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Historian Dr. Rex Curry, Symbologist, Cryptography expert Professor tracked to New York (Rome NY; not Rome, Italy)

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Nazi salute, Hitler salute, Hitler Greeting, Heil Hitler, Hail Hitler, Fascist salute was not from ancient Rome

The Nazi salute has been traced to the city of Rome in the state of New York, and not to Rome, Italy, in an astounding new historical discovery.  The notorious "Hitler greeting" salute has been known as the "Roman" salute and attributed without support to ancient Rome.  

New evidence shows that the straight-arm salute and its name originated from Rome, NY via Francis Bellamy, a resident and the author of the pledge of allegiance.  The pledge of allegiance originally used the straight-arm salute. Eye-popping photos are at   

New York's "Heil Hitler" style salute began in 1892 when the pledge was written.  The Roman salute myth arose from the fact that Francis Bellamy (the author of the pledge of allegiance and of its original straight-arm salute) was from the city of Rome (in the state of New York, not in Italy) and people and things from the city in New York state were referred to as "Roman" and still are today.  The Rome Sentinel Newspaper, on June 7, 2009 carried a story that referred to Francis Bellamy as "former Roman Francis Bellamy, who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance."

Francis Bellamy (1855-1932) was born in Mount Morris, New York, where his father, David Bellamy, was working as a pastor for the Baptist Church. In 1859, David accepted a call at the First Baptist Church in Rome, New York. He remained there until he died in 1864 raising Francis.

Francis began schooling and graduated from Rome Free Academy (RFA -the government high school that is still there) in 1872, later becoming RFA's first president of its Alumni Association. The RFA started as a non-government school in 1847 when a meeting of citizens established Rome Academy. The Board of Trustees accepted a land site gift from the estate of Dominick Lynch. In 1848 the RFA opened with a principal and six teachers. It was a non-government school for 20 years until, in 1869, a government school district with a Board of Education was created and Rome Academy became "Rome Free Academy." In 1873, after RFA, Bellamy entered the University of Rochester where he studied for the Baptist ministry.

Francis Bellamy admired ancient Rome and its militarism, and he grew up in the city of Rome in New York, where he and his neighbors were known as “Romans,” and he was educated in the Rome Academy there.

Bellamy's admiration for ancient Rome and for the military inspired Bellamy to espouse "military socialism," advocating nationalization of the entire economy including schools.  Francis Bellamy and his cousin and cohort, the author Edward Bellamy, wanted government to take over all schools as a socialist monopoly, end all of the better alternatives, and use government schools to produce an "industrial army" (a Bellamy term) explicitly modeled upon the military.  That is why they supported a national flag over every school and a daily pledge of allegiance to the national government.  

Francis Bellamy used his position with the National Education Association (NEA) to promote "military socialism."  Edward Bellamy published the “Nationalist” magazine and both Bellamys supported its publisher, the “Nationalist Educational Association,” (NEA) named with deliberate similarity to the National Education Association.  Only one place on the internet exposes the "Nationalist" magazine and it is below or at

The Bellamys were self-proclaimed National Socialists in the USA three decades before the National Socialists in Germany, and the USA's National Socialists promoted their dogma and their original straight-armed salute to the USA's flag for three decades ahead of the similar dogma and behavior of National Socialists in Germany.

It was a philosophy that led to the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part) where millions were murdered (62 million by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, 35 million by the Peoples' Republic of China, 21 million by the National Socialist German Workers' Party) in the worst slaughter in history. That is why the Bellamys are known as America's Nazis.

Because of the Bellamy dogma in the USA, segregation became institutionalized by government in its schools and racism was taught as official policy. During that time children in government-schools were required by law to salute the flag with the straight-armed salute in military formation daily on the ring of a government bell, like Pavlov’s lapdogs of the state. 

The bizarre practice in the USA served as an example for three decades before it was adopted by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.  When Jesse Owens competed in the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany, his neighbors attended segregated government schools where they saluted the flag with the Nazi salute.  As under Nazism, Jehovah's Witnesses and others in the USA were persecuted for refusing to perform the straight-arm salute and robotically chant the pledge.  They were also expelled from government schools and had to use the many better alternatives.  The U.S. practice of official racism and segregation in government schools even outlasted the horrid Nazi Party, into the 1960's and beyond.  Thereafter, the Bellamy legacy caused more police-state racism of forced busing that destroyed communities and neighborhoods and deepened hostilities.

In 1898 the New York state legislature was the first in the nation to pass a statute forcing children in government schools to robotically chant the socialist's pledge. In 1905, as many as 19 States had passed school flag laws.  To this very day New York still has a law forcing teachers to lead a recitation of the socialist pledge in socialist schools (government schools).

To this very day, the school banner for the Rome Free Academy appears as it does on this page and in this Rome Free Academy image  Rome Free Academy   It contains two fasces (axes through the middle of wood with binding).  The fasces actually was a symbol of government authority in ancient Rome.  The straight-arm salute was not.  The word "fasces" is the origin of the word "fascism."   Mussolini was a long-time socialist and adopted the term "fascist" to describe his dogma late in his life. see below and

The Bellamys were the original New York liberals, albeit from Rome.

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