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The Society of Christian Socialists ?

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Republicans are the Society of Christian Socialists ?

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Should the Republican Party be renamed the "Society of Christian Socialists"?

Most Republicans favor the Pledge of Allegiance, which was written by Francis Bellamy, a member of the Society of Christian Socialists. See the video documentary at

Bellamy wrote the pledge to promote socialism in the most socialistic institution -government schools.

When Republicans criticize the 9th Circuit Court of appeals, Republicans don't call for ending government schools, instead Republicans simply criticize the ruling against the phrase "under God."

When the First Amendment establishment clause was written, the government wasn't operating schools, and wasn't making students say pledges with, or without, God. But that isn't part of any Republican arguments.

Republicans don't call for ending government schools. Republicans want students to say the pledge in the government schools, and they want the phrase "under God" included.

Perhaps the name "Society of Christian Socialists" would fit Republicans even better than Bellamy, since Republicans favor the more religious version of Bellamy's pledge with the phrase "under God" inserted in 1954. When the pledge was originally written, the socialist Bellamy didn't want God used to endorse socialism and government schools. Republicans are more socialistic than that today.

It's a good bet that if the present Republican Party policies were compared with those of the Society of Christian Socialists in 1862, it would be seen that the Republicans have adopted and surpassed the socialism of the Society of Christian Socialists of 1862.

Should the Republican Party be renamed the "Society of Christian Socialists"?

The Pledge of Allegiance shows how republicans are useful idiots and fools who have been duped by socialists for over a century.

Socialists in the United States have a long history of duping republicans. Pledge of Allegiance photographs show how socialists used government schools (socialist schools) to impose segregation by law, to teach racism as official policy, to indoctrinate students against capitalism, and to stamp out individuality and freedom.
Socialism has a history of seducing and duping republicans.

The Pledge of Allegiance was written by the American socialist Francis Bellamy, cousing and cohort to another infamous American socialist, Edward Bellamy (author of the book Looking Backward). They wanted to impose a heavy-handed method of brain-washing migrants and all Americans into accepting their socialist dogma that they called "Nationalism."  

The government, through its schools, taught racism, segregation and socialism for decades and it served as a bad example long before the formation of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSGWP).  Government in the U.S. even continued the bad behavior (segregation and racism) for decades after the NSGWP ended, and even into the 1960's. Thereafter, the legacy caused more police-state racism of forced busing that destroyed communities and neighborhoods and deepened hostilities. Government schools have never stopped teaching socialism.

Francis Bellamy's Pledge of Allegiance (1892) was the origin of the stiff-arm salute of the National Socialist German Workers' Party, as shown in the work of the noted historian Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Pledge of Allegiance Secrets"). People were persecuted for refusing to give the straight arm salute to the national flag.  That was the national flag of the USA and of Germany. It happened at the same time in the USA (to the stars and stripes) and in Germany (to the swastika flag).

Edward Bellamy helped spread modern swastika symbolism as overlapping S-letters for "socialism" adopted by the National Socialist German Workers' Party.  

In 1888, Edward Bellamy's National Socialism movement teamed up with Madame Blavatsky's Theosophical Society to mutually promote their socialist dogma. The Theosophical Society had used the swastika as S-letters for "socialism" as early as 1875.

All of the above shows how close the USA came (and is still coming) to the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (65 million dead); the Peoples' Republic of China (49 million dead); the National Socialist German Workers' Party (21 million dead).

Even today, some people still love the socialist's Pledge Of Allegiance and claim that it should not be recited in Spanish. They are correct that the Pledge should not be recited in Spanish, because the Pledge should be recited only in German, Russian, or Chinese.

Some people say that Dr. Curry's work exposes many Americans as fools and as useful idiots for socialists.

Please stand for the RexCurry.Net theme song.

It is a wonder why putting references to God on money and on the socialists's pledge is not considered blasphemous. It is a wonder why there is no movement to put "under God" on the flag itself (it is already on coins and in the socialist's pledge). It would be similar to "God is Great" written on the flag of Iraq.

The Capitalist philosopher Ayn Rand once said that she felt like the only adult in a world full of children.  She might have added that she felt like the only adult in a world full of children robotically chanting the Pledge of Allegiance.


Rex Curry is an attorney in Tampa, Florida. He can be reached via email at rexy  -at-

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Republicans, the Society of Christian Socialists
By Rex Curry, 7/12/2002 3:36:17 AM


The Redpublican Socialist Party and the neocoms are a lost cause for liberty and must end (or merge with the Democratic Socialist Party).  Here is why.....

The neocoms used the phrase "Homeland Security" when naming an agency.  (This fact alone merits banishment for eternity).

The Redpublican Governor of Florida and Redpublican legislators passed a record theft, wealth redistribution, and socialism package to give money to Scripps Inc., to move to Florida.

On the national level, redpublicans are stealing over $87 billion to send to Iraq and elsewhere.

After Rush Limbaugh was accused of street level purchases of drugs that might carry minimum mandatory sentences, not only did he fail to retract his previous police-state pronouncements on the "drug war," but Florida Governor Jeb Bush chimed in for a new neocom police-state registry for tracking all prescriptions of that type.

A google search indicates that the first website on the internet to specifically coin the term "Redpublican Party" is 

Redpublican Party is destined to be a household word at the rate the Redpublican Party is flushing itself down the toilet of socialism, outdoing even the democratic socialists. also originated the term "neocom."  Google also reveals that is also one of the first web sites to describe the current President Bush as "President Hillary in drag."

redpublican neocoms, neocom redpublicans, republican neocoms, neocom republicans, redpublicans, redpublican socialists
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The Pledge Of Allegiance

A trip to Utah paid off again with a newspaper article about the Pledge of Allegiance that exposes the pledge's anti libertarian pedigree

Bad writing is shown regarding the Pledge of Allegiance in the newspaper article (at ).

But there is a large informative photograph regarding the Pledge of Allegiance


College Republicans at UVSC organize rally to support the phrase 'under God'
Date: Thursday, November 17

Students joined state legislators and the attorney general in reciting the pledge of allegiance at UVSC on Wednesday to show their support for the words "under God."

State Rep. Rebecca Lockhart, R-Provo, and state Sens. Parley Hellewell, R-Orem, and Curt Bramble, R-Provo, and Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff attended a rally organized by College Republicans at Utah Valley State College themed "Keep Us One Nation Under God."

College Republican President Bryan Horn said the event was intended to protest the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals' 2002 ruling that the phrase "under God" makes the pledge an unconstitutional endorsement of religion, as well as to show support for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for the U.S. flag.

Shurtleff said the ruling "effectively took a piece of masking tape and put it over the mouth of every kid in America who have a right under the Constitution to freedom of religion, free expression and freedom to worship.

"That, to me, was a violation of the First Amendment, not the other way around."

The crowd responded with applause when Shurtleff proclaimed, "Those who want to express that should not be prohibited by government -- whether it's state government, or the 9th Circuit, or the Supreme Court -- from being able to express their belief in a god."

Shurtleff also said he supports a constitutional amendment to protect the flag from desecration.

"There are other ways for people to express their freedom and what they want, their attitude about this government, about this country, about anything they want, but not the symbol of our sovereignty, not the symbol that continues to represent our freedoms in this country," he said.

Horn said the flag is an international symbol of freedom.

"When our pioneer and founding women under Betsy Ross first sewed that first American flag, they consecrated it to this nation and said that it would be a symbol and a beacon of hope to the world. The flag still is that today."

After the rally, as the song "God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood played on the speakers in the Ragan Theater, Jeff Cardon of Orem said he attended the rally to celebrate freedom.

"This was a great opportunity to listen to what our local leaders are striving for in guiding our state and our community and our country," he said.

Freshman general studies major Angie Oldham said she wants to help make sure the country stays one nation under God. "That's what our nation was founded on, and I don't think anybody should change that."

Anna Chang-Yen can be reached at 344-2549 or

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