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Elaine Silvestrini, Tampa Tribune concedes that Dr. Rex Curry's work is correct!
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There is a point where a government becomes so socialistic that all cops are de facto "bad cops" because they represent the government and enforce its policies. Examples include the countries under the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): under
the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (~60 million people slaughtered); under the Peoples' Republic of China (~50 million); under the National Socialist German Workers' Party (~20 million). Under such socialistic societies there are no good cops or, if any, they must be extremely rare and able to do little. It is where "all the cops are criminals and all the sinners [are] saints" as the Rolling Stones might say.

There is a point where a government becomes so socialistic that all media are de facto "bad media" because they serve the government and disseminate its policies. Examples include media in the countries of the Wholecaust. In  such societies, good media either does not exist or can do little.

The government in the USA under Republican President George W. Bush quickly grew to be more than twice as socialistic as it was under the previous Democratic administration (in social spending alone) and the rate of growth only increased. The government under Democratic President Clinton was enormous and enormously larger than what preceded it. To learn more about the USA's growing police state see  

If the USA's trend continues, the percentage of bad cops will increase.

Government is the largest source of crime, including the worst crimes of all time. A branch of criminology is devoted to studying the many ways that government increases crime.

Below are links and information exploring those issues.

bad cops
flex your rights
police corruption
Learn how drug dogs are used by cops for lies, perjury and to violate rights
Are drug dogs used to plant drugs and frame people?

Much can be learned about crime scene investigators, criminalists, forensic scientists, and criminal investigators from videos regarding the following cases:
John Stoll and the documentary movie "Witch Hunt" concerning Bakersfield, California (see Youtube). The government taught sexual activity to children and then used the children to frame the children's parents, sentencing the parents to prison for decades. Of course, in the USA, the government molests children every morning. Children who resist are persecuted and molested even more. It has been happening since 1892.
Michael Crowe, a teenager accused of stabbing his sister Stephanie, interrogated and coerced to confess to the murder in Escondido, California.
Timothy Masters, another teenager accused of murder (of Peggy Hettrick) in Fort Collins, Colorado.
On other police abuses and brutality see
Prison Planet
National Police Abuse Project

Cops often separate suspects detained on the street for questioning, in order to note differences in each suspect's statements.  Cops use the same modus operandi to conspire to obstruct justice in their own official depositions or other investigations.  In depositions, cops separate themselves (for example, of 4 cops scheduled for depositions, only 2 cops will not show up for the original scheduled deposition) so that if the missing cops are deposed later, they will have had time to discover from the first deposed cops whether there are any surprises or problems in the investigation, so that the second cops can color their testimony or lie in order to fix any problems.

The modus operandi above is part of what is known at the “Blue Wall of Silence.” The Blue Wall of Silence is the name coined to describe the perceived propensity of cops to unite by limiting their cooperation with others.  That behavior causes the public perception that cops hide the truth, are manipulative and that behavior has created the term “testilying” and the idea that police officers refusing to testify against another police officer are said to be delivering the "Standard Police Answer," that they can not recall anything that has happened.

Nevertheless, cops are still allowed to lie to suspects in various ways as part of official interrogation methods.  The lies are still tolerated despite infamous cases in which the lies resulted in false confessions, and additional lies by the cops themselves in order to frame people.

The cop method of using lies during interrogations can also be used against cops.  For example, cops might claim that a suspect attacked the cops on the street at night.  Later, when the cops are deposed in such a case, Dr. Rex Curry has started the depositions by announcing to the first cop that a videotape of the incident exists. Suddenly, the cops testimony changes from the boilerplate allegations written in an earlier police report about the incident.

When the deposition ends for the first cop, some lawyers make the mistake of allowing the first cop to leave and to send in the next cop.   That mistake allows the first cop to alert the next cop and any other cops still to be deposed.  The best practice is for the attorney to walk the first cop out and immediately accompany the next cop back.  The next cop can then be informed that a video of the incident exists.

Homeowner had 'a right to resist'
Judge acquits John Coffin on 5 felony charges; Coffin gets time served on 6th.

SARASOTA -- John Coffin won't spend any more time in jail for beating up two sheriff's deputies inside his house, striking one in the head with a Taser gun he took from the other.

Circuit Judge Rick De Furia said at Coffin's trial Tuesday that he doesn't condone the violence against the deputies.

But Coffin, 56, had a right to defend his family and property because the deputies had no right to be in Coffin's house in the first place, De Furia said.

"Law enforcement was responsible for the chain of events here," De Furia said. "I think in situations like this, officers become so frustrated they go beyond what the law allows them to do."

The fight started when Coffin heard his wife screaming in pain, went into the garage and saw two deputies arresting her on the floor.

The deputies were trying to serve Coffin with civil papers that had been given five days earlier. They had entered the garage even though they did not have a search warrant or arrest warrant.

And they arrested Coffin's wife, Cynthia, 50, on obstruction charges even though she had no obligation to follow their orders to bring her husband outside.

"The most critical is the fact the officers broke the law by stopping the garage door from going down," and then entering the garage, De Furia said.

A jury was picked for the trial Monday. But the judge granted a motion by Coffin's attorneys, Derek Byrd and Brett McIntosh, and acquitted John Coffin on five of six felony charges Tuesday morning.

Coffin pleaded no contest to the remaining charge of taking a Taser gun from one of the deputies during the fight.

Before handing down the sentence, De Furia asked how long Coffin spent in jail after his initial arrest.

"You spent eight days in the Sarasota County jail," De Furia said. "That's your sentence. No probation."

Relatives applauded, and Coffin walked out of the courthouse with only a $358 bill for court costs. The sentence surprised even defense attorneys, who had suggested De Furia sentence Coffin to probation.

Prosecutors had asked for more than a year of prison time because of "the totality of the case" and the injuries to deputies James Lutz and Stacy Ferris, whose name is now Stacy Brandau.

The two deputies testified about their injuries Tuesday -- three blows to the head with the butt of the Taser gun knocked Lutz unconscious.

"I just ask that he doesn't get away with this," Brandau told the judge.

Assistant State Attorney Jeff Young told the judge the case "could have been over in five seconds" if the Coffins "had simply come out and cooperated."

"That is a man who took it upon himself to beat up two police officers," Young said.

De Furia said that while he believed the deputies' mistakes were not intentional, the Coffins had every right to lock doors, try to close their garage door and not cooperate.

"What took place in the house was unfortunate," De Furia said, "but Mr. Coffin ... had a right to resist."


bad cops Gerald David Webber at rexcurrydotnet

Judge orders former lawman jailed

Gerald David Webber

Listen to what he did at
read the transcript at
This is a reminder of the government's similar behavior at the Abu Ghraib "prison."  Please recollect the abuse photos.

This is more explanation of why many law enforcement agencies (including the FBI) have a policy of not recording interrogations.  The only reason you can hear this is because someone else recorded it without their knowledge.

Judge orders former lawman jailed,1406,KNS_347_3567001,00.html

February 22, 2005

A federal judge today ordered former Campbell County narcotics investigator Gerald David Webber to jail until his sentencing in May for beating and torturing a drug dealer.

Webber, 40, answered U.S. District Court Judge Tom Varlan's questions but stood ramrod straight and quiet for most of the 30-minute hearing.

Webber is one of five former Campbell County lawmen charged with federal civil rights violations of Lester Eugene Siler, 42, of the White Oak community.

He was the first to appear in court; three others are due in court later this week. The fifth is yet to be scheduled.

They are charged with handcuffing and torturing Siler for two hours on July 8, 2004, demanding his drugs and money.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Charles Atchley said none of the men deserved -- under federal law -- their freedom and asked Varlan to incarcerate them after their pleas.

Varlan agreed and ordered Webber to be taken into custody immediately. He is to be sentenced May 23.

Siler and members of his family were present in the courtroom.

Siler's attorneys said they were pleased with the outcome and will probably file a lawsuit within the next 30 days.

Webber, who headed narcotics investigations for Campbell County and is accused of being the ringleader in the alleged torture, pleaded guilty to an information charging him with conspiracy to violate Siler's civil rights.

Samuel Franklin, 42, a veteran detective at the agency and head of its D.A.R.E. program, is scheduled to plead guilty Wednesday, court records show. Rookie Deputy Joshua Monday, 24, and process server Shayne Green, 35, are expected to plead guilty Thursday, according to records.

The four lawmen and part-time process server William Carroll, 26, were named in federal informations filed earlier this month in U.S. District Court. They are accused of beating and torturing Siler after showing up at his house to serve a violation of probation warrant.

Part of the alleged attack was captured on an audiotape after Siler's wife, Jenny, stashed a tape recorder in the kitchen. An FBI transcript of the tape revealed in chilling detail how Siler was threatened, beaten and tortured, with deputies demanding two things from him: that he sign a form to show he agreed for his house to be searched and that he turn over to them all his cash and drugs.

Attorneys for Webber and Franklin filed motions asking Varlan to allow their clients to remain free pending sentencing hearings.

An attorney for Monday, who is not charged in the conspiracy but instead is accused of a separate count of pointing a gun at Siler and threatening to shoot him during Siler's ordeal, also wants his client freed until he is sentenced.

Attorney Lee Asbury argued in his motion that Webber, who lives in Anderson County, "has no prior criminal record" and "has never missed or been late for an appointment with the U.S. Attorney."

Webber, Asbury insisted, should be allowed his freedom because "he has at all times cooperated with the United States Attorney, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Department of Justice."

Asbury's motion does not note, however, that Webber is accused in state court charges of lying to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in that agency's initial investigation of the incident.

Green, Monday and Franklin also are charged in state court with perjury. The four also face charges in Campbell County Criminal Court of official oppression. District Attorney General Paul Phillips has said state court charges likely will be dropped if the men wind up imprisoned in the federal case. Federal penalties are higher than any that might be handed out in state court, he has said.

Franklin's attorney, Andrew S. Roskind, contends Franklin only went to Siler's house at the request of Webber. Franklin, Roskind says, asked Siler's wife and son to leave the house and, along with the other four lawmen, demanded Siler sign the consent form.

"After making the request, Mr. Franklin threatened Mr. Siler with the use of a slapjack and breaking Mr. Siler's fingers," Roskind wrote. "Mr. Franklin never carried through with either threat nor did he allow one of the other four ... to use his slapjack or break Mr. Siler's fingers.

"Unfortunately and regrettably, although Mr. Franklin never physically harmed Mr. Siler, he failed to stop the other individuals from inflicting further ... harm and injury," Roskind continued.

Roskind contends in his motion that Franklin has served both Campbell County and his country -- he was once in the military -- admirably and deserves freedom pending sentencing because of that.

Monday's attorney, Dennis Francis, writes that his client has no prior criminal history and would agree to be electronically monitored if allowed to remain free.

Atchley counters that none of the men are entitled to freedom.

All, he wrote, will plead guilty to a "crime of violence" for which federal law requires immediate detention. The only exceptions to that law, Atchley noted, would come if the case against them was weak or the lawmen were likely to receive probation.

"The exceptions do not apply," Atchley wrote, indicating that he will indeed seek prison terms for the men.

As for Franklin, Atchley contends Franklin's service to Campbell County and the military does not set him apart from the garden-variety criminal.

"Even painting the defendant's employment history and military service in the best possible light, it seems a bit of a stretch to state that these make his personal character out of the ordinary, uncommon and rare," Atchley wrote.


Defense In Drug Case Cries Foul In Document Seizure . Published: May 11, 2006 in Tampa Tribune

For another article regarding Elaine Silvestrini, Tampa Tribune writer see -
Elaine Silvestrini, Tampa Tribune concedes that Dr. Rex Curry's work is correct?!
Photo re: Pledge of Allegiance Elaine Silvestrini & the Pledge of Allegiance

TAMPA - Weeks before a man accused of being a drug kingpin is set to go on trial, federal investigators have seized what defense attorneys say are crucial defense documents, including a 23-page memo outlining the defense's strategy.

The prosecution says the seizure of documents from a defense investigator who was returning from a trip to Colombia was part of an investigation into whether the investigator may have been involved in money laundering or other financial crimes.

"It is a very, I think, bizarre situation we find ourselves in," U.S. Magistrate Elizabeth Jenkins said as she grappled with defense requests that she sanction the prosecution and consider dismissing the case against Joaquin Mario Valencia-Trujillo.

Later, addressing the Assistant U.S. Attorney, Jenkins said, "You've made a very serious step. Whether it's a misstep or not remains to be seen."

Accused of once being a leader in Colombia's notorious Cali Cartel, Valencia-Trujillo is the most-wanted suspect arrested so far in Operation Panama Express, a decadelong international drug investigation run from Tampa. He is scheduled to go on trial June 5. It is expected to take six months.

The Assistant U.S. Attorney asked Jenkins to close to the public a hearing on the matter of the seized documents. Jenkins denied the request and kept Wednesday's hearing open.

Defense attorney Ronald J. Kurpiers II called the document seizure outrageous and said it compromised the defense. "This is unprecedented in the American judicial system," he said. "To have the government go and seize and search defense product in preparation and less than 30 days before trial is unprecedented."

Defense investigator George Scott, a retired Internal Revenue Service investigator, testified he went to Colombia to help prepare for the trial and returned May 4. After he left his airplane at Miami International Airport, he said, he was pulled aside by federal customs inspectors, who detained him and went through his luggage.

"I immediately identified who I was, and I also stated there were documents in my bags that I believed were covered by the attorney work product," Scott testified. Scott said he was detained five hours, causing him to miss his flight to Tampa. He said government agents seized the box of documents without explanation.

The assistant United States Attorney, who is not involved in the prosecution of Valencia-Trujillo, said he has taken steps to isolate the documents from federal prosecutors and investigators involved in the trial.

Although the Assistant United States Attorney allowed the defense team to copy the documents Tuesday after directed by the judge, Jenkins said that was not enough to solve the problems created by the seizure.

She directed the prosecution to file court briefs addressing certain legal issues. She scheduled the hearing to resume Friday morning.


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