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Drug Dog Facts & Police State Tactics Drug Dogs are reminders of similar Police-State tactics and obsessive Gestapo behavior under the Nat'l Socialist German Workers Party. 

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by Dr. Rex Curry, Attorney At Law, the "LIBERTARIAN LAWYER."
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Steven D. Nicely
410 Little Texas Lane #1720
Austin Tx, 78745
Office: 512 912-9743
Cell:      210 710-8854
Nicely is cited in State v. Wright, a case from Arizona 10/31/08 (which cites the Matheson case)
see also US v. Clarkson
Also see United States v Ervin Christy in Nebraska 03/19/2008
And in another case, in late 2007, Nicely testified in a Salt Lake City Federal Court on a felon in possession of a handgun that was found as a result of a search caused by the response of a drug detector dog. The prosecution had lined up an opposing expert witness to pit against him, a man who is considered by some in the police dog world as the "God" of Police Dog Trainers. When Nicely finished explaining that the dog handler was poorly trained, and that the dog was not certified, and opined that the dog was cued by the handler, the Judge agreed, and would not let the prosecution put on its expert on the witness stand to attempt to rebut Nicely's testimony.

Robert Gonzalez "Gonzo"
office 210 682-2287
cell 210 887-8626

James Woodford
in Tennessee
His number (as from years ago) is (615) 221-6448.
He actually has patented the odor of cocaine for use in training dogs.

Wendell Nope
P.O. Box 18435, Salt Lake City, UT 84118
Telephone: (801) 856-5917 (voice mail also)
Digital Pager: (801) 241-0109
FAX: (801) 965-4619

K-9 Consultants of America

Dr. Dan J. Craig was successful in the Matheson case, but he has passed away and his expertise will be missed.
he used to reside at 916 Country Mdws, San Antonio, TX 78253; Phone: 210 679-7804;

See the article from the Montana News Association

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The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that sniffer dogs at traffic stops do not violate the 4th amendment, per se.  There is still room for attacking the credibility of the dogs and their handlers.

Florida's 4th District Court of Appeal (DCA) and the 5th DCA have certified conflict to the Florida Supreme Court regarding the Matheson issue.

Drug dog alert cannot be used to get warrant for a home?  More leashes for drug dogs. The police may not use a drug dog alert outside the defendant's home to obtain probable cause for a warrant to search the home, the Fourth DCA ruled February 15, 2006. State v. Rabb, ___ So. 2d ___, 31 F.L.W. D510 (4th DCA 2/15/2006). The case can be viewed at or under the "opinions" section at and then looking under the 2/15/06 opinion date, or try an internet search for the case name.  The earlier Raab case was at  State v. Rabb 4th DCA 09/14/05  
As of 4-25-06 the Rabb case SC06-417 was still active at Florida's Supreme Court at

State v. Laveroni  4th DCA 30 Fla. L. Weekly D2173 new dog case

State v. Coleman 5th DCA 09/30/05 aligns w 4th DCA

Missing dog records drop charges?
U.S. District Court suppresses evidence in a dog gone case

The Sheriff said "I'll kill myself if you don't waive your rights"
Drug Dogs, sniffer dogs, I'll kill myself if you don't waive your rights sheriff
The Sheriff said "I'll kill myself if you don't waive your rights"


The government tried to overturn a victory against sniffer dogs.
The U.S. Supreme Court denied the government's petition on Oct. 31, 2005.
Docket information is at
Afterward, the government unsuccessfully appealed to Florida's Supreme Court to overturn the victory.

Florida's Attorney General fought against Florida v. Matheson and its requirement that narcotic K-9s must be continually trained and tested under higher standards or they cannot be used to search people and cars.
The Florida court decisions are at (3-3-05) and the very libertarian decision (the appellate case below) at argued the original motion to suppress for Matheson.

Narco dogs are used as ruses against humans, to violate constitutional rights against searches and seizures.  Here's how -

* Some cops ask to search cars for no reason at all during routine traffic stops. They ask to search because they know that most victims do not know that drivers can "just say no" (most drivers are know-nothings about constitutional rights). Drivers who do know are often too meek to "just say no." It is unknown how often cops ask for consent to search and how often consent is given under duress or ignorance. Drivers who do not complain roadside will not complain, learn or litigate later.

* If drivers say "no," then some cops tell drivers that an ordeal is inevitable because the cop radioed for a canine and it is coming to the scene. That warning is often a lie to induce consent. There is no police dog on the way.

* If a dog is or is not "on the way," some cops add additional lies to make drivers think that there will be a long wait and that the driver must stay until a dog arrives. Cops rely on driver ignorance of the fact that evidence will be suppressed if drivers are detained longer than it takes to complete the traffic stop (e.g. write the ticket). Drivers are induced to consent to search to avoid a long wait based on lies.

 * If a dog is en route, some cops let drivers think that they are obliged to stay even when the cop has no reason to detain drivers any longer. Cop's rationalize that drivers inexplicably loiter roadside with cops, or that drivers enjoy waiting for dog sniffs. Cops take advantage of drivers who are too stupid (or too meek) to ask if they are free to go, so that drivers "consent" to unwarranted detention by not leaving.

* Cops lie about how long it takes to write tickets or to obtain a radio response on tag inquiry. If a dog is actually en route, then some cops write tickets very slowly, until the dog arrives.

* When cops need consent, and drivers say "no," then there is no basis to search. Without consent, cops need "probable cause" to search. Cops can create cause by claiming that canines alerted, even if there are no alerts, or canines can be cued. A search is forced against the driver's will. In January 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Illinois vs. Caballes that a dog sniff during a traffic stop was not a "search." Caballes and similar cases turn canines into props for lies. When dogs are used as props for lies, it doesn't matter whether dogs are well-trained.

* If a dog alerts and nothing is found, then cops will never record that as an error. If cross-examined later, they will testify that the dog detected lingering odors of contraband that were recently present. Cops will testify that dogs never make mistakes, never have and never will, and that apparent errors are skillful detections of lingering (residual) odors of contraband. No one can question a dog about whether the cop is lying or mistaken, and it is usually a waste of time to ask a cop the same types of questions.

* Many errors by drug dogs cause lawyers to wonder if police carry drugs to plant scents so that drug dogs will alert. Some news items support such speculation in cases where drugs have been planted by police.   Drug laws are wrong in the first place, and in the second place drug laws cause more wrongdoing by government during enforcement.

Government's attitude toward your liberty is like a dog at a fire hydrant.
Police-state tactics were witnessed worldwide via videotape from Goose Creek High School in South Carolina, where children were forced to the floor in handcuffs and terrorized by dogs and cops with guns drawn.
Drugs Goose Creek rexcurrydotnet
Nothing was found.

In other schools, classes have been interrupted and the children were marched out and lined up to be harassed by a dog.

The Caballes case foreshadows more police-state possibilities: Uniformed law enforcement marching through neighborhoods with German shepherds on leashes sniffing anything and everything -every car parked on or near the street, the air emanating from homes, neighbors walking outside. Imagine the same thing at any place of business or employment, and police marching German shepherds through parking lots, car to car, for no reason other than fishing expeditions. Imagine the same nightmare in any shopping area or a downtown street area, a festival, a bar's parking lot, with uniformed agents with German shepherds sniffing pedestrians and their bags and cars and anything, and stopping anyone on an alleged alert and going through their purses, persons, cars, etc, right there on the street.

Drug dogs are like humans in that they must be taught to approach peaceful people and search them, so that humans can be arrested, handcuffed and imprisoned for decades under modern prohibition. That is not an easy trick to teach a dog. It is easier to teach humans.

It is a wonder why the kids weren't instructed to robotically chant the Pledge of Allegiance during the ordeals (and with the Pledge's original straight-arm salute).  A breed that is used often as drug dogs is the German Sheppard. The police state resembles the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis).

As an attorney, I am often consulted by people victimized in searches by dogs trained to smell drugs. A drug dog's skills are often overestimated because people anthropomorphize dogs. A humanlike quality that dogs have is that they are natural libertarians with no interest in the war on drugs.

I am the attorney who argued the original motion to suppress in Florida v. Gary Alan Matheson, that curbed drug dogs in Florida.

Matheson's case included oral argument before Florida's Supreme Court and the public has a rare opportunity to view a video of the justices' questions and the arguments linked at

The Matheson case points out the lack of credibility of drug dogs and their employers.

No one can question a dog about whether the cop is lying or mistaken, and it is usually a waste of time to ask a cop the same types of questions.

Drug dogs are like humans in that they must be taught to approach peaceful people and search them, so that humans can be arrested, handcuffed and imprisoned for decades under modern prohibition. That is not an easy trick to teach a dog. It's easier to teach humans.

All drug dogs are "playing a game," as are some humans who support modern prohibition. The dogs are taught using dog toys. The toys are hidden with drugs to trick the dog into a game of searching for its toy by associating it with drug odors. Many errors can happen. There is always the danger that the dog will alert on anything that resembles or smells like its toy (towels, tennis balls, car carpet, etc.).

Cabelles holds that cops can take dogs fishing.  Caballes involved a "legitimate" traffic stop for speeding (that turned into 12 years for pot).  Dog-fishing in parking lots or on sidewalks should still be opposed.  Random drug checkpoints have already been found unconstitutional by the Court.

Here are the totalitarian police-state possibilities that the U.S. Supreme Court opened up: Imagine uniformed law enforcement marching through your neighborhood with German Shepards on leashes sniffing anything and everything -your car and every car parked on the street, the air emanating from your home, you walking outside.  Imagine the same thing at your place of business or where you work, police marching German Shepards through the parking lot, car to car, for no reason other than a fishing expedition and entering any vehicle where there is an alleged alert.  Imagine the same thing in any shopping area or a downtown street area, a festival, a bar's parking lot, uniformed agents with German Shepards sniffing pedestrians and their bags and cars and anything and stopping anyone on an alleged alert and going through their purses, persons, cars, etc, right there.

Dogs are used for human lies. Police cannot search a car without probable cause or consent, and an easy way to claim probable cause is to claim that a dog alerted.  It doesn't matter whether a dog is accurate.  The dog is just present as cover-up to testalie in court. Dogs are perfect pets for perjury.  If contraband is found then the arrest will probably stand.   If nothing is found, the driver leaves shaken, but I know of no case where the driver even complained or sued.

Drug dogs turn simple traffic stops into fishing expeditions for drug busts. Driver's are asked for consent to search without any suspicion at all.  When drivers refuse consent, an officer threatens to bring a dog in order to intimidate drivers into consenting to avoid a wait.  Persistent refusal prompts cops to radio for a dog, and then claim that the dog alerted.

Any case that lacks a videotape of a dog's actions on the scene should result in  rejection of testimony that the dog alerted, or did so without cueing.

Drugs dogs often bark up the wrong tree. Motions to suppress should argue that the dog's training and history show false positives and problems that make the dog unreliable for searches. In Cabelles, Justices Souter and Ginsburg dissented, pointing to studies showing that drug dogs frequently return false positives (12.5-60% of the time, according to one study).  

Moreso than in humans, the libertarianism of drug-dogs always resurfaces, and must be suppressed constantly by law enforcement retraining. Without constant retraining the dogs lose interest and stop performing accurately. Record-keeping is a must to know whether dogs are guessing, or seeing cues. Only with record keeping and independent testing can any judge draw any conclusion from the dogs game playing out on the street.

Dogs approximate humans in that they go along with the system to avoid disapproval from peers (teachers, school students, friends, etc., in the case of humans). Drug dogs do not want disapproval from their police handlers. Dogs play the game, and will try to guess and read cues, because they are searching for approval, not for drugs.

Dogs match humans in that if you influence them enough they will do anything -- like passing the 18th amendment. In the dogged pursuit of modern prohibition, some dogs are slow learners as are some humans.  The government's war on drugs is a dog chasing its own tail.

Let's liberate drug dogs. Return them to protecting people from violence and theft, which is also the only proper purpose of law enforcement. Dogs should be man's best friend, not man's persecutor. Drug dogs are natural libertarians.

Rex Curry Attorney at Law in Tampa, FL. He can be reached via email at:
lawyer (at)

The oldest living medical marijuana patient (OLMMP) said: "Rex, thanks for your work against drug dogs.  I was in the airport recently and a dog sniffed my bag and walked away. I called to the handler and asked if the dog was trained for bombs or drugs, and the handler said 'for drugs.'  So I told him to bring the dog back because I had marijuana in my bag." phoned OLMMP, but only reached his voicemail.  OLMMP called back and said "I am sorry that I missed your call. I had stepped outside to take my medicine."


If you don't consent to search, we'll kill this dog

Free the Drug Dogs!

by Keith Halderman

An old friend of mine attorney Rex Curry, who was one of the first libertarians I ever met and who helped transform much of my thinking, developed a case that may be headed to the Supreme Court. Florida v. Matheson, which he won, involves a challenge to the veracity of drug dogs searches. The state of Florida is appealing and the issue is on the high court's docket. 

The September 16th issue of the online journal DrugSense Weekly has an interview with Mr. Curry in which they ask him, "Given the problems with drug dogs explored at your website (see link above), why do you think they are so popular with police departments and municipal government?”

He replies “Oh that is easy. You have to remember that there is a strong incentive for law enforcement not to CARE whether the dogs are accurate. The dogs can simply be props for lies, in that the dogs are there to overcome refusals to consent to search, and the dog provides law enforcement officers (LEOs) with the ability to say that an alert occurred even if there was no alert. And here is another angle: some LEOs do not want a "drug dog," they want a "car dog," in that they want a dog that when shown a car will alert, as if to say "yes that is a car." For some LEOs the goal is to search whenever the LEO desires, period. The dog is simply a ruse to do so. That is why the dogs are so popular. Do not be confused with the idea that there are "problems with drug dogs." For some LEOs those are not problems at all. And again, that is why some LEOs have no interest in maintaining records about their dogs."


You made Playboy without taking your clothes off. The Matheson case is one of your best. I am still getting calls about your case.
- Doc C, Texas.

police dogs drug dogs, sniffer dogs, narco dogs, bomb dogs, explosives dogs, drug detection dogs I dare you to search my car !!!

This page (and below) is a collection of resources for lawyers dealing with drug dogs.  Please send in any motions, appeal decisions, tips, etc., to
lawyer  AT and an effort will be made to post them here.

Rex. I have just visited your website and would like to congratulate you on what is very clear your shear hard work. I myself am a dedicated Security and Drug detection dog handler investing thousands of pounds in training. In addition I am company director of Watchdogs Ltd and am concerned about the level of  training handlers have not completed. In addition within the UK we are about to come under Licensing which many of us have been waiting for for a long time. There is no requirement for a drug dog handler to have a licence so the handlers working security dogs who know they won't be able to get a licence are now trans-shipping to drug dog handling. Having said that I do feel a stop will be put to this soon. Keep in touch. Phil H., Director Watchdogs Ltd, Member of NASDU NTIPDU BPSCA BIPDT JSIC.

A fan of writes (dated March 24, 2005): In Florida, the Pinellas County Sheriff's department is currently expanding its sniffer dogs from 30 to 90. A new building is being built just south of Pinellas Park to house them. All german shepherds but not all drug dogs, and note also that our population is expanding rapidly here, with lots of tourists and people moving in and out.

Another fan writes: I actually discovered a vacant lot where some dog-cops were meeting and I saw them signal training the dogs to "GO OFF" on cue with very slight hand motions. Then I saw them walk dogs around a COP car they used (this shows it will work in any situation) and when the cop made this little twitch with one finger extended, the dog would bight at the door handle and tires and stand on its back legs and bark at the windows etc...

MOTION TO SUPPRESS DRUG DOG SEARCH - this is the initial motion that started the path to victory.

MOTION TO SUPPRESS 2 THE SEQUEL - more details & humor. How government fornicates the canine.

THE EXPERT USED RE: THE DRUG DOG - attorneys nationwide contact me to use him in other cases.

APPEAL CURBS DRUG SNIFFING DOGS - this is the appellate decision curbing drug dogs.  It is presently awaiting decision after having oral argument before the Florida Supreme Court on January 12, 2005.

MORE ON DRUG DOGS - this is how drug dogs can be used in ruses to violate the constitutional rights of humans.

DRUG DOGS ARE LIBERTARIANS - they require constant indoctrination to change them.

NEWSPAPER EDITORIAL - Click here for a favorable newspaper editorial.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - Click here for a news story on the opinion.

EDITORIAL CARTOON - Click here for an editorial cartoon.

INNOCENT MAN FREED - after 22 years in prison, by discrediting drug dog.

Pigs use dogs to fish for humans.

narcotics dogs, sniffer dogs, drug dogs, police dogs, narco dogs, drug detection dogs, bomb dogs, explosives dogs, Rex the Wonder Dog !!!

The USA needs
Rex the Wonder Dog !!!

legalize drugs, libertarianism, Rx means Rex.
Rx means Rex. The prescription is liberty, and freedom is the pill. Liberty lets everyone live like a king.  Repeal modern prohibition. GET HIGH ON FREEDOM.  

Drug dogs are often used as ruses to violate the constitutional rights of humans. In the war on drugs, the government lies like a dog.  

A dog is man's best friend.  He should not be man's worst enemy.

Dear Mr Curry,  I wonder if I could please ask for some help?
    We are a children’s civil rights organisation based in the UK. As you are probably aware, there has been a rise in the use of drugs sniffer dogs here. In some schools, dogs are taken in to perform routine searches, and it is now commonplace in London to have dogs posted at the exits to London underground trains.
    While we have been concerned about the use of dogs, and had objected on various civil liberties grounds, we had naively assumed that dogs were pretty accurate! We’ve found out the hard way that this isn’t true: two of our (non-drug-using) teenaged members have now been stopped by dogs at stations, and then searched. They were both pretty upset by the experience.
    We want to find all the research possible about the accuracy of sniffer dogs, and intend to bring out a report to publicise what is going on. – quite honestly, we are more likely to stop the practice of going into schools with dogs in this way, rather than by arguing civil liberties (not a major concern of the British public!)
    Are you able to point me in the direction of research into the accuracy of sniffer-dog detection + the rate of false positives? I’d be very grateful if you could.
Best Wishes,  Terri Dowty, Director, Action on Rights for Children

REPLY: Please do not be fooled by the accuracy of sniffer-dogs because the dogs are used as props for lies, regardless of any actual accuracy.   Law enforcement claims that the dogs alert when the dogs do not alert, and law enforcement will knowingly use dogs that will alert on anything, nothing, or on cue.
    The description of the police-state in the U.K. (from your comments) is similar to the U.S.'s police state.  Please distribute the video link below to see police-state tactics in the U.S. that were witnessed worldwide via videotape from Goose Creek High School in South Carolina, where children were forced to the floor in handcuffs and terrorized by dogs and cops with guns drawn.
    Other images of domestic terrorism in the U.S. are found in a google image search for the following words: Goose Creek raid
    As a leading authority on "sniffer-dogs" in the U.S., I fear that similar behavior is in store for the U.K. if it has not already happened near you.  Please let me know.
    For more on the U.S.'s police state see
    As to any accuracy of drug dogs you can research Mr. Myers, who is referenced at this link
    and you can consult other experts linked at

Please keep me posted on your work.

Thank you

Rex Curry
Attorney At Law
Behaviorist Dr. Rex Curry the Libertarian Lawyer and Wonder Dog
Many drug dogs are so inaccurate that they could be replaced with the "drug coin." Flip it and heads means that there is an alert and probable cause to search.  Tails means there is no alert, and no probable cause, but a search occurs anyway.

From Reuters: A San Diego arena was evacuated for about two hours, delaying a first-round game in the hugely popular national college basketball championship, after a hot dog cart attracted the attention of a bomb-sniffing dog. Thousands of fans arriving for a game between Marquette University and the University of Alabama were kept outside. Authorities cordoned off part of the building. It was meat and not explosive heat attracting the dog's attention.

A dog expert writes: "Thanks Rex. As a professional dog trainer you did our profession a great favor. Maybe we can get rid of the B.S. trainers and the monkey see monkey do method to training, and apply the science behind it." 

Learn more about search issues and how to say "NO!" to searches.

A now-retired appellate judge once said that school students would come up to him from time to time and say that they planned to go to law school so that they could defend the Constitution. "Don't go to law school," he said he told them. "If you want to defend the Constitution, the best thing you can do is to go to D.C., become a cop, and roust supreme court judges for no particular reason."  Of course, anyone anywhere could defend the Constitution by becoming a police officer and harassing state or federal judges all over the USA.

Another lawyer said: A judge in my local county was stopped for speeding and was treated like dirt by the cop.  That's one judge who woke up.
Pledge of Allegiance in FRIGHTENING photos
and more photos and articles at
For fascinating information about symbolism see 
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by Dr. Rex Curry, Attorney At Law, the "LIBERTARIAN LAWYER."


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