Sponge Farming & Sponge Diving Sponging capitalism save the environment !  
Frightening information about the history of the Pledge of Allegiance is at http://rexcurry.net/book1a1contents-pledge.html (with shocking historical photographs).

For fascinating information about symbolism see http://rexcurry.net/book1a1contents-swastika.html 

Hear audio on worldwide radio at http://rexcurry.net/audio-rex-curry-podcast-radio.html


Socialism is as environmentally disastrous underwater as it has been on land. http://rexcurry.net/comindex.html  

    Florida waters, like those everywhere, lack private property rights and thereby suffer great damage.  Overharvesting, which results from soggy socialism's "tragedy of the commons" is particularly pronounced in sponging. http://rexcurry.net/tagfish1a.jpg

    There are few things besides natural sponges that are harvested at one-fifth of their pre-World War II level.   In the 1930’s, sponging was the number one industry in the Bahamas, and probably in Key West, Florida. Machinery improvements and better farming techniques result in higher productions of most commodities, but not natural sponges.  "Public" (state) ownership of submerged lands has long defeated sponge aquaculture and other undersea farming along with its abundant ecology. http://rexcurry.net/sponges.html

    For example, when a hook is used to tear a sponge from the bottom, some material is left attached to the bottom to grow back.  This occurs about one-third of the time.  If a sponge is cut from the bottom instead of torn, it has been discovered that a sponge will grow back two-thirds of the time.  The lack of ownership in sponge beds means spongers have reduced opportunities to make such discoveries, and equally slight incentive to exert effort implementing them.  Public officials and other experts have even less incentive.  Under soggy socialism, success is measured by how quickly a sponger can find and raid dwindling sponge beds, not by one's success at increasing sponge size or reproduction. http://rexcurry.net/earthcharter.html
    As is often the case, capitalism has provided an answer to the environmental destruction caused by central planning.  Socialism's ruiness effect on natural sponges was the catalyst for market substitutes: artificial sponges.  Due to collectivism, natural sponges are now oddities, and artificial sponges are better, commonplace, cheap and come in greater varieties and sizes than Mother Nature can produce.  Thanks to capitalism, the demand for natural sponges is now slight where socialism caused, and still causes, overharvesting.

    Imagine if defenders of "common ownership" of water and natural sponges applied their logic consistently to achieve common ownership of artificial sponges.  The same disaster would result.  Everyone would grab as many of the publicly owned artificial sponges as possible.   Owners of artificial sponge material and equipment would stop making sponges and find other work, while jobs in the industry would end just as jobs in natural sponging disappeared.  Actual violence would break out in efforts to control the artificial sponge market, just as violence ruled the "commonly owned" natural sponge beds of Key West and Tarpon Springs, Florida, as dramatized in the movie "The Twelve Mile Reef."

    As shortages of artificial sponges grew, public officials would pass more and more regulations and controls such as they have in banning sponge diving in the Florida keys and phasing out harvesting in Biscayne Bay.

    Of course, officials would never comprehend that they bankrupted the artificial sponge industry, just as no socialist government has ever conceded causing shortages of natural sponges, nor food, clothing, housing or anything.  Proponents of such policies will not publicly debate them with advocates of free market economics and private property rights. http://rexcurry.net/tagturtle1a.jpg

    The socialist dogma is the same dogma that was touted in the late 19th century by National Socialists in the USA. Francis Bellamy (author of the "Pledge of Allegiance") and his cousin and cohort Edward Bellamy (author of the pathetic book "Looking Backward") wanted the government to take over all food, clothing, shelter, goods and services and create an "industrial army" to impose their "military socialism." See the video documentary at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BssWWZ3XEe4

That was the motiviation behind the "Pledge of Allegiance" to the flag, the origin of the stiff-armed salute adopted later by the National Socialist German Workers Party (see the work of the historian Dr. Rex Curry, author of "Pledge of Allegiance Secrets"). http://rexcurry.net/pledge-allegiance-pledge-allegiance2.jpg

 It led to the use of the swastika as S-letters for "socialism" on the flag under German National Socialism. http://rexcurry.net/swastika3swastika.jpg

It is the same dogma that led to the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): ~60 million killed under the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; ~50 million under the Peoples' Republic of China; ~20 million under the National Socialist German Workers' Party. http://rexcurry.net/socialists.html

    The environment will be made safer by reducing government until undersea socialism (and all socialism) ends.  As Libertarians and Objectivists say, there is no reason why free enterprise and private property rights should stop at the water's edge.  The color of a healthy environment and the color of money are the same.  Capitalists are the true "greens" of the environmental movement, and only private property rights can give natural sponging a chance to survive and thrive.


RexCurry.net is the history-making, news-breaking website that archives the work of the lawyer, author, and instructor. A sixth-generation Floridian and a life-long resident, Dr. Curry has predecessors who helped settle and develop the Bahamas and Key West when government there was nearly non-existent. The Curry family has lived in Florida since before 1857. The Curry Mansion (home of Florida’s first millionaire capitalist) is on Key West's local tour and you can stay there on visits http://rexcurry.net/curry-mansion.html and try to see Curry Key near the Everglades at the south end of Florida. Also, visit the Currys in the Bahama Islands and on Curry Key there http://rexcurry.net/curry-bahamas.html  Also visit Curry Lake in central Florida. http://rexcurry.net/Curry-Lake.html

Sponge Farming & Sponge Diving Sponging capitalism save the environment !

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SPONGE FARMING, SPONGE DIVING, commercial cultured sponge aquaculture,  SPONGES IN THE SEA & OCEAN habitat reproduction pictures Free Market Environmentalism and Eco Captialism are saving sponges and sponging from socialism. Without eco capitalism, Key West, Tarpon Springs, and the Bahamas suffer under socialism.