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Google searches confirm Dr. Rex Curry's discoveries regarding the Pledge of Allegiance?
Google recognizes Dr. Rex Curry's discoveries about the Pledge of Allegiance?
Google searches assist / cover Dr. Rex Curry's discoveries about the Pledge of Allegiance

Recent activity at Google suggests that it recognizes the discoveries of the historian Dr. Rex Curry exposing the Pledge of Allegiance as the origin of the stiff-arm salute of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSGWP).

Google's are reminiscent of Amazon, which follows policy recommendations by Dr. Rex Curry.

Even so, in searches for "Pledge of Allegiance" and "Francis Bellamy" (the Pledge's author) and "Edward Bellamy" (Francis' cousin), Google is far inferior to other search engines.

An odd reaction, visible in Google searches, is that web pages are being removed that expose the pledge as the origin of the salute of the NSGWP.
Google hides information about the Pledge of Allegiance as the origin of the Nazi salute.
Removing links to web pages that expose the Pledge as the soure of the Nazi salute. If you will ever want to know the truth about the early Pledge, you better start cutting and pasting now, because Google is making it harder to find.

That is reminiscent of eBay.

Google searches cover-up the Pledges influence on the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the National Socialist German Workers' Party, and the Peoples' Republic of China.  

But Google has a history of censoring for China.

Consider the overkill that a recent Google search provided for "Nazi" (~30,000,000 hits), "Nazis" (~18,000,000 hits), "Nazism" (~3,000,000 hits). Compare that with Google results for "National Socialist German Workers Party" (~76,000), the actual name of the group. The number of hit for the actual name of the group is a tiny perentage compared to Google results for a misleading shorthand term. Google greatly aids searches for Nazis and Nazism. Google aids people who search for propaganda. Google searches perpetuate and reinforce Nazi myths and propaganda.

The astounding numbers above are part of a problem that is compounded by the fact the Google has removed many web pages that make a point to use the actual name of the horrid group (National Socialist German Workers Party), thus reducing those numbers, and increasing the percentage of pages that use "Nazi" and perpetuate ignorance of the term's meaning.

Google's search regarding German socialism is consistent with the censorship that Google engages in for China, another member of the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): .

An examination of the top pages that Google provides for the more popular hits shows that it is difficult to discover on those pages that "Nazi" means "National Socialist German Workers' Party" and that "Nazis" did not call themselves "Nazis" but called their dogma "socialism."

Google is a dream-come-true for neo-nazis and everyone who wants to perpetuate ignorance, myths and propaganda.

It raises questions about the people who operate Google's searches.

For people who expose neo-nazis and oppose National Socialist dogma, such as Dr. Rex Curry, google searches are disturbing.

On the other hand, Google searches hide web pages that expose origins of National Socialism and Military Socialism in America.

Google reinforces propaganda taught in government's schools.  

Google censors for China, a member of the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part) and still the world record holder for the worst mass slaughter in the history of humanity.

Google should have followed the lead of Amazon in adopting Dr. Curry's policy recommendations.  Instead, Google followed the path of eBay (eBay censors historic photographs of the Pledge of Allegiance and it cites its policies against artifacts of the National Socialist German Workers Party, as if it believes that the early Pledge was the origin of Nazism or Nazi salutes, the discovery made by Dr. Rex Curry.

Google's behavior is consistent with conceding that Dr. Curry's discoveries are correct, if the Google's purpose is to suppress the Pledge's putrid past and its influence upon Nazism. Why Google would want to maintain the widespread ignorance that exists in the public and government schools is a sad puzzle. 

This is a public challenge to Google to debate the points above with Dr. Rex Curry.  If no acceptance of the debate challenge occurs within two weeks, then victory will be announced for Dr. Curry in the debate challenge over Google (by default).  Then it will be another of Dr. Curry's many famous debate wins.  He is the undefeated media debate champion. He also helps to organize debates about the Pledge in government schools.

Chuck Muth

FLAGS OF THE WORLD FOTW recognizes historical discoveries by Dr. Rex Curry. The acknowledgment occurred when the president of the group conceded defeat in a scholarly debate challenge about Dr. Curry's news-making work.

Victory over author Columbia Professor Todd Gitlin author of "The Intellectuals and the Flag"

Before the formal public debate was scheduled, Chapman took a closer look at the topic. When he isn't dodging questions and debates, Chapman writes silly columns.

The debate challenge developed with the North American Vexillological ... I want to arrange debates between Dr. Curry and each president of three flag ...

THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Stop the Pledge of Allegiance
Organize school debates about ending the socialist pledge. Reenact debates as they might have been when the Gobitas youngsters refused to pledge in 1935.

Schedule speaking engagements and debates.

The famous standing "planner debate challenge" and other educational debates.

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MORE ON RUTH - is Ruth a socialistic sports nerd who supports taxes for a government-owned stadium?
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ANOTHER LIBERTARIAN VICTORY - over socialistic sports nerd and newspaper columnist TOM McEWEN.
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ORLANDO SENTINEL NEWSPAPER- is easily beat for ecological socialism & hatred of free market environmentalism.
RADIO'S CAPTAIN MEL BERMAN - like all fishing commentators he's blind to socialism ruining waterways & fishing.
THE POYNTER INSTITUTE - An open letter with a standing debate challenge from the POINTER INSTITUTE. 

August 14, 2007 right after the opinion editorials article mentioning google searches

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Support the "STOP THE PLEDGE" Campaign and support historical and educational research about the Pledge, its author and his ilk. 


A recent search (12-21-05) of the web for images under the search term "Pledge of Allegiance" showed that  the only historic photographs of the original straight-arm salute are all provided by Dr. Rex Curry on the internet.

The search term "National Socialist German Workers Party" showed only 30 images and the top image was by Dr. Rex Curry, followed closely by two more images from

"remove the pledge from the flag, remove the flag from schools, remove schools from government."  Or just the phrase "remove the pledge from the flag" created catchphrases that you can find using alta vista or google search engines to search for newsgroups or internet references containing restricted/quoted phrases phrases like -
"more government means you need more guns"
"the more I learn about government the more I like my guns"
"buy a gun with your tax refund"
"I dare you PIGS to search my car"
"socialistic sports nerds"
"socialist slave number"
"support growth management, manage the growth of government"
"fight antidisestablishmentarianism" and the use of the word "antidisestablishmentarianism"
Manatee tastes just like chicken or "I love manatee. They taste just like chicken."
“As an attorney” rex curry
"the separation of school and state is as important as the separation of church and state"
for more on this topic see

Professor Curry is the originator and sole user of the libertarian phrase "the separation of school and state is as important as the separation of church and state."  On October 4, 2003 a google search was performed for the quoted phrase "the separation of school and state is as important as the separation of church and state."   There were about a dozen hits on both the web and on newsgroups, and they were all attributed to The oldest reference was from 1997, showing how the sentence had not been picked up or repeated over the span of 6 years.  However, a google web search for two independent phrases in one search, "separation of school and state" and "separation of church and state," gave hundreds of hits discussing the same concept, yet never having put the concept into a single sentence, as was done first in 1997 at  It is a point of pride for this web site.

Sunday, September 02, 2007
More Google strangeness

Another blogger was reading an article about whether or not the Union of Soviet Sovialist Republics was Marxist when he came across the following quote from Marx: "It is not a matter of knowing whether the opponent is a noble, equal-born, or interesting opponent; what matters is to strike him". It is typical Marxian viciousness. He thought however that he would like to see the comment in context so he Googled it. Nowhere to be found! Google did not have it in their database. The passage IS however online -- at a Marist organization's web site.

So WTF is happening? There is only one answer to that. Google is using completely stupid algorithms to cut down on what they store. They could shell out more bucks and try to provide a more comprehensive service. Whatever you might say about the turd Karl (and that blogger says plenty) he is one of the most dangerous  thinkers of all time so an indexing service that does not have him is plain incompetent.


Google Censorship - How It Works

An anticensorware investigation by Seth Finkelstein

Abstract: This report describes the system by which results in the Google search engine are suppressed.

Google Exclusion, introduction

Google is arguably the world's most popular search engine. However, contrary perhaps to a naive impression, in some cases the results of a search are affected by various government-related factors. That is, search results which may otherwise be shown, are deliberately excluded. The suppression may be local to a country, or global to all Google results.

This removal of results was first documented in a report Localized Google search result exclusions by Benjamin Edelman and Jonathan Zittrain , which investigated certain web material banned in various countries. Later, this author Seth Finkelstein discussed a global removal arising from intimidation generated from the United Kingdom town of Chester, in Chester's Guide to Molesting Google .

My discussion here is not meant to criticize Google's behavior in any way. Much of it is in reaction to government law or government-backed pressure, where accommodation is an understandable reaction if nothing else. Rather, documenting and explaining what happens, can inform public understanding, and lead to more informed resistance against the distortion of search results created by censorship campaigns.

How it works

A Google search is not simply a raw dump of a database query to the user's screen. The retrieval of the data is just one step. There is much post-processing afterwards, in terms of presentation and customization.

When Google "removes" material, often it is still in the Google index itself. But the post-processing has removed it from any results shown to the user. This system can be applied, for quality reasons, to remove sites which "spam" the search engine. And that is, by volume, certainly the overwhelming application of the mechanism. But it can also be directed against sites which have been prohibited for government-based reasons.

Sometimes the fact that the "removed" material is still in the index can be inferred.

Global censorship

For the case of Chester , which concerned a single "removed" page, the internal indexing of the target page could be established by comparison with a search for the same material on another search engine.

Consider a Google search for the word "lesbian" on the site . It returns a page titled "The Kurt Cobain Quiz", with a count of

Results 1 - 1 of about 2

The "about" qualifier there represents many factors, but sometimes encompasses blacklisted pages. This can be seen here by comparing to an AltaVista search for the word "lesbian" on the site

There are two pages visible in that case, the "Quiz" page, and the "Chester" page which caused all the trouble in the first place.

Since we know the "Chester" page was once in the Google index, it must be the other page referred to in "about 2". QED.

Local censorship

In this situation, comparing results from the different Country Google searches, is often revealing. The tests are often best done using the "allinurl:" syntax of Google, which searches for URLs which have the given components (note the separate components can appear anywhere in the URL, so "" is "stormfront" and "org" in the URL, not just the string "" as might be naively thought). is a notorious racist site, often banned in various contexts.

Consider the following US search:
This returned: Results 1 - 27 of about 50,700.

Now compare with the German counterpart (Google.DE):
This returned: Results 1 - 9 about 50,700.

Immediate observation: The rightmost (total) number is identical. So identical results are in the Google database. It's simply not displaying them. How is it determining which domain results to display?

Note the hosts of which "" URLs are visible on the German page:

What do these all have in common?
They all have a port number after the host name.
The exclusion pattern obviously isn't matching the ":number" part of the URL.
It's matching a pattern of "*" in the host, as in the following which are displayed the US search, but not the German search.

Even more interesting, the German page has a broken URL listed at the bottom: http/ . That's not a valid URL, so it seems to escape the host check.

Thus, the suppression again appears to be implemented as a post-processing step using very simple patterns of prohibited results.

The same behavior is observed in a German "" images search
This returned: Results 1 - 6 about 1,410.
Versus a US "" images search
This returned: Results 1 - 18 about 1,410.
(note identical right-hand numbers, and hosts matching "*" pattern are suppressed in the German results)

And also in a German "" directory search
This returned: Results 1 - 8 about 15.
Versus a US "" directory search
This returned: Results 1 - 10 about 15.
(note again identical right-hand numbers, and hosts matching "*" pattern are suppressed in the German results)


Contrary to earlier utopian theories of the Internet, it takes very little effort for governments to cause certain information simply to vanish for a huge number of people.

Version 1.0 Mar 10 2003


This work was not funded by anyone, and has no connection to any organization. In fact, if anyone is providing financial support for such projects, the author would like to know.

Note: Some of this material appeared earlier in the author's Infothought blog

Mail comments to: Seth Finkelstein <>

For future information:   subscribe    to   Seth Finkelstein's Infothought list    or read the    Infothought blog

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See more of Seth Finkelstein 's Censorware Investigations

more eye-popping expose' of the pledge of allegiance at

The court case of Frank Herbert Wonschik v. U.S., argued that the jury selection process was impermissibly tainted by the trial judge's request that all potential jurors stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance prior to jury selection. Furthermore, that bias also transgressed the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

All in favor of a pledge raise your right hand...

Learn more about Dr. Rex Curry (America's leading authority on the Pledge of Allegiance, and the author of "Pledge of Allegiance Secrets").

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