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Save conchs with private property & freedom!

    As an attorney in Florida, I deal with environmental laws including criminal charges. Laws ban the harvesting of conchs in the U.S.   The laws are a gross injustice piled upon the “tragedy of the commons” that flows from government ownership of waterways.
    The solution is property rights in conch habitats.  A proposal for specialty license plates touts the libertarian solution to save Florida’s waterways:  Also see
    My ancestors helped settle Key West and the Curry Mansion is still on the local tour.  As a “conch” and as a sixth generation Floridian and a lifelong resident, I treasure Florida’s environment. The environmental disaster of socialism has destroyed conchs in the Conch Republic.
The Curry Mansion
The Curry Mansion
The conch harvest ban is a reminder of the hardship that bureaucracy imposes upon conchs and those who love them (to eat).  The lack of freedom fritters away conchs.  All freedom is founded on private property.  Property rights will put conchs close to people’s hearts (deep inside their stomachs).
    The keys to conch recovery are to keep government out.  Much Florida water is socialized and Florida land is 30 percent socialized (government-owned).
    Dwindling conch populations are a creation of bureaucrats who subvert private property rights under water in favor of trademark socialism: government ownership with unavailability and bans. Thank goodness the government isn't involved in most farmlands, foods and goods, or the results would be similar.
    Private property and aquaculture farming will produce bigger and better conchs and more of them.
    The abundance and prosperity that inures to land farming, will inure to all seafood, not just conchs.
    Conch hasn’t been commercially harvested in Florida since the Ford administration.

The Conch Baby Farm is farming conchs in tanks adjoining a restaurant, the Conch Republic Seafood Company.  It is unfortunate that it still seems unprofitable to grow conchs to maturity in tanks.  And as long as conch habitats are socialized, there will be little incentive to release young conchs into the wild, and great incentive to take as many socialized conchs as possible whenever possible.
     The former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Eastern Europe and Communist China proved that socialism is environmentally disastrous.  Conchs prove that socialism is environmentally disastrous for Florida.  
    Instead of socialist restrictions, Florida waters need capitalist expansions.  Let’s fight the government’s antidisestablishmentarianism.
    The best environment is a capitalist environment.  Conchs prove that the color of a healthy environment and the color of money are the same.  Mother Nature is a capitalist. Capitalists are the true greens. maintains articles by the noted historian and anarcheologist whose predecessors helped develop Key West back when Florida’s government was nearly non-existent.

Key Lime Pie from the Curry Mansion
Conchs & lime. Yum!

Support the study of Key West Capitalism and Key West Capitalists and preserve economic freedom for the Conch Republic. 
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