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Francis Bellamy and his cousin and cohort, the author Edward Bellamy, wanted government to take over all schools as a socialist monopoly, end all of the better alternatives, and use government schools to produce an "industrial army" (a Bellamy term) explicitly modeled upon the military. Francis Bellamy used his position with the National Education Association (NEA) to promote "military socialism." Edward Bellamy published the “Nationalist” magazine and both Bellamys supported its publisher, the “Nationalist Educational Association,” (NEA) (see bottom of photo) named with deliberate similarity to the National Education Association.

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Southerners should remove the pledge from the flag, remove the flag from schools, and remove the schools from government.

Some southern groups have removed the federal flag from their meetings and stopped robotically chanting the pledge.  More information is available in web searches for the terms [scv "pledge of allegiance" "north carolina"] or [scv "pledge of allegiance"].

Here is a quote from one site: "Some Florida SCV Camps no longer fly the American Flag and most won't recite the Pledge of Allegiance. As a former SUV Camp Commander and active/loyal SCV member JOHN V. said, "There is nothing in the SCV By-Laws that FORCES us to say the pledge!" The REB reenactor WebSite (members only) has called for the removal of the Pledge of Allegiance from SCV meetings for years. North Carolina Division SCV has called for the removal of all U.S. Flags from meetings."

Confederate soldiers were the sons and grandsons of patriots in the American Revolution, that war resulting in successful secession from Great Britain.

As an attorney, Dr. Rex Curry litigated the pledge in the U.S. Supreme Court and he is asked often about historic precedent.  As a pro bono service Dr. Curry helps educate the public about the pledge’s appalling past. Here is a photograph

The pledge of allegiance was written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy, cousin and cohort of the also-famous Edward Bellamy, author of the 1888 book “Looking Backward: 2000-1887.” 

The Bellamys were self-proclaimed national socialists and they loved the military and the War of Northern Aggression against southern independence.  The pledge memorializes their view, especially the phrase “one nation, indivisible.”  Their dogma opposed secession, states rights and even the concept of federalism.

The original pledge began with a military salute for the phrase “I pledge allegiance” and then the right arm extended straight outward toward the flag for the rest of the chant.   The military salute was not a random choice, and the extended right arm was the origin of the salute for other national socialists who loved militarism: the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis). 

Historic photographs are linked at

Many people forget that Nazis were socialists.  A mnemonic device for remembering that Nazis were socialists is that the swastika resembles two overlapping “s” letters, and “socialism” begins with the letter “s.”

Francis Bellamy’s first description of the pledge had the palm of the hand turned upward for the straight-armed gesture.   The gesture changed in use, growing in its similarity to the "Heil Hitler" salute because of the military salute (palm down) extended casually straight toward the flag.

Its as if the pledge was an original wordier "Heil Nation" and "Sieg Heil" (Hail to Victory -victory over the southern states). It was the same type of national socialist dogma.

The common claim that the salute was an old Roman salute is a myth from old movies depicting fictional Roman scenes that were inspired by the pledge, and by the fact that Francis Bellamy was from Rome, in the state of New York.   The term "Roman" was used (and still is used) to refer to people and products from the U.S. city.  Bellamy was a socialist northerner and was the original “New York liberal” albeit from Rome.

Government schools teach that the pledge was created to sell flags to schools and Francis Bellamy is described as an advertising pioneer.  That is a whitewashed piece of the whole story.  A better description is that Bellamy was a propaganda pioneer, with success comparable to Leni Riefenstahl.

The Bellamys were not beautiful friends of liberty.  The Bellamys were belligerent toward freedom, and they so admired the military that they created a political philosophy that they called “military socialism.”   They wanted the government to takeover everything and impose the military’s “efficiency,” as they said.   It is the origin of the modern military-socialist complex.

Francis Bellamy is why there are U.S. flags flying at local government schools or inside classrooms. The Bellamys wanted a flag over every school because they wanted to nationalize and militarize everything, including all schools, and eliminate all of the better alternatives. During Bellamy’s time the government was taking over education.

The Bellamys wanted government schools to ape the military.  Government schools were intended to create an “industrial army” (another Bellamy phrase, and the word “army” was not metaphorical) and to help nationalize everything else. 

The Bellamys believed that government schools with pledges and flags were needed especially for sons and daughters of the confederacy to embrace nationalism, militarism, and socialism.

Francis Bellamy used his position with the National Education Association (NEA) to promote the pledge.  Edward Bellamy published the “Nationalist” magazine and both Bellamys supported its publisher, the “Nationalist Educational Association,” (NEA) named with deliberate similarity to the National Education Association.

Fans of the Confederacy are owed an apology by people who blame racism and segregation on the South. The Confederate flag is sometimes criticized. How does it compare with the U.S. flag?

The U.S. flag flew over a country that recognized private slavery for over a century. The legacy of the Bellamys, the pledge, the U.S. flag, and the War of Northern Aggression was massive centralized socialism that resulted in nationwide government policies of racism and segregation, along with a government takeover of schools. Children used the “sieg heil” gesture for flags flying over racist government schools through the rise of Nazism (the hand-over-the-heart spread in 1942).  The bizarre practices served as an example for three decades before they were adopted by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.  The U.S. practice of government segregation even outlasted the horrid party, into the 1960's and beyond. That is why the Bellamys are known as the “American Hitlers” and the first "American Nazis."

Thereafter, the legacy caused more police-state racism of forced busing that destroyed communities and neighborhoods and deepened hostilities.

Both Bellamys were bigots.

There is only one place on the web with a historic photo of a segregated class chanting the Pledge with the original straight-arm salute.

No one can measure the monstrous impact of government schools imposing racism and teaching racism as official policy for so long. Government school racism did much more damage than private enterprise could ever have afforded to do. It would have been better if government had stayed out of schools altogether.

The famous desegregation case of Brown v. Board of Education ignores how government schools started the problem that Brown ended. When government began socializing schools in the late 1800's, it expanded government-mandated racism. Brown is another example of government peeing on everyone and then claiming that it was rain. In addition to ending government’s racism, Brown should have ended government schools.

If the government had taken over all churches then the same horror would have resulted, with government-mandated racism in government churches. The libertarian solution would have been to end socialized churches. It is fortunate that the Constitution prevented government churches. It is unfortunate that the Constitution did not prevent government schools, though they are no where authorized.

Did the Bellamy scheme for schools work?  Edward Bellamy’s book “Looking Backward: 2000-1887" predicted society in the year 2000 as totalitarian socialism.  Did Bellamy propaganda make the predictions come true?
Most Americans now support Bellamy’s vision of a massive government-school monopoly, and the social security system with socialist slave numbers, massive government spending, and other widespread socialism. They submitted to socialist schools that imposed racism and segregation. Sons and daughters of the confederacy robotically chant the socialist’s pledge daily on cue from the government, like Pavlov's lapdogs of the state.

Some socialists chuckle knowingly at the spectacle.

The pledge is about submission.  The only saving grace seems to be the last sentence, “with liberty and justice for all.”  When a socialist says “liberty and justice for all” he means the exact opposite of everyone else.  When a socialist says “liberty and justice for all” he means that he wants to rob, enslave and kill you. 

Socialists robbed, enslaved and killed millions in the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): ~60 million in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; ~50 million in the People’s Republic of China; ~20 million under the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. (Death tolls from the book "Death by Government" by Professor R. J. Rummel).  It was the worst slaughter in world history.

Edward Bellamy’s book was an international bestseller, translated into all major languages, and inspired socialists in hell-holes worldwide.

Francis Bellamy’s pledge is a chant of capitulation, and the U.S. flag in a school is a white flag of surrender, to government, to the Department of Education, to nationalization, to socialism, to militarism.  The Bellamys gave the red stripes a loathsome connotation for socialized schools.

It is not too late to separate school and state.  The separation of school and state is as important as the separation of church and state. The government should not run Sunday school, nor Monday school through Friday school.  Southerners should remove the pledge from the flag, remove the flag from schools, and remove the schools from government.


The Confederate Flag has been denounced by comparing it to the Nazi Swastika Flag.  If the American Flag is compared with the Swastika Flag under the
National Socialist German workers Party, then similarities are visible that are more shocking. See the shocking photograph of the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE

Socialists in the USA originated the Nazi salute, robotic group-chanting to flags, Nazism, flag fetishism, and the modern swastika as "S" symbolism for "Socialism," as shown in the historical discoveries of the historian Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Swastika Secrets").

The socialist Pledgeophiles wanted government to take children from parents, and wanted government to takeover all schools. When the government granted their wish, the government schools imposed segregation by law and taught racism as official policy.

It set a horrid example for the world for three decades before the National Socialist German Workers' Party was formed and adopted similar behavior. The bad behavior of socialists in the USA outlasted the German National Socialists by decades. Even after official segregation ended in government schools, the socialist system imposed mandatory busing that destroyed neighborhoods and deepened hostilities.

To this day, children are still ostracized and persecuted for rejecting the robotic ritualism in government schools (socialist schools).

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The court case of Frank Herbert Wonschik v. U.S., argued that the jury selection process was impermissibly tainted by the trial judge's request that all potential jurors stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance prior to jury selection. Furthermore, that bias also transgressed the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

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