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Tampa's first Vegas-style casino - the new Seminole casino - is another joyous jump toward freedom in Florida and worldwide. It will be a great source of tourism and growth. As libertarians say, "Vice is nice."

Vices have made Amsterdam into an international tourism destination. On a recent trip, I was invited to speak about local vice laws in the Hague to the Netherlands Libertarian Party. Holland has casino gambling, legalized prostitution and small-scale use of marijuana and hashish. I advocated repealing vice laws to make Tampa more free than Amsterdam.

Thank goodness for the ``four I's'' : Indians, international waters, international travel and the Internet. They expand freedom for Tampa residents. And the Seminoles are doing it without taxes and in defiance of government.

It is fortunate that our local socialists aren't taxing us to build government-owned casinos. Instead, local hypocrites subsidize competitive recreation with tax money stolen for socialized stadiums for violent sports.

Legalizing vices in order to tax vices is wrongheaded. The government doesn't need more money. Government needs to shrink. Vices should be legalized, not for taxes, but because criminalizing peaceful activity is wrong.

The Seminoles are an inspiration to fight government's antidisestablishmentarianism. As an attorney, a libertarian - and as a future mayor of Tampa - I say, ``Let's support the Seminoles against the government.''

Rex Curry, Tampa from
Date: 06/17/2003 Source: Tampa Tribune (FL) Author: Rex Curry Details: Regarding "Seminoles' Gamble: Hard Rock Casino'' (MoneySense, June 14) The Media Awareness Project


Think of American Indians as a state that seceded. Or, as a state that never ceded.

Thanks to American Indians (Seminoles), Tampa has a vegas style casino, because they can ignore so many state and federal laws.  
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Thanks to American Indians (Hualapai), Arizona has a short 1-day cruise on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, because they can ignore so many state and federal laws.

The Grand Canyon is a big socialistic make-work program for the government.  Avoid all government tours of the Canyon and the Colorado River and instead use the Hualapai Indians and the Hualapai River Runners tour.

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Pledge of Allegiance, Edward Bellamy, Socialism's Sick Swastika !
Pledge of Allegiance Image Pledging Allegiance Photograph

Good wine is a necessity of life for me. ~ Thomas Jefferson

It is no wonder that the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was infamous for alcoholism. Drugs are a way to endure the misery and persecution of government and socialism. Vices are a way to escape them.

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