Grand Canyon Tours and the Colorado River in Arizona: Use the Hualapai Indians and their Hualapai River Runners tour.

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Think of American Indians as a state that seceded. Or, as a state that never ceded.

Thanks to American Indians (Seminoles), Tampa has a vegas style casino, because they can ignore so many state and federal laws.  
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Thanks to American Indians (Hualapai), Arizona has a short 1-day cruise on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, because they can ignore so many state and federal laws.

The Grand Canyon is a big socialistic make-work program for the government.  Avoid all government tours of the Canyon and the Colorado River and instead use the Hualapai Indians and the Hualapai River Runners tour.

When I tried to book a tour of the canyon by river, all the U.S. government tours were either 3 or 4 days, and lets face it, I have a life.  Nature is not that interesting.

It is fortunate that the internet helped me discover the Hualapai Indian tour.  They don't have to follow the idiotic U.S. government bureaucrat rules, so they have a one day trip, thank you very much.  

    Seriously, half way through the one day trip I was ready to pull over, stop and leave.  How can anyone endure the 3 or 4 day trips?  For crying out loud, its cliffs! cliffs, cliffs, and cliffs.  The scene becomes monotonous.  

    To get to the tour, we took an early ride on historic Route 66 to their Indian reservation where we had reservations for whitewater rafting.  It seemed like a stereotypical Indian reservation, impoverished by decades of government socialism.  Like a mini U.S.S.R. created by the U.S.S.A.

    The Hualapai don't cash in on casino gambling the way other tribes have in the U.S. or maybe they don't think they can compete with Las Vegas.

    The wild bumpy truck ride down the "banks" to the river takes a long time and is a tour in itself.  There are wild burrows or mules and other wildlife along the way. The Hualapai stopped to let us approach the wildlife.   The Indians aren't anal about souvenirs if you know what I mean.

    The river ride started at Diamond Creek and ended at Pierce Ferry (at Lake Mead?).  There is a stop for lunch.  The lunch location is described by the guide as a historic spot involving the first exploration of the Colorado River called "separation point" where two of Powell's men left the group.  They decided they were never going to raft out of the canyon, so they decided to climb the canyon walls and walk out.  They were never heard from again and are presumed to have starved, died of thirst or been killed by Indians (Hualapai?).   The decedents never learned that a stopping point was only a short ways farther down the river.

    While the guide told the story I was thinking how much I wanted to climb the walls and walk out.   Seriously.  And if I had climbed out I would probably have faced the same result as Powell's men - death in the middle of nowhere while trying to walk find civilization.

They could drop the second half of the trip, but I don't think they can unless they airlift you out by helicopter, which might be worth the price if you plan ahead.  It was a good thing that he told me the end was near.

    Be sure and have your companion take a photo of you relieving yourself in the river.  Afterall, everyone will have to relieve themselves at some point, so make it count.  

    A professor of economics told me that a tiny piece of the Grand Canyon could be filled with all the landfill in the USA for 100 years easily and no one would notice (except the eco-freaks).  Now, I know that it is true after witnessing the vastness.  

    And while you are at the canyon, have your companion snap a panoramic photo of yourself trying to fill the canyon as you lean over a cliff leaving your own souvenir of liquid gold.  Its a keeper.

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