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Frightening information about the history of the Pledge of Allegiance is at (with shocking historical photographs).
For fascinating information about symbolism see 
Hear audio on worldwide radio at

As an attorney I have been asked whether there is a legal way to grill Manatee.  So far, I have not discovered a way.   That is one reason why Manatee are endangered.
    A new specialty license plate proposal touts a libertarian solution to save manatee: manatee farms.   other graphic art on the same issue is at
    If “sea cows” were farmed like other cows then people could eat them, they wouldn’t be endangered, and the many “manatee festivals” in our state could then provide culinary delights from their namesakes, as does the strawberry festival, tomato festival, rib festivals, seafood festivals, et cetera.  A libertarian approach will save the manatee by bringing it closer to everyone’s heart (deep inside everyone’s stomach).  It's a win-win idea for manatee and for people who love them (to eat).
    Capitalists can farm manatee by fencing them or by the more modern method using “homing” tags (transponders) to own and track manatee as private property.
    Manatee were used in history for meat, bone, hides and fat. Manatee were relied upon among ancient Indians and manatee hides were made into leather shoes, cords and shields, and the ivory-like bones were thought to have medicinal value. Florida Indians hunted manatee to supplement to their diet and may have sold excess meat to the Spanish.
    In the seventeenth century, shiploads of dried manatee meat were shipped from the Guianas to feed sugar plantation laborers in the Caribbean. Pioneers arriving in the nineteenth century shot manatee for meat, oil and hides, and poaching was common in parts of Florida during the Depression and World War II. Cowpens Key in the Florida Keys is thought to be so named because manatee were once penned in a small cove there as a food supply [from The West Indian Manatee in Florida, Copyright 1989, Florida Power & Lights Company].
    Despite the foregoing, actual farming of manatee has either not been tried, or has been outlawed. Environmentalists are endangering manatee with misguided, anti-capitalistic statism.
    Socialism is killing manatee. The lack of property rights in sea cows and in so much of Florida’s waterways makes it difficult, if not impossible, to farm manatee.  
    Private property rights and farming keep chicken, cattle and many popular forms of restaurant fish off endangered species lists. Tuna is the “chicken of the sea” and the manatee is the “cow of the sea” and their cow-like qualities make manatee ideal for farming.
    Farming will produce manatee meat of greater quality and flavor, and insure that manatee never face extinction.
    Everyone should look forward to the day when there will be real manatee festivals, when manatee are included in all the seafood festivals, and when manatee will be as popular and abundant as other farmed seafood, meats, fruits and vegetables.
    As the bumper sticker says “I love manatee. They taste just like chicken.”

Or another bumper sticker: "Save the sea grass. Eat more manatee."

   The typical commentary about manatee on television, radio or print is a constant whine, "if only there were more regulations,"  "if only there were more law enforcement officers."  It is such a gestapo drone it is a comedy, made funnier by the complete blindness to the only meaningful alternative: private property rights and free market economics. 

Of course, government officials never comprehend that they damage manatee, just as no socialist government has ever conceded causing shortages of any other food, clothing, housing or anything.

The socialist dogma is the same dogma that was touted in the late 19th century by National Socialists in the USA. Francis Bellamy (author of the "Pledge of Allegiance") and his cousin and cohort Edward Bellamy (author of the pathetic book "Looking Backward") wanted the government to take over all food, clothing, shelter, goods and services and create an "industrial army" to impose their "military socialism." See the video documentary at

That was the motiviation behind Francis Bellamy's "Pledge of Allegiance" to the flag, the origin of the stiff-armed salute adopted later by the National Socialist German Workers Party (see the work of the historian Dr. Rex Curry, author of "Pledge of Allegiance Secrets").

It led to the use of the swastika as S-letters for "socialism" on the flag under German National Socialism.

It is the same dogma that led to the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): ~60 million killed under the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; ~50 million under the Peoples' Republic of China; ~20 million under the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

Today, the flag symbolizes authoritarianism in the USA. The historical facts above explain the enormous size and scope of government today, and the USA's police state, and why it is growing so rapidly.  They are reasons for massive reductions in government, taxation, spending and socialism.

The environment will be made safer by reducing government until undersea socialism (and all socialism) ends.  As Libertarians and Objectivists say, there is no reason why free enterprise and private property rights should end at the water's edge.  The color of a healthy environment and the color of money are the same.  Capitalists are the true "greens" of the environmental movement, and only private property rights can give manatee a chance to survive and thrive.

A recent search on the web and in newsgroups indicates that is the first or only site to use the following phrases:
I love manatee. They taste just like chicken.
Manatee tastes just like chicken.
Manatee taste just like chicken.
Manatee tastes like chicken.
Manatee taste like chicken.
I love manatee. They taste just like steak.
Manatee tastes just like steak.
Manatee taste just like steak.
Manatee tastes like steak.
Manatee taste like steak.
I love manatee. They taste just like filet mignon.
Manatee tastes just like filet mignon.
Manatee taste just like filet mignon.
Manatee tastes like filet mignon.
Manatee taste like filet mignon.
I love manatee. It tastes great.
I love manatee. They taste great.
I love manatees. They taste great.

Fish farming is lauded, and government waterways are panned in new specialty license plate proposals (at and below).  The specialty tags call for privatizing socialized waterways, and for protecting private aquaculture.  Florida would lead the nation as the first state to have the libertarian license plates.

During my legal career, people have asked me if it is wise (or constitutional) for government to own and control so much water.  Water is far too important for the government to be involved.  The tags help fight antidisestablishmentarianism.

The first car tag celebrates the farming of snook (& sturgeon) at the Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, an effort to save the fish from the “tragedy of the commons” that snook have suffered under socialism in waterways.  Mote also is raising Gulf and short-nosed sturgeon and has plans to include pompano, flounder and snapper in its program. Funding is through the William R. Mote Scientific Foundation.

Another tag commemorates the farming of bass, including the popular Chilean sea bass that is enjoyed at many restaurants.

“Farm Snook: End Soggy Socialism”

“Privatize Waterways: Protect Wild Dolphins”

“Fish Farms: Go Farming”
this tag celebrates the farming of bass, including the popular Chilean sea bass that is enjoyed at many restaurants.

“Privatizing Waterways: Helping Sea Turtles Survive Socialism”

“Farm the Manatee.”
for more information on saving Manatee from socialism visit

“Sell the Gulf & the Atlantic: Protect Florida Whales.”

“Enlarge the Everglades: Privatize”
for more information on saving the everglades from socialism visit

for more ideas on liberty see

Tree laws kill trees, as every libertarian knows.  And rightfully so, because tree laws violate private property rights by “socializing” trees.  All freedom is founded on private property.

The joke about the endangered species act is that if a property owner sees an endangered species on his property he should “shoot, shovel and shut up.”  Under tree-preservation laws it is “chop, chip and chill.”

Tree laws illustrate the fatal conceit of socialism and its unintended consequences.  Tree-huggers must have fallen out of a stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.  If public officials were any more stupid, they'd have to be watered weekly.  If their antidisestablishmentarianism continues then more “protected” trees will die.

Tree laws prove that socialism is environmentally disastrous.  Government built roads through forests, straightened rivers, drained wetlands, cut canals, and subsidized other agricultural uses with taxes and other socialism. The government has already done more environmental damage than private enterprise could ever have afforded to do.  

Capitalism saves trees from socialism’s destruction.  Capitalists farm trees for paper, and other uses.  Capitalists created alternative forms of power to replace the burning of wood.

How capitalism has saved trees historically
How socialism has destroyed trees and other resources
More colorful artwork in custom car tags about saving nature from socialism
Farm the Manatee
Even more colorful artwork about capitalism saving the earth & mankind
How to save trees and the Everglades with private property rights was the first website to state "Tree laws kill trees"  according to searches of the web and newsgroups.
Manatee Farms
Manatee Farms, Manatee Farming, ECO CAPITALISM Saves the Manatee, Farm the Manatee. Eco Capitalism, Free Market Environmentalism, Manatee Farming
Manatee Farming
FREE MARKET ENVIRONMENTALISM privatize waterways! Helping Sea Turtles Survive Socialism. Support Capitalism
Privatizing Waterways
Helping Sea Turtles Survive Socialism

ECO CAPITALISM Fish Farming & capitalism save the environment !
Fish Farms
Go Farming

Enlarge the Everglades. Privatize. FREE MARKET ENVIRONMENTALISM Save conchs with private property & freedom!
Enlarge the Everglades

Farm Snook tag. End soggy socialism. ECO CAPITALISM fish farms privatize waterways! Libertarian Environmentalism, Free Market Environmentalism & Capitalism
Farm Snook tag
End Soggy Socialism

Privatize Waterways. Protect Wild Dolphins tag Florida. FREE MARKET ENVIRONMENTALISM Protect Wild Dolphins Privatize Waterways! Free Market Environmentalism & Capitalism
Privatize Waterways
Protect Wild Dolphins

Whale farming, Whale farms, FREE MARKET ENVIRONMENTALSIM: Save the Whales. Sell the Gulf & the Atlantic: Protect Florida Whales. privatize waterways! Free Market Environmentalism & Capitalism
Sell the Gulf & the Atlantic
Protect Florida Whales

Somewhere in cyberspace Travis McGee wrote to Kathryn Taubert:
Wonderful article and pictures about these gentle creatures. I have been in Florida so long that I have met Florida Crackers who used to capture manatees and eat them. The early Florida Indians like the Calusa and Tequesta used them not only for food, but for their hides as well. You can imagine how easy they are to catch.

It was not only boat propellers that began to shrink the manatee population.

One author has a suggestion on how to not only remove manatee from the endangered category, but to make them plentiful again. I must warn you that it is politically incorrect though it makes some economic sense.

February 2, 2010
5:00 AM
Reply to comment #5
Kathryn Taubert replied to a comment from Travis McGee
It would be like eating ROVER.
(lol...sort of).

In SPITE of your politically incorrect suggestions, thanks for writing, Travis (smile).

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