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Price Gouging is good image. Anti gouging laws are bad.

    Price gouging is good! Misguided criticism of price gouging follows earthquakes in California, as it follows Hurricanes Florida, and floods in the Midwest.  

    Price gouging provides extra money for suppliers to buy larger shipments of necessities and pay added costs for urgent delivery and extra employees under crisis conditions.  Wholesalers and distributors quickly reroute supplies to disaster areas where increased demand covers the added costs and permits a greater profit.  To defeat price gouging further hurts those who are already hurting.

    Price gouging is great! Higher prices cause people in non-damaged areas to delay purchases of building materials, freeing the material up for sale in disaster areas.  Protests of price gouging are made by the same people who whine about bare shelves in non-gouging stores. Price gouging is how free market pricing restrains buyers who would rush into non-gouging stores before or during a crisis and leave nothing but anchovies (but at the non-gouged price, of course).

    All goods are private property and sellers can charge whatever they wish or not sell at all.  Anti-gouging laws cause sellers not to reroute items to disaster areas and to delay selling near disaster areas.  People who support anti-gouging laws are ignorant statists who cut their own throats (and others').

    Price-gougers should be praised.  Sellers who do not gouge prices do not do themselves or consumers any favors.  They encourage hoarding and lessen their ability to increase replenishments.

    Any Libertarian or Objectivist will point out that anti-gouging laws achieve the opposite of what was intended. Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, China and other socialist economies demonstrate that government attempts to suppress prices causes greater shortages and suffering.  The laws of supply and demand do not change by popular edict.

    Mandating price gouging would make more sense than banning it, though no law at all is best.  The "correct" price for all goods at all times is the highest price anyone will pay.  That is how Capitalism creates abundance and prosperity.  Price gouging is beneficial.

This letter was originally published on 11-11-96

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