SEARCH AND SEIZURE in the USA's growing police state. The Pledge Of Allegiance
Say NO to Searches and Seizures and to the USA's growing police state and enjoy photography from Dr. Rex Curry

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Searches and seizures
Police State, Police States, SEARCH & SEIZURE -  SAY NO TO SEARCHES & SEIZURES against the USA's growing police state. Rex Curry
Graphic Art by Rex Curry

    A great way to meet people is to show up at parades and public events as the "Say No To Searches" (SNTS) guy or gal like the one at the url below.  Just give all partygoers a  “Say NO to searches!!” sticker and badge like the ones in the pics.  Stick on the stickers as they walk by, everyone loves them.  And hand out bumper stickers that say “I dare you to search my car!” or “I dare you to pull me over.”  The takers might end up in a hilarious predicament where a police officer pulls them over as was captured in the photo.  Be sure to make and wear a “SNTS” sandwich sign similar to the one in the first url.  It’s a fun way to meet people and to spread the libertarian message.
    Any home printer can print out lapel stickers and bumper stickers on pre-fab sticker forms from a nearby office supply store.
    There were lots of laughable security searches at the parades I attended as the SNTS guy (and they missed the ankle holster). That's more proof that libertarians are as qualified as law enforcement to carry (or moreso).  Seaches only served to disarm good people, and thus serve to arm and aid criminals.  
    One fan anonymously reports that while he was wearing a “say NO to searches” sticker a “law enforcement officer” (LEO) pointed at the sticker and asked "what does that mean?"  The fan said "You know  what it means." The cop retorted "Let me see your identification." The fan retorted "up yours" and ran into the crowds, losing the LEO. That's more than saying "no" to searches !!
    The stickers are also popular with kids during the "Great American Teach-In" and any other opportunity to speak in government schools.  click here for the story.

SNTS guy at
Police States Police States
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“I dare you pigs to search my car” bumper sticker
“I dare you pigs to pull me over” bumper sticker
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Police State Police States
Police States, Police State
Police State Police States

with the Libertarian Lawyer Dr. Rex Curry was one of a handful of lawyers who protested against and tried to stop assembly-line searches and demands for identification and 'papers' at government buildings and elsewhere.  Many courthouses force lawyers to submit to the degrading practices (along with everyone else) and most lawyers submitted without a peep of protest, and many lawyers openly defended the police-state tactics and they still do so to this very day.

TEACH EVERYONE TO SAY NO TO SEARCHES - Rex teaches school with new lessons about liberty.
THE SNTS SUPERHERO - you can be the "Say NO to Searches" superhero, with this free gear.
4th Am. UNREASONABLE SEARCHES - government schools enable illegal searches of students.
4th Am. SEARCHES WITH DOGS - drug laws encourage the corrupt use of drug dogs in a police state.
DRUG DOGS - these motions stop dogs used as ruses to violate the constitutional rights of humans.  
SAY "NO" TO SEARCHES (SNTS) - liberty lawyers fight government out of control.

Searches and Seizures JUST SAY NO TO SEARCHES & seizures fight the USA's growing police state
LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL - supports guns in courthouses & ending courthouse shake-downs

ASSEMBLY LINE SEARCHES - can police state tactics be refused?
UNCLE SAM  -wants you to bend over for his cold paranoid finger pic(1) pic(2). Tell him to bite the 4th Am.
LAWYER SEEKS INFO ON SEARCH REFUSALS - describe any incidents and their outcome.
OPPOSING DEMANDS FOR IDENTIFICATION - & police states and government paranoia.
- hand out these police state stickers police states and badges at parades & events.
It's my educational pro bono work.
DRUG SNIFFING DOGS - he said "NO" to searches (SNTS). And he won! Bow-wow !
DRUGS, GUNS & BAD POLICE SEARCHES - another victory for liberty & peacful conduct.
COPS: THEIR OWN ANONYMOUS TIP SOURCES? - not in this cocaine case.

Searches and Seizures Dr. Rex Curry, Libertarian Lawyer on illegal search and seizure

Pledge of Allegiance Pledge of Allegiance
Pledge of Allegiance Pledge of Allegiance
Rex Curry photography and graphic art
Manchurian Candidates exposed by Rex Curry
Rex Curry
Manchurian Candidates
Pledge of Allegiance, Manchurian Candidates exposed by Dr. Rex Curry
Socialists in the USA originated the Nazi salute, robotic group-chanting to flags, Nazism, flag fetishism, and the modern swastika as "S" symbolism for "Socialism."

Much of that history is the history of the Pledge Of Allegiance.  Pledge Of Allegiance photographs expose America’s terrifying past.

Those historical facts explain the enormous size and scope of government today, and the USA's growing police state.  They are reasons for massive reductions in government, taxation, spending and socialism.

The "Nazi salute" is more accurately called the "American salute" as it was created and popularized by national socialists in the USA.  It was the early salute of the Pledge of Allegiance. The Pledge was written by Francis Bellamy. Francis Bellamy was cousin and cohort of Edward Bellamy. Edward Bellamy and Francis Bellamy were self-proclaimed socialists in the Nationalism movement and they promoted military socialism.

They wanted the government to take over education and use it to spread their worship of government.  When the government granted their wish, the government’s schools imposed segregation by law and taught racism as official policy.  The official racism and segregation was a bad example three decades before the National Socialist German Workers Party, and decades afterward.

The Pledge was mandated by law in government schools for three decades before, and through, the creation of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

see photo of Pledge of Allegiance Pledge of Allegiance.

Many people do not know that the term "Nazi" means "National Socialist German Workers' Party."  Members of the horrid group did not call themselves Nazis.  In that sense, there was no Nazi Party.  They also did not call themselves Fascists. They called themselves socialists, just as their name indicates.

The historian Dr. Rex Curry showed that the early Pledge Of Allegiance did not use an ancient Roman salute, and that the 'ancient Roman salute'  myth came from the Pledge Of Allegiance." The discoveries have been reviewed and verified on wikipedia 

The original pledge was anti libertarian and began with a military salute that then stretched out toward the flag. In actual use, the second part of the gesture was performed with a straight arm and palm down by children casually performing the forced ritual chanting.  Due to the way that both gestures were used sequentially in the pledge, the military salute led to the Nazi salute. The Nazi salute is an extended military salute via the USA's Pledge Of Allegiance.

Media coverage about the discoveries continues to grow

Fan mail for work exposing the Pledge’s poisonous pedigree is at

And listen at

The Pledge's early salute caused quite a Fuhrer/furor. The dogma behind the Pledge was the same dogma that led to the socialist Wholecost (of which the Holocaust was a part): 62 million slaughtered under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; 49 million under the Peoples’ Republic of China; 21 million under the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. It was the worst slaughter of humanity ever.

People were persecuted (beatings, lynchings, etc) for refusing to perform robotic chanting to the national flag at the same time in government schools in the USA and Germany (to the American flag, and to the German swastika flag).

American socialists (Edward Bellamy teamed with the Theosophical Society) also bear some blame for the modern swastika Swastikas became overlapping S-letters for "socialism," all shown in the research of the noted symbologist Dr. Rex Curry.  Although the swastika was an ancient symbol, its use was altered to alphabetic symbolism in modern times. As German socialism's notorious flag symbol, the swastika was deliberately turned 45 degrees to the horizontal and always oriented in the S-direction. Similar alphabetic symbolism is still visible as Volkswagen logos.

The bizarre acts in the USA began as early as 1875 and continued through the creation of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (German Nazis or NSGWP).  American soldiers used the swastika symbol in WWI (against Germany) and the symbol was used by the American military during WWII.

The NSGWP had clear roots in National Socialism promoted by socialists in the USA. Amazing graphic images that prove the point are at

The USA is still the worst example in the world of bizarre laws that require robotic chanting to a national flag in government schools (socialist schools) every day for 12 years. It has changed generations of Americans from libertarians to authoritarians. The government bamboozled individuals into believing that collective robotic chanting in government schools daily is a beautiful expression of freedom. Frightening photographs are at

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