The graphic above or at shows the exciting new Socialist Slave Wristband / Bracelet.  It is similar to the "Livestrong" bracelet that inspires health, in that the "Livefree" bracelet inspires liberty.  The Livefree band reads "My Socialist Slave Number is 262-00-6302" in yellow lettering on a black band. Social security cards were burned in the historic first public burning of socialist slave cards with Dr. Rex Curry, as shown in a photograph at the same url and at The trend then spread at  For more on the social security system and its socialist slavery see

Because of Social Security, every American is born into slavery, with numbers assigned to infants. It is an impoverishing scheme that tracks your home, workplace, income, finances, etc., for life and steals all the way, in the "SS" scheme (socialist slavery). Social Security was imposed at the height of the power of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.  It was designed for a police state system of social security for the government by tracking every American's movements, residence, employment, jobs, income, and eventually all purchases and activities, including travel. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) imposes social security in the USSA through the Nazi numbering system today.

Social Security Card Numbers
social security card numbers burn as Fascism, Nazism, Socialism, Communism that is unconstitutional. Stop SSN Nazis, Socialists Fascists Communists
Social Security Card Numbers

: Join to end the social security scam and to burn your socialist slave card in Lady Liberty's torch.
MORE ABOUT THE FIRST BURN PARTY - the flyer that advertised it and the speech that introduced it.
THE U.S. IS PRODUCING DRAFT CARDS - your social security card is your draft card. wake up.
SOCIAL SECURITY IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL - from the worst President, the socialist F.D.R. & his Depression.
PHOTO CONTESTS - send in old pics and make new ones to celebrate the best burn party photos.
SAMPLE FLYER - this notice was used for a social security card burn party covered in many newspapers.
SAMPLE SPEECH - this speech introduced a social security card burn party.   
YOUR SOCIALIST SLAVE # - (your social security #) came from the National Socialist German Workers' Party.
SOCIAL SECURITY # TATTOOS - some people are already getting them. When will you get yours?
SOCIALIST SLAVE T-SHIRTS - wear your own popular shirt (front) (back) to tell everyone the truth.
SOCIAL INSECURITY CARDS - if you already burned or lost your card, then burn these from Wisconsin.
SOCIALIST SLAVE # BUMPER STICKERS - go with your car tag, VIN & eventual G.I. transponder.
LICENSE PLATES - car tags to help track you by two of your many different socialist slave numbers.
RUBBER STAMP TATTOOS - use a rubber stamp to "tattoo" every slave at your burn party.
SOCIALIST SLAVE LAPEL TAGS in .PDF - "My socialist slave number is ___" as shirt labels.
SOCIALIST SLAVE BUMPER STICKERS - ties it into the national socialist philosophy.
HELLO! - My Socialist Slave number is..... -another convention-style sticker for publicity stunts.
SOCIAL SECURITY TOILET  PAPER - you've finally found a good use for your socialist slave card!!!!
SOCIAL SECURITY UNIVERSAL BARCODES - for scanning you & to keep you in line.
CUSTOM NECK TIES -  "My socialist slave number is _______" in a classy design for professionals.
THE SNTSS SUPERHERO - you can be the "Say No to Socialist Slavery" superhero and have fun too!
AUGUST 14 - the day the socialist slave system was imposed nationwide in 1935.
SEPTEMBER 1 (LABOR DAY) - Workers break the chains of the SS scam & their socialist slave numbers.
GRANDPARENT'S DAY - Senior citizens help to stop the social security scam every September.
DECEMBER 1 - the day the first socialist slave number was forced upon a free individual in 1936.
DECEMBER - An attorney explains how Social Security darkened the month of December.
SAMPLE MEDIA LETTER - an example of a letter to the media for announcing burn parties.
INTERNET SEARCH RESULTS - show the prevalence of anti-slavery phrases
MILLION MAN MARCH - imagine a million socialist slave cards burning at once in Washington D.C.
SOCIAL SECURITY KILLS - the theft prevents people from buying health insurance and healthcare.

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Obtain your own police state bracelet at

Social Security Number Card identification band
Social Security Card Number Wrist Band Social Security Card Number Identification bracelet
Social Security Card Numbers for DHS Department of Homeland Social Security
social security card numbers swastika socialism police state
Social Security Card Numbers for security of the USA's police state
United Socialist States of America USSA & DHS Department of Homeland Social Security
United Socialist States of America USSA = Union of Soviet Socialist Republics USSR
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics USSR & USSA Police State

Pledge of Allegiance to the flag The USA's Pledge of Allegiance (& the military salute) was the origin of Adolf Hitler's "Nazi" salute under the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis).

The swastika was used by the military and by socialists in the USA and in the USSR, before it was used by the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP).
The swastika, although an ancient symbol, was also used to represent "S" letters joined for "socialism" under the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis), similar to the alphabetical symbolism for the SS Division, the SA, the NSV, and the VW logo (the letters "V" and "W" joined for "Volkswagen").
Francis Bellamy & Edward Bellamy touted National Socialism and the police state in the USA decades before their dogma was exported to Germany. They influenced the NSDAP, its dogma, symbols and rituals. and