moronic government. It is the economic exploitation that is so characteristic of global socialism. Anti-gouging laws prove that catastrophes are too important to have government involved.

One of the reasons why I am an undefeated media debate champion, is via my standing challenge to publicly debate any media mouthpieces about their
coverage of "gouging."

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