GREAT AMERICAN TEACH IN! & the Pledge of Allegiance
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Great American Teach In
Great American Teach In Pledge of Allegiance
Great American Teach In & the Pledge of Allegiance


In mid November each year anyone can teach at local schools. Make plans to do it every year. Below is a lesson plan regarding legal issues and the pledge of allegiance.   Other ideas for lesson plans are:

Unreasonable searches and seizures.  

Why government schools are wrong.

Support freedom in government schools and fund education about free market economics and individual liberty. 
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The following lesson plan teaches about the pledge's poisonous past. Help correct misinformation that is spread by politicians and the media. Show stepford students the real pictures of the original straight-arm salute. Teach how the government takeover of education that was advocated by the author of the pledge of allegiance, Francis Bellamy, resulted in racism and segregation that was taught by government teachers and imposed by law, serving as an example to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, and lasting decades beyond, even into the 1970's.  Use the amazing historic photo of a segregated class performing the original straight arm salute to the U.S. flag.

My name is ______________.  I like to learn about the Pledge of Allegiance and I hope you do too. I am also a libertarian and so when you hear my comments today they are often libertarian ideas. 

I am showing you a $10 dollar bill right now, who would like to have it?  I will pay $10 to anyone who can find for me in your school library a single photograph of the original pledge of allegiance in a book, or encyclopedia or anywhere.  You may think it sounds easy but its not.  And you will find out why as you listen to me today.  The original pledge of allegiance is not the same as the pledge you see today.

I want to write a book about the pledge of allegiance and you can help me write.  Help me do research by checking to see if there is a photograph in your school library and then tell me yes or no.  You can also write a book or report about the pledge and do research.

As a matter of fact I will pay anyone $10 for showing me any photo anywhere of the straight arm pledge to the US flag that I don’t already have.  I have a large collection so I won’t pay for photos I already have.

I am also going to tell you about two school students just like you. Here is a photograph of them. Their names were William and Lillian Gobitas, and they were 10 and 12 years old, and they were in the 5th grade and the 7th grade when they sued their school boards in court over the pledge of allegiance and they appealed it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C.  

This is called a “Petition for Writ of Certiorari” and it is how a lawyer asks the US Supreme Court in Washington D.C. to hear a case, and educates the court about an issue, such as the pledge of allegiance. Explain the phrase “Petition for Writ of Certiorari.”  I told the court many of the things that I will tell you today, and told them about the historic photographs that I will show you today.

Pass around the petition for writ of cert to U.S. supreme Court

Most people including most adults, do not know much about the history of the pledge.  I could tell from prior comments by the Supreme Court that they did not know the things about the pledge that you will learn today, and that is why I told the court in my petition.  Even President Bush does not know the things you will learn today about the pledge.  However, the libertarian candidate for president did know because I personally met him and told him the same things I will tell you and I showed him the photographs.

I am showing you a $10 dollar bill right now, who would like to have it?  I bet $10 that you cannot find for me in your school library a single photograph of the original straight arm pledge of allegiance.  If any of you try to prove me wrong, please call me on my business card number and tell me where you find a photograph and I will pay you $10

That is why I will leave some historic pictures with you, for your school, teachers or libraries.  You will then be probably the only school that has the historic photos.   I can also tell you that you will probably never hear this information nor see the photos again for the rest of your life.  This will be the first and last time, when I tell you and show you.

How many children heard about the Libertarian Party's candidate for president or about the Libertarian Party during the last election?  Explain that you are a libertarian and that your comments today and to the Supreme Court express a libertarian philosophy.  Explain that it is because there are many things that TV, radio and newspapers will not tell the truth about, and the Libertarian Party is one of things and the pledge of allegiance is another.   The media pretend that there are only the old parties, the democrats and republicans.

Ask what the policy of the school is regarding the pledge of allegiance? Do they chant it every morning?

Ask how many know when the pledge of allegiance began?

Ask if everyone believes that the salute to the flag was always the hand over the heart, or if anyone knows of any earlier salute.

Can anyone show me other official government hand salutes even from other countries?
Germany made a very bad salute that people dislike, what is it, can anyone show me?
What is the most infamous hand salute?  Or does anyone know about this salute -the salute where the arm is straight out (demonstrate it and/or show photograph).
Where does that salute come from?
Is it good or bad?
What about this man - who knows who this is -show photo of Adolf Hitler.
He was a very bad man and killed a lot of people, maybe even 21 million.

Or show a photo of the original U.S. flag salute WITHOUT the flag and ask if they can guess what country the children are from? They will guess Germany, not the U.S.

From where came the straight arm salute used in Germany?

It came from the original salute to the U.S. flag.

Explain that there was an earlier salute to the U.S. flag and display the photos and pass them around.

Some people say that it was an old salute from Rome, an ancient country in Italy, but that is a myth. 

The myth came from movies.  The first movie was The salute occurs in these films: the American "Ben-Hur" (1907). 

This shows how people confuse movies and TV with reality.  Always remember that when you watch films on TV or Movies that show historical scenes, that they may not be accurate, that they are not actual photos of old events.   That is how the Roman salute error was made about the flag salute.

Does anyone know what the word “Nazi” means, its etymology, where the word came from?
It means National Socialist German Workers Party - and most adults don’t even know that.  You might never hear that again for the rest of your life.
It was a horrible group that killed millions of people.

Explain that it was the Nazi party, and write “National Socialist German Workers’ Party” on the board.  Explain an easy mnemonic device for remembering that Nazi called themselves socialists. Use the swastika as a mnemonic device for the letter “S.”

Explain that the students will probably never see those photos again in their lives and that they will probably never again see the full name of the Nazi party, because the media want to hide it from them.

Does anyone know what a swastika is?  Draw one on the board for me.
Or I draw one and ask if anyone knows what that is.

Here is a photograph of a people in Germany, does anyone know who the man in the center is?
That is Jessie Owens, in 1936 at the Olympic games in Germany.  Explain.
This photo shows Mr. Owens giving a salute to the flag, what salute is it? (Military salute)
The original US flag salute started with a military salute and then moved to the straight-arm.

Ask how many know when government began to take over schools in the U.S.?
Explain that it was about the same time and that the person who wrote the pledge wanted government to run all schools, and he believed in “nationalism.”

Discuss how the government takeover of schools caused segregation and racism imposed by law and taught by government teachers and that it lasted for almost a century, into the 1970s.
Show the photograph of a segregated class doing the pledge of allegiance.

Ask if anyone knows why that salute was changed or what other government used that salute.

One of the first Supreme Court cases about the pledge of allegiance came from students like you in government schools.  The court case started with William and Lillian Gobitas, who at age 10 and 12 respectively, 5th and 7th grade students.  They refused to stand and pledge allegiance to the flag.  They were persecuted not only by other students, but even by adults, who treated them badly.  They were treated so badly, that eventually they left government schools and went to non-government schools for the rest of their education.

Here is a photograph of William & Lillian Gobitas (if not already circulating the room).

Discuss “under God” in the pledge.

Tie it into social security, the U.S. copying the socialism of the Nazis in 1935, the number that government uses to track the students all their lives and steal from them.

Here is a little pin from the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  It is a five-pointed star with the likeness of Lenin as a toddler. All Soviet primary school children were required to wear this "Order of the October Child" and were taught that "Lenin is their grandfather," by Stalin the worst mass murderer on earth. He used government schools to control children's minds.  It is similar to the daily pledge of allegiance in some schools in the U.S.  I wear the pin upside down.

Discuss how the confederate flag compares with the U.S. flag, and how the War of Northern Aggression enabled centralized socialism, nationwide government policies of racism and segregation, and a government takeover of education teaching racism into the 1960's and beyond.

The Confederate Flag has been denounced by comparing it to the Nazi Swastika Flag.  If the American Flag is compared with the Swastika Flag under the
National Socialist German workers Party, then similarities are visible that are more shocking. See the shocking photograph of the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE

Socialists in the USA originated the Nazi salute, robotic group-chanting to flags, Nazism, flag fetishism, and the modern swastika as "S" symbolism for "Socialism," as shown in the historical discoveries of the historian Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Swastika Secrets").

The socialist Pledgeophiles wanted government to take children from parents, and wanted government to takeover all schools. When the government granted their wish, the government schools imposed segregation by law and taught racism as official policy.

It set a horrid example for the world for three decades before the National Socialist German Workers' Party was formed and adopted similar behavior. The bad behavior of socialists in the USA outlasted the German National Socialists by decades. Even after official segregation ended in government schools, the socialist system imposed mandatory busing that destroyed neighborhoods and deepened hostilities.

To this day, children are still ostracized and persecuted for rejecting the robotic ritualism in government schools (socialist schools).

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The court case of Frank Herbert Wonschik v. U.S., argued that the jury selection process was impermissibly tainted by the trial judge's request that all potential jurors stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance prior to jury selection. Furthermore, that bias also transgressed the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Pledge of Allegiance All in favor of a pledge raise your right hand...

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