EMOTIONAL MASTURBATION (How socialism has destroyed sports)
Francis Bellamy, Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward at the Pledge of Allegiance

Learn how government has perverted sports throughout history & promoted emotional masturbation
The Olympic Salute looks like the Nazi salute and they both came from the USA's pledge of allegiance
T-Rex singlehandedly keeps the Glorious People's Olympics out of the Tampa Bay area
The separation of sport & state is as important as the separation of school & state. Socialistic sports nerds engage in emotional masturbation similar to that in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Both forms of emotional masturbation were acquired in government schools (socialist schools).
Ticket Scalping: Sports Nerds turn morality on its head.

Ronnie Gibson is a huge boor, egocentric, unwanted and generally a waste of bandwidth.  That is because Ron Gibson is a sports nerd.  

Socialistic sports nerds use football as an excuse to tax and spend because they are such mindless socialists that they will not provide their own entertainment and they will support socialism for the most vicious and petty reason: new taxes for a socialized stadium. Everyone has a right to comment on matters of great public interest and concern, such as the size and scope of government (it is enormous and growing fast).  Sports nerds help to explain why the current government is out-socializing the previous government by more than double and growing (in social spending ALONE).  The terms of censure against socialistic sports nerds should be strong.

A boor is defined as a person with rude, clumsy manners and little refinement and a second definition describes the original reference to a peasant.  A person who supports government force and taxation for the purpose of stealing money from others for games is a rude person with little refinement, and he might be a peasant who has so little income that he will take from others to finance his own entertainment.  

A socialistic sports nerd is egocentric because he does not care about how other people need to retain their own money.  His ego commands government to steal money from others and concentrate on his game fetish, the center of his life. He is an avaricious parasite. He is a welfare queen of sports. This takes the camouflage off those who would advocate a single minded paranoid fantasy of socialism for football, as a plan for "reform" in a community.

Ron is like socialistic sports nerds in that he is incapable of addressing concepts about liberty or individual rights. He is even incapable of discussing taxes and socialism per se even when that is the topic mentioned in a newsgroup.  Do a google search for him and you find that he is not philosophical at all. He does not appear to have ever stood up for liberty or for cutting government. It clarifies that some folks invoke football as a guise in order to mask their rather offbeat ideology of socialism. 

What a google search does show for a sports nerd is a pathetic person who obsesses about a game.  His web page shows what is "important" in his mind -pictures of football.  What is important in the sports nerd's life is what is covered in the sports pages and one TV: who got injured and who got touchdowns and which jock is in bed with which other jock's wife.  When most socialistic sports fetishists aren't watching a football game on TV, they take a break to watch TV some more --in order to play video games such as "Madden NFL 2000."  He has no life, and he is so sad that he supports socialism for any reason, even the pettiest reason of imposing new taxes for a government-owned stadium for his sports fetish. He needs to get over it. He needs to get a life.

Sports nerds are like children. They repeat propaganda to rationalize government action as taught in government schools, and those schools taught students that government will select sports, and promote certain sports, and use taxation to do so. The great libertarian Harry Browne pointed out that the biggest mistake we ever made was letting the government educate our children.  Sports nerds never progress past high school.

The question for the sports nerd is "why?"   Maybe he thinks it is the only way he can have friends or gain some form of "legitimacy" in his mind.  The sports nerd wants to be liked and he wants to belong to something important and football is the best that he can do.  Like others, he is willing to stop thinking and go with the herd in order to belong. Whining about football is the only level of mental activity that he can muster.  It is the only way he can pretend to himself that his life matters -by watching other grown men play a game; by becoming excited about other people playing a game.

The sports nerd helps to explain the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): 65 million dead under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; 49 million dead under the Peoples' Republic of China; 21 million dead under the National Socialist German Workers' Party.  He helps to explain how such hell-holes come into existence, grow so large, last so long, and kill so many. He  and his ilk will support socialism even to obtain new taxes for a socialized stadium.

Sports nerds help to explain why the current government is out-socializing the previous government by more than double and growing (in social spending alone).

T-Rex's victories over Socialistic Sports Nerds & Their Fetish.  GO SPORTS NERDS!!! FAR AWAY !!!!

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Paraphernalia for Socialistic Sports Nerds

Will this popular shirt help socialistic sports nerds think philosophically? probably not.
Specialty Football License Plates that tell the truth
This humorous baseball shirt explains the anti-capitalistic mentality of socialistic sports nerds.

SPORTS HUMOR - socialistic sports nerds are hilarious. is the originator of the libertarian phrase "socialistic sports nerds" that describes and condemns fanatics who support taxes and government in sports.  On October 6, 2003, a google search for the quoted phrase "socialistic sports nerds" and "socialistic sports nerd."   There were about twenty hits on both the web and on newsgroups, and they were all attributed to The oldest reference was from 1997.

The catchphrase helps explain this axiom: If they support socialism for sports entertainment, then they will support socialism for anything.  The separation of sport and state is as important as the separation of church and state.

Newspapers often rhapsodize the lives of sports "greats."  Never has any sports hero repeatedly and publicly denounced government involvement in sports.  If they support socialism for sports entertainment then they will support socialism for ANYTHING.

Socialistic sports nerds engage in emotional masturbation similar to that in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Both forms of emotional masturbation were acquired in government schools (socialist schools).

Seen on the web: If you went to see England college station soccer at Wembley, you could observe people around you making the Nazi salute during the national anthem, and abuse of black players, even those playing for the home.  It is sad to note that it sounds like the USA not long after the Pledge of Allegiance was created in 1892.

The Pledge was created by a self-described socialist who supported "military socialism."  He wanted all of society to ape the military.

The National Socialist German Workers' Party was influenced by America's Pledge of Allegiance, its military socialism, and by American football games.

Today, there are even football teams that represent branches of the military and their cadets.  A recent Army-Navy game included cut-away shots to soldiers in a foreign country in the current war in which the President is being beaten and humiliated.  The soldiers were cheering for their respective football "teams."  The war that the soldiers had been forced to fight in had many parallels to the football game that they were watching and to all NFL cities and NFL games.

Most socialistic sports nerds are Democrat-socialists or Republican-socialists. No one expects Democrat-socialists or Republican-socialists to act on principle. When either "team" controls both houses of Congress (and/or the presidency) fanatical behavior occurs. Blind team loyalty brought six years of unbridled growth in the federal government's size and scope under Republican-socialists. Blind team loyalty in sports brings new taxes for socialized stadiums and discrimination against all other sports.

The old political parties are bizarre. Understanding the world, though rewarding, provides nothing like the pleasures of a "Two Minute Hate," a focused, ritualized denunciation of enemies. To induce its own Two Minute Hates, the old parties, like Ingsoc in 1984, manufacture bogeymen such as "special interests," "judicial activists," "so-called realists," or "moral relativists" that become symbolic representations of detested outsiders. Meanwhile, like the Inner Party in 1984, the leaders in the old parties tolerate the more vulgar, angry purveyors of ideology -think talk-show hosts or authors of bestselling political books. The most vicious attacks, meanwhile, are reserved for turncoats, like Goldstein in 1984. (Of course, as many old party members could attest, the hatred is usually mutual.) Rooting for dogma is as engrossing to its partisans as rooting for the local football team is to its fans.

People like a good war like they like a good football game.  But they forget the score of last year's game and don't appreciate past performance. So they'll forget last year's war just as easily EXCEPT if it drags on. The American people like a war that we're not clearly winning and that drags on about as much as they like a football game in which their team is not winning that drags on past dinnertime. They don't appreciate such a war any more than they appreciate such a football game. Politicians thought they were bringing the American people a good thing by waging war in the middle east.

You can be a capitalist quaterback in the superbowl against socialism. Join the team. The score so far: LIBERTARIANS 23, SOCIALISTIC SPORTS NERDS 3. Defeat the sports-crazed socialists. Don't fumble the ball.  Tell everyone "I am a team player, but I play for the better team."  Socialistic sports nerds are bad sports.