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Wikipedia is helping to announce amazing discoveries that first appeared on in a recent article by the noted historian Dr. Rex Curry.

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The Opinion Editorials article explained how the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics followed the lead of the USA in the modern use of the swastika as overlapping "S" letters for "Socialism," adopted later by the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

Even Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has publicly noted Dr. Curry's influence on Wikipedia. Some Wikipedia writers use Dr. Curry's work without attribution in apparent attempts to bolster their own credibility.

More information about the use of the swastika by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is at

Dr. Curry's discoveries have changed the way that people think about the swastika.

Wikipedia is known as an online encyclopedia.  The Wiki article repeats information from the Opinion Editorials article by Dr. Curry under the title "Swastika," with the sub heading "Russia."

Wikipedia has also helped to spread the news about Dr. Curry's discovery that the USA's early Pledge of Allegiance to the flag (1892) used a straight-arm salute and that the Pledge was the source of the salute of the monstrous National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSGWP).

Another Wikipedia article on the "Bellamy salute" references Dr. Curry's work showing that Charles Lindbergh and other Americans were photographed performing the early straight-arm salute to the U.S. flag, and that those photographs were used later to imply cooperation with German National Socialists.

A photograph of Lindbergh performing the salute is at

In his Pulitzer prize winning biography "Lindbergh," author A. Scott Berg also agrees with Dr. Curry's assertion that photographs of Americans performing the early Pledge salute were used to imply cooperation with the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSGWP). It is interesting to note that when the "Lindbergh" biography was written, the author Berg failed to make Dr. Curry's discovery that the American salute was the origin of the German Socialist salute.

The raised-arm salute was created (1892) by an American (Francis Bellamy) who was a self-proclaimed socialist in the Nationalism movement in the USA. It pre-dated the NSGWP by 30 years. The American salute is at adopted as its policies recommendations advocated by Dr. Curry and reported in Opinion Editorials.

Amazon's web site deletes and discourages use of the common 4-letter shorthand n-word for "National Socialist German Workers' Party" within Amazon's reviews, product information, tags and other uses.  By fighting the shorthand term, Amazon encourages customers to learn and to use the actual accurate name of the monstrous group: National Socialist German Workers' Party.

For a long time, Dr. Curry has exposed widespread ignorance in the media and in the general public about what the 4-letter abbreviation abbreviates. That etymological ignorance has grown through overuse of the hackneyed shorthand term in print and in government schools (socialist schools).  Dr. Curry advocated that the shorthand term should be avoided, unless it is used in conjunction with the full actual name of the Party. Amazon is helping Dr. Curry to reverse the ignorant habit within the media and the public.

The American socialist Francis Bellamy was cousin and cohort to Edward Bellamy, another famous socialist and the author of the novel "Looking Backward." Edward's book was an international bestseller, translated into every major language (including Russian, German and Chinese). The Bellamy dogma inspired the "Nationalism" movement in the USA, Germany and worldwide. Edward inspired the creation of the Nationalist Party. Edward and Francis supported the Nationalist Magazine, the Nationalist Educational Association, and Nationalist Clubs everywhere.

There may be other parallels with the America First Committee, in that Bellamy nationalists focused on nationalism (“my country over others”), nativism, rabid patriotism (e.g. Pledges of Allegiance in government schools with the original straight-arm salute), a government takeover of schools, and desires for government ownership and control of everything.  They wanted to nationalize everything and they wanted all of society to ape the military and they touted "military socialism" and the "industrial army."  

The Bellamys and the pledge inspired socialists worldwide, and in the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): 62 million slaughtered under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; 49 million slaughtered under the Peoples' Republic of China; 21 million slaughtered under the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

The American Pledge and salute from Bellamy socialists was the origin of the salutes of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Peoples' Republic of China, and the National Socialist German Workers' Party, and it inspired their robotic chanting and worship of government and flags and symbols in their government schools (socialist schools).

The National Socialist German Workers' Party clearly patterned itself upon the National Socialism promoted by socialists in the USA during the three decades before the NSGWP existed.

Three decades before the National Socialist German Workers' Party existed, socialists in the USA had promoted National Socialism, the straight-arm salute, collective robotic chanting, and the modern swastika as an "S" symbol for "socialism."

A Harvard graduate, Ernst Hanfstaengl, personally assisted the leader of the NSGWP in promoting national socialism with more ideas from America.

The USA is still the worst example in the world of bizarre laws that require robotic chanting to a national flag in government schools (socialist schools) every day for 12 years.

The Bellamys promoted a government takeover of schools, the placement of flags at schools, and robotic chanting of the pledge to the flag with the old notorious gesture. When the government granted their wishes, the government schools imposed segregation by law and taught racism as official government policy. The schools mandated the robotic chanting of the pledge with the straight-arm salute and persecuted and expelled children who would not comply, arrested parents, and even took children from parents on allegations of "unfit parenting."  There were acts of violence and lynchings.

The USA still follows similar anti libertarian policies promoted by the Bellamys. Many socialist policies caused the USA's big, expensive, oppressive government, its aggressive military socialism, and its growing police state. It caused the Great Socialist Depression (from the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act 1930 etc) that persisted and even lasted through U.S. involvement in WWII. The Pledge still exists along with laws mandating that teachers lead the robotic chanting every day for twelve years of each child's life (though the salute was altered). The government still owns and operates schools, including the same schools that imposed segregation by law and taught racism as official government policy.  That policy even outlasted the National Socialist German Workers' Party by over 15 years. After segregation in government's schools ended, the Bellamy legacy caused more police-state racism of forced busing that destroyed communities and neighborhoods and deepened hostilities. Those schools still exist.  Infants are given social security numbers (socialist slave numbers from 1935 during the NSGWP) that track and tax everyone for life.  Government schools (socialist schools) demand the numbers for enrollment.

The pledge and the flag have become examples of how dangerous government schools are (and how dangerous government is in general).  The brainwashing ritual has indoctrinated many students of government schools with the national socialist propaganda.

Support for Dr. Curry's discoveries also comes from the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).

Support also comes from the web site of the American Philological Association.

Dr. Curry's work has been recognized in the vexillological group Flags Of The World (FOTW).

Similar recognition occurred in the flag group North American Vexillological Association (NAVA).

Dr. Curry's news-making work is discussed on Odeo Radio.

The discoveries are on Radio Indymedia.

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Alfred Rosenberg was another notorious socialist who was active in Russia (in 1917) and in Germany (in the National Socialist German Workers' Party). The noted historian Dr. Rex Curry has suggested that this may have been the inspiration behind the adoption of the swastika as alphabetic symbolism for "socialism" by the National Socialist German Workers' Party.
Rosenberg was born to Baltic German parents in Reval (Tallinn) Estonia, then part of the Russian Empire. He studied architecture at the Riga Polyechnical Institute and engineering at Moscow University, completing his Ph.D. studies in 1917.

After the Russian Revolution of 1917, he emigrated to Germany (in 1918) along with his friend Max Scheubner-Richter. Rosenberg was one of the earliest (January 1919) members of the German Workers Party and it became the National Socialist German Workers Party and adopted the swastika as its symbol and used the symbol to represent "S" letters for "socialist." In 1921, Rosenberg became editor of the Völkischer Beobachter ("Folkish Observer"), the newspaper of the National Socialists.

Rosenberg also became a member of the Thule Society, founded August 17, 1918.  Rosenberg and the Thule Society touted oddball ideas about socialism, universal brotherhood, and the Aryan race that were all borrowed from the notorious socialist and occultist Madame Blavatsky and her Theosophical Society, formed in New York in 1875.  The Thule Society used a swastika as its symbol, however the Thule swastika was not the same swastika used by German National Socialists.  The swastika used by German National Socialists was the same swastika that had been used for forty years by Madame Blavatsky as a symbol for her utopian "socialist society."

Thule Society members maintained close contacts with followers of Theosophy and the followers of Helena Blavatsky. It is also interesting to note that the names of both groups had the same "TS" initials that the Theosophical Society had used in its symbolism for decades.


Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Swastika Secrets") has gained a lot of interest from Wikipedia readers regarding Dr. Curry's discovery that the flag used by the National Socialist German Workers' Party (the swastika flag) was altered to incorporate alphabetic symbolism. The swastika, although it was an ancient symbol, was used sometimes by the National Socialist German Workers Party to represent overlapping "S" letters for their "socialism."

The same symbolism is shown in the bizarre signature of the leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party, which he altered to use the same stylized "S" letter for "socialist"; He turned the symbol 45 degrees to the horizontal and oriented it in the S direction; and similar alphabetic symbolism was used for the "SS" Division and similar alphabetic symbolism still shows on Volkswagens.

The flag salute under German National Socialists originated from the USA's early Pledge of Allegiance. The original pledge began with a military salute that then stretched out toward the flag. In actual use, the second part of the gesture was performed with a straight arm and palm down by disinterested children perfunctorily performing the forced ritual chanting by extending the initial military salute, as shown by Professor Curry. Due to the way that both gestures were used sequentially in the pledge, the military salute led to the hard, stylized salute of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSGWP). The NSGWP salute is an extended military salute via the USA's pledge.

Dr. Curry (author of "Pledge of Allegiance Secrets") helped to establish that it was not an ancient Roman salute, and that the "ancient Roman salute" is a modern myth that grew during and after the lives of Edward Bellamy (1850-1898) and Francis Bellamy (1855-1931).

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) listings for the phrase "Roman salute" support Dr. Curry's discoveries. The Roman myth grew in many ways, including the use of the USA's pledge salute in early movies showing fictional Roman scenes. The myth is still repeated in efforts to cover-up Dr. Curry's discoveries.


At any given moment, valuable information about a topic can disappear from Wikipedia simply by any neo-nazi or other hooligan deleting it from Wikipedia and substituting pro-nazi propaganda, which they try to maintain on the site.  Dr. Curry's work, similar to many Wikipedia additions and improvements, has been attacked by neo-nazis repeatedly.

Some victims of goverrnment schools vandalize Wikipedia articles, not only through their sheer ignorance, but also for malicious reasons. They delete anything they do not like, even if it is true information.

USSA United Socialist States of America
USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
United Socialist States of America USSA USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
USSA United Socialist States of America
USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Wikipedia changes by the millisecond, literally. If anyone outside of Wikipedia exposes deceitfulness in a Wikipedia article, that deceitfulness can be covered-up by wakipedians quickly (the deceitfulness on Wakipedia will not necessarily be corrected, but it is likely to be covered-up, or altered in reference to an outside article exposing the deceitfulness).

That is why all competent teachers and professors put the following in each syllabus (or in an announcement to students): DO NOT CITE WIKIPEDIA.

At one point the following appeared in a wakipedia article about Charles Lindbergh: "Interventionists created pamphlets pointing out his efforts were praised in Nazi Germany and included quotations such as "Racial strength is vital; politics, a luxury". They included pictures of him and other America Firsters using the stiff-armed Bellamy salute (a hand gesture described by Francis Bellamy to accompany his Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States); the photos were taken from an angle not showing the American flag, so to observers it was indistinguishable from the Hitler salute."

One example of deceitfulness in the Lindbergh article is the hackneyed/misleading use of the short-hand term for the "National Socialist German Workers Party" (the actual name of the group is  normally covered-up on Wakipedia, as well as the fact that German National Socialists did not call themselves by the short-hand term, but called themselves "national socialists"). In the Lindbergh paragraph the deceit is important to wakipedians because they don't want readers to realize that Francis Bellamy also called himself a national socialist and a Christian socialist (and he touted military socialism) and that his Pledge of Allegiance was the origin of the raised-arm salute adopted later by German National Socialists, and that Francis Bellamy and Edward Bellamy influenced the National Socialist German Workers Party, its dogma, symbols and rituals, as shown in the discoveries of the symbologist Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Pledge Of Allegiance Secrets").
A youtube video explains more

Wakipedians also do not want readers to know that, although an ancient symbol, the flag symbol used by German National Socialists was used to symbolize crossed S-letters for their "socialism," as shown in Dr. Curry's work. Also, German National Socialists called their symbol a Hakenkreuze (hooked cross), not a swastika. Wakipedians don't want readers to think about what that means.

The picture of Lindbergh performing the early Pledge salute that is cited is here.

More videos and images are at

Another wakipedia error exists in this quote from the Lindbergh article: "They included pictures of him and other America Firsters using the stiff-armed Bellamy salute (a hand gesture described by Francis Bellamy to accompany his Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States)." The stiff-armed salute was NOT the Bellamy salute (it was not the hand gesture described by Francis Bellamy to accompany his Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States). Anyone can read Bellamy's description of the salute and see the difference.

Wakipedians have reading comprehension problems.

Wakipedians also try to cover-up Dr. Rex Curry's work showing that Bellamy's salute was the origin of the stiff-armed salute, adopted later by the National Socialist German Workers Party.

The Lindbergh photo shows Lindbergh performing the early pledge salute that resulted from Bellamy's original pledge. Bellamy and his cohort James B. Upham began the Pledge with a military salute that was then stretched out toward the flag (Bellamy advocated "military socialism" and wanted all of society to ape the military). In practice, the second gesture was performed palm-down and with a stiff-arm by children executing the forced robotic chanting. Eventually, the initial military gesture was dropped entirely, leaving nothing but the raised-arm salute as the early American salute.

The other wakipedian sentence is comical: "the photos were taken from an angle not showing the American flag, so to observers it was indistinguishable from the Hitler salute." It was indistinquishable because they were the same salute, the German National Socialist salute came from the American National Socialist Francis Bellamy's pledge, and the only way anyone could tell any "difference" was what flag was present.

It was not an ancient Roman salute. The "ancient Roman salute" is a myth debunked by Dr. Curry.

Here are errors from the wakipedia article on the Bellamy salute: "In the 1920s, Italian fascists adopted the Roman salute to symbolise their claim to have revitalised Italy on the model of ancient Rome." Of couse, it was not "the Roman salute" then, and wakipedians want to mislead readers. It was the American salute from 1892. The term "Roman salute" did not even exist until decades later. Dr. Curry's work is supported by the Oxford English Dictionary.

Mussolini learned of the salute while Mussolini was a famous socialist writer and leader. Wakipedia provides no citation for its sentence because there is no support for it. There is not even support for the wakipedian claim for a motive in adopting the gesture: "to have revitalized Italy on the model of ancient Rome." Although that motive might have developed after-the-fact as a propagandistic lie (that wakipedia continues to misrepresent as the truth).

Another wakipedia error: "This was quickly copied by the German Nazis, creating the Nazi salute." Wakipedians want to say this because they hope readers will overlook America as the source, where the gesture existed from 1892, for three decades.

Rudolph Hess published an article titled "The Fascist Greeting" in June 1928, claiming that the gesture was used as early as 1921, before the German National Socialists had heard about Mussolini. Also see Dr. Curry's work regarding Hitler's "piano player" Ernst Hanfstaengl

It is possible that the Olympics adopted the American salute before the American salute was adopted by the socialists Mussolini and Hitler.

Another wakipedia error: "In order to prevent further confusion or controversy, President Franklin D. Roosevelt instituted the hand-over-the-heart gesture as the salute to be rendered by civilians during the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem in the United States, instead of the Bellamy salute." It is not known where wakipedians come up with the Roosevelt claim, as no citation is ever given, other than that Roosevelt happened to be in office when Congress officially adopted the Flag Code on 22 June 1942, regarding the heart gesture. Wakipedians love to glorify the national socialist FDR, who grew up (January 30, 1882 – April 12, 1945) during the time that time when the stiff-armed salute was ONLY the American salute performed daily in government schools.

Another wakipedia error: "There was initially some resistance to dropping the Bellamy salute....but this opposition died down quickly." When Congress acted it was decades after the socialists Mussolini and Hilter began using the gesture, it was years after World War II started, it was even after the USA became involved in WWII. There are many photographs and films showing the gesture performed in schools even after Congress' action. There are people who performed it into the 1960's (they communicate with After Congress passed its code, the entire country did not immediately go "Heil!" to FDR and Congress and goose-step to the dictates of FDR and Congress. That would be more likely to occur today.

Regarding wakipedia comments on the swastika inside the nose cone of the Spirit of St. Louis air plane. Wakipedia completely misses the symbolism of the swastika to the actual propeller, and that it is in the center with the hole in the middle. Wakipedia fails to distinquish the swastika from the German National Socialist symbol via the fact that the socialist symbol was in the S-letter direction in a form of alphabetical symbolism (the mention of which wakipedians will not allow on wakipedia. Seriously, try it yourself some time and see what happens. Ask your students to do the same). wakapedia states "native American-style" but can give no support because there is no support for that being in the minds of the people who painted it in the nose cone, nor even for it being an ancient native American symbol (wakipedia is just looking for any other way to distinquish it from the socialist symbol). Aside from that, whenever(?) any Native Americans did start using the stylized symbol, they certainly did not call it a swastika unless they picked up the term late from Europeans. It is a term of sanskrit origin. Thus, wakipedia continues to defame a sanskrit term (and a "different" symbol) by perpetuating the use of "swastika" for the socialist symbol and by failing to explain the socialist symbol and its actual German name and German socialist meaning.

And that is why all the other ignoramuses in the world do the same. They are reinforced by wakipedia. Hell, they write wakipedia.