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Before disembarkation, the cruise ship guide tells everyone to not miss the boat and warns that awol passengers will have to pay for their own hotel room overnight and pay for a ticket to the next destination to meet the boat the next day.  The reality is that there are small boats at the dock waiting for passengers who miss the cruise ship, because passengers can pay them to race out to the cruise ship while it is underway and leaving.  The small boat matches the speed of the cruise ship and passengers are able to jump onto the cruise ship.  It sounds like so much fun that I will deliberately miss the cruise ship on my next trip.

We visited Stingray City, a sandbar where stingrays have been fed so often that they congregate and approach tourists who can touch, hold and feed them.  The guides provide squid to attract the stingrays.  Stingrays don't have teeth, just hard gums.  I put a piece of squid down my swim trunks.

These kite-shaped fish are related to sharks and stingrays, and like all members of the group do not have hard bones. Skinned ‘wings’ are very moist, delicate, white flesh suitable for grilling, frying and baking. Some people don’t like the flavour, but others rate it very highly, and it is usually quite cheap. Worth trying. There is a network of cartilaginous strands in the middle of each portion but these are not a hassle to deal with. There are two types, rough and smooth skate. Historically, this species has not been commercially important. However, there has been some marketing of skate meat as scallops using round cuts from the skate wings.  

On the bus trip back from Stingray City, a college kid asked for five volunteers to fill out a written survey about the sea creatures.  I immediately volunteered as I always do.  The survey was the usual "Man bad, Stingray good" propaganda.  I commenced to mark all of the "wrong" answers, all having to do with "saving" the stingrays from humans.  Comments were invited at the end, where I listed my webpage about farming sea turtles and explained that there should be private property rights in the  sandbars and in the water and in Stingray City, and that farming of stingrays should be explored in the same manner as sea turtle farming.  They should also cultivate some of the enormous 200+ pound sea turtles from the turtle farm to expand the wildlife at Stingray City so that people can cavort with them also.  The sea turtles are so large and powerful that people could hitch a ride in the water. Riding stingrays isn't done, probably because a stingray's tail would be in a very sensitive spot on a human rider.

When the tour bus returned to the dock another college kid met the bus to pick up the completed surveys.  I was in a hurry as I handed her the survey and hollered "I'm rushing to grab a sea turtle burger for lunch before my ship leaves!"  

Later, for dinner on the ship, I tried to turn escargot into an endangered species.


This anarchaeology information is from the anarchaeological studies of the Society of Anarchaeologists and borrowed from the work of the world-famous Anarchaeologist Dr. Rex Curry.

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