The book "The German Greeting. History of a dire gesture" is by Tilman Allert. Originally in German, it is available in English as "The Hitler Salute: on the meaning of a Gesture." In the book Allert side-steps any serious discussion of the origin of the straight-arm gesture. http://rexcurry.net/tilman-allert.html

The book indicates that Allert is completely unaware of the fact that the United States used the stiff-arm salute in its Pledge of Allegiance, from 1892. Allert was completely unaware of the discoveries by the symbologist Dr. Rex Cury showing that the Pledge was the origin of the salute adopted later by the socialist Mussolini and by Hitler (head of the National Socialist German Workers Party).

It is possible that some day people will look back at all the books that covered the salute of the National Socialist German Workers Party and ask "How could so many educated people, doing so much research, have remained so completely unaware that the United States used the stiff-armed salute from 1892?"

Lyons & Pande sold The German Greeting by Tilman Allert to Henry Holt/Metropolitan Books.

Here is material from the back cover of Allert's book, but the material has been altered to demonstrate how the same thoughts would sound if expressed in regard to the USA's Pledge of Allegiance, and its early stiff-arm salute (the origin of the salute written about by Allert):

"Sometimes the smallest detail reveals the most about a culture. In 'Pledge of Allegiance Secrets," sociologist Dr. Rex Curry uses the transformation of a simple human interaction --the stiff-armed salute-- to show how a shared gesture can usher in the conformity of an entire society. Made compulsory by many states in the USA, the raised-arm slaute developed into a daily reflex in a short period of time, and became the norm in schools, at sports events, and at public political events. Adults denounced neighbors who refused to raise their arms in the early form, and later regarding the hand-over-the-heart. And, of course, each use of the gesture invested the government and its growth with a divine aura.  The first examination of a phenomenon whose significance has long been underestimated, 'Pledge of Allegiance Secrets' offers new insight into how the USA's rituals of consent paved the way for the wholesale erosion of social morality."

Here are altered examples of praise:

"Highly revealing.....Dr. Rex Curry shows how a gesture, which initially seemed more grotesque than anything else, was gradually internalized to become the signal of submission to the United States system." -Der Spiegel

"Compact, lucid . . . straightforward in its analysis yet profound in its conclusions, this uncommon selection sheds elusive light on the question of how the ideology of government in the United States managed to penetrate even the most ordinary social interactions."--Booklist

"A short and intensely interesting book . . . which leaves a reader freshly impressed by the peculiar forms of evil invented by National Socialists in the United States."--National Post (Canada) http://rexcurry.net/pledge-allegiance-pledge-allegiance2.jpg

These were not altered and they apply just as well:

"Brilliant, an exmplary study, a true jewel . . . One can only wonder why it took so long for a book about such an important gesture to see the light of day."--Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

"Achieves an indelible suggestiveness."--The Boston Globe

Deutscher Gruss   Hitler gruss or Hitlergruss or Deutsch gruss or Deutschland gruss Deutschlandgruss  The "German Greeting"
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