This motion was actually filed against a citation and fine alleging lawn-watering on an improper date and time.  And although the case was dismissed, it was not dismissed on the grounds argued here.


    The undersigned attorney makes this libertarian motion to dismiss a "Water Conservation Citation" recently issued for the alleged watering of a lawn on a day or time not specified by government edict.  This motion to dismiss would be filed with the same arguments if, in addition to socializing water, the local government also socialized food, clothing, shelter, oil, phosphate, phone calls, electricity, lumber, land, milk, natural gas, gypsum, gasoline, football, coal, concrete, chalk, cement, computers, crops, cable TV, toilet paper (abbreviated hereafter FCSOPHPHELLMNGGGFCCCCCCCTVTP) or any other goods and services.
    FCSOPHPHELLMNGGGFCCCCCCCTVTP are just a few examples of goods and services, besides water, that government is not supposed to own, sell or monopolize. If Government sold the other items, it would cause the same disastrous results that it has caused in water: shortages, misery, soviet style rationing and the use of police and courts to restrict everyone's purchases and uses.  The more goods and services that government socializes, the more totalitarian society becomes.
    Government water is a true monopoly because the government bans competitors by law.  Bill Gates' computer company is not a monopoly.  
    The government water monopoly creates the overuse problem and then tries to solve it with more antidisestablishmentarianism via "tiered pricing."  Tiered pricing is price gouging under a socialistic system.  Only under a free market system do higher prices encourage competitors to find and provide more water or other alternatives.
    People who support watering rules are chumps who promote waste by propping up the socialized system, helping wasteful individuals evade the true cost of wastefulness, which would otherwise be levied in market prices among private firms just like other goods.
    The government water monopoly is a violation of every individual's right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," and a violation of personal freedom and economic freedom.
    The purpose of government is to recognize and protect private property rights in all resources, and to protect individual property rights from violence and theft, so that individuals are free to own and distribute water, food, clothing, shelter, or  OPHPHELLMNGGGFCCCCCCCTVTP and all other goods and services.  It is not the purpose of government to provide water, food, clothing, shelter or other goods and services, and any attempt by the government to do so always involves theft and violence.  Government water involves police state tactics of soviet style rationing in its most petty form.  Government water involves theft and violence and is, therefore, illegal.

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by Attorney Rex Curry

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