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The Pointer Institute for Media Studies points out the pointlessness of the Poynter Institute and points the media toward intelligent points in reportage.  The Pointer Institute (PI) is a school for journalists, future journalists, and teachers of journalism, with a resource center, and seminars that can be scheduled, and the famous standing "media debate challenge" and other educational debates, to teach media the "point" of personal and economic freedom and point them toward relevant resources, and away from socialism.

    Spearheaded by an internationally published journalist with a degree in mass communications (journalism) and a degree in law, the Pointer Institute helps the media to understand constitutional rights (including the 2nd amendment), and why the media are proof that government schools are an unconstitutional impediment to the First Amendment right to freedom of the press.

    The Pointer Institute sponsors continual exposés of the lie of "objectiveness" in the media.  PI points out the need for Objective reporting ala the Objectivism of Ayn Rand.  PI points out object lessons in journalistic gullibility and statism/socialism in media, socialistic sycophants in the media, and explains the important point of personal and economic freedom.

    PI sponsors the POINTER AWARDS that praise any media examples of libertarianism and capitalism, and simultaneously condemn the media for its socialism and statism.  Please send any nominations for the most libertarian media personalities and/or stories.  And also send nominations for the best examples of media ignorance of simple economics or of liberty.

    The Pointer Institute is imperative because media today have developed a horrible trait wherein opinion journalists will dance around a topic and never make any point other than the veiled call for socialism that "the government needs to do something." Examples are on the media page of this website at

    PI is helping media become winners, not wieners, and not whiners.  In a free society the media is taken seriously, but as our society slides into socialism, "objective" news reporting becomes high camp.

No one should wonder why the St. Petersburg Times is called "Pravda West."  It has a horrid heritage. Its heritage is so horrid that the journalist and historian Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Pledge of Allegiance Secrets") helped launch the Pointer Institute to counter-act the Poynter Institute.

The Poynter Institute and the St. Petersburg Times are both examples of why government schools are unconstitutional, and have destroyed a free press, and must end.

Nelson Poynter, son of the founder of the St. Petersburg Times newspaper, and one of the namesakes of the "Poynter Institute," was one of the "point men" in Hollywood for the USA's worst president, the socialist Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR).

Nelson Poynter (1903 – 1978) moved to Florida in 1912 when his father bought the Saint Petersburg Times newspaper. Nelson Poynter began buying stock from his father in 1935, and he became an editor in 1939. He stayed in this position until his father's death in 1953 when he was appointed president. He co-founded the Congressional Quarterly with his wife, Henrietta. He established the Poynter Fund in 1954 to honor his father.

Roosevelt imposed the Office of War Information (OWI) by executive order in June 1942 in order to seize even more control than FDR had from the half-dozen overlapping propaganda agencies that had operated before the war. Infusing movies with propaganda fell to the OWI’s Bureau of Motion Pictures (BMP). The BMP was run by the former newspaperman Lowell Mellett. His deputy was Nelson Poynter, the 39-year-old socialist publisher of the St . Petersburg Times.

Poynter acted as a promoter of socialism in films of the day, censoring anything that was too pro-liberty, and even seeing that movies produced in that era had to pass inspection by the embassy of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics located in New York (see MGM's 1940 movie "Song Of Russia," a blatant propaganda movie glorifying the socialist misery of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). The Roosevelt administration's Office of War Information (which claimed the right to "comment" on film scripts) had the script for "Song of Russia" vetted by the Embassy of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics!

Similar criticism is merited by Poynter's involvement with film's such as "Hitler's Children" concerning the National Socialist German Workers Party. Note that the title of the film is not "National Socialist Children" and thus evidences a misleading habit similar to one that continues at the St. Petersburg Times newspaper.

Also note this quote written by Robyn Blumner in the St. Petersburg Times: "The [free] market is not the best part of America. Not even close. Our government is the best part – or at least it used to be before the current gang took over."

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the National Socialist German Workers Party were part of the socialist inquisition that caused the Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): ~60 million dead under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; ~50 million dead under the Peoples' Republic of China; ~20 million dead under the National Socialist German Workers' Party. 

In 1939, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) joined as allies with the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSGWP) to invade Poland in a plan to divide up Europe. Even after the National Socialist German Workers Party ended, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics continued to pursue (and expand) the goals it had agreed to with the NSGWP.

Poynter-style propaganda lives on today at the the St. Petersburg Times.

The newspaper employs writers who deliberately use the word "Nazi" in the continuing effort to rehabilitate socialism and to NEVER write the actual name of the horrid Party: National Socialist German Workers' Party. On at least one occasion, after being specifically asked (during the writing of an article) to identify the actual full name of the Party, a St. Petersburg Times writer refused to do so.  It is the same propaganda policy employed by Nelson Poynter regarding "Hilter's Children" and other films in order to promote deadly socialism in the U.S.

For more on the topic read "Ayn Rand and Song of Russia: Communism and Anti-Communism in 1940s Hollywood" by Robert Mayhew. It recalls Ayn Rand's testimony about the movie "Song of Russia" before the the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947.

Ayn Rand debunked the movie as propaganda for Soviet socialism and deliberate lies about the miserable reality of life under socialism in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The author Robert Mayhew supports each part of her testimony that indicts the historic mess of the Soviet socialists.  Mayhew reveals Rand right in each respect.

Dr. Mayhew even interviewed the surviving co-writer of Song of Russia, ex-"Communist" Richard Collins. The book is a scary revelation about socialist influence in Hollywood - and Washington.

Dr. Mayhew goes beyond the presentation of historical facts. He discusses the political, philosophical and ethical impact of the HUAC investigations regarding free speech, blacklists, "naming names," and truthfulness regarding wartime propaganda, etc. He gives Ayn Rand's views, based in part on previously unpublished work, and his own illuminating analysis.

Dr. Mayhew also reveals the hypocrisy and lies of socialists in Hollywood and of their successors their and in the newspaper business and media everywhere.  He refutes their smears of Rand, which continue to this day.

The book also provides even more proof (as if any were needed) that FDR and Herbert Hoover were actually of the same socialist persuasion, the so called Progressives.   FDR lied (in order to gain election) about his intention to cut government and then FDR expanded the massive socialism that Hoover had previously launched.

Secret swastika flag of news nazis at the Tampa Tribune and St. Petersburg Times Newspapers?
Poynter Online Institute & St. Petersburg Times exposed by Pointer Institute
Tampa Tribune Swastika Flag?

The images above show the swastika-style symbolism used by news nazis in St. Petersburg, Florida and in Tampa, Florida, home of the St. Petersburg Times and the Tampa Tribune newspapers. and

The swastika symbol used by St. Petersburg socialists borrows alphabetical symbolism in the swastika's crossed S-letters as employed under the National Socialist German Workers Party and of the swastika used under the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (see the Soviet swastika in the center of paper money printed in the years 1917 and 1918 ). Although an ancient symbol, the swastika was given alphabetical meaning by socialists. Another modern use is for the overlapping S-letters is "St. Pete Times Socialism."

The "St. Pete swastika" appeared in postcard art in 1915, joined with the American flag and the phrase "May our glorious flag and this lucky star guide you and keep you wherever you are."

St. Petersburg, Florida was named after St. Petersburg, Russia, which was also known as Petrograd  (1914–1924) and Leningrad (1924–1991) under the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. There was speculation about whether the Times would re-name itself the Petrograd Times and the Leningrad Times in honor of Soviet socialism during those decades.

Instead, the Times is known unaffectionately as "Pravda West" and the Tampa Tribune is known unaffectionately as "Nazi News," both referencing the socialist dogma under two of the three worst killing machines in the history of the world.

The St. Petersburg Times is where old news nazis go.

Eventually, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics joined as allies with the National Socialist German Workers Party to invade Poland (in 1939) in a plan to divide up Europe. It was part of the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): ~60 million slaughtered under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; ~50 million under the Peoples' Republic of China; ~20 million under the National Socialist German Workers Party. Even after the National Socialist German Workers Party ended, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics continued to pursue (and expand) the goals it had agreed to with the NSGWP.

St. Petersburg, Florida was co-founded by John C. Williams, who purchased the land in 1876, and by Peter Demens. The city was incorporated on February 29, 1892 (the year that America's notorious National Socialist, Francis Bellamy, created the Pledge of Allegiance, the origin of the stiff-arm salute adopted later by German National Socialists). In 1892, St. Petersburg had a population of only some 300 people.

The Times newspaper traces its origins to a newspaper started in Dunedin, Florida, in 1884.

The growing popularity of National Socialism in the USA (and worldwide) began as early as 1887 with the publication of "Looking Backward" by Edward Bellamy. It was an international bestseller, translated into every major language including German, Russian and Chinese.

Edward Bellamy was the cousin of Francis Bellamy (the aforementioned author of the "Pledge of Allegiance" (to the U.S. Flag) and source of the early American stiff-arm salute).

Francis Bellamy moved to the Tampa Bay area in 1924 and resided there until his death in 1931.

American Journalists did not know (until schooled by that German National Socialists did not call their German flag symbol a "swastika," (they called it a Hakenkreuz, or "hooked cross") and they sometimes used the symbol to represent crossed S-letters for their "socialism."

To learn more about what is hidden from readers by the St. Petersburg Times and the Tampa Tribune in their efforts to rehabilitate and expand socialism, see the Youtube video

The Tampa Tribune (hereinafter "TT") newspaper started daily publication in 1895 when Wallace Stovall upgraded printing from once a week.

The word "Tribune" is etymologically related to the Roman/Latin word for an officer of a legion. It is also related to the word "tribe" and the tribe mentality promoted in the national socialist propaganda of the TT newspaper.

The flag for news nazis and other flag fetishists at the Tampa Tribune (TT) employs swastika-style symbol that uses a cross of T-letters as alphabetical symbolism for "Tampa Tribune" (a variation of the teutonic cross altered for use as a tetragram).

The following is a drawing of the Tampa Tribune newspaper boat with its swastika-style flag at the Gasparilla pirate festival.

The photograph also shows loudspeakers from which the Tribune's anti-individualist propaganda can be barked.

Many newspaper writers are notorious for nazi-style name-calling.

Loudspeakers are also used for the secret News Nazi Pledge of Allegiance. The News Nazi Pledge expands upon the bizarre perversity of Bellamy's Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. There is another important difference: the early American stiff-arm gesture has not been changed in the News Nazi Pledge (for Bellamy's Pledge the gesture began to change in 1942 after the United States entered WWII and well after the beginning of WWII).

The Tribune printed the following articles upon Bellamy's demise in Tampa: "Author of Flag Pledge Dies at His Home Here" (August 29, 1931) and "His Words Will Live Forever" (September 1, 1931).

It is important to remember that during the time of the great influence of American national socialists (e.g. Francis Bellamy and Edward Bellamy) the National Socialist German Workers’ Party was formed (in 1920), with electoral breakthroughs in 1930, and dictatorship in 1933. German National Socialists adopted the stiff-arm salute that had been used in the U.S. for about three decades (from 1892), along with robotic chanting to flags, and persecution of anyone who thought it was disturbing "tribe mentality" behavior.

Many newspaper employees are ignorant slow-learners who repeat and perpetuate myths within the populace. Sometimes they act deliberately. The list below enumerates many common areas of ignorance among "news" workers.

Most writers do not know the etymology of the term "Nazi," or they cover it up. Most writers (and their readers) do not know that the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSGWP) did NOT refer to itself as "Nazis"; that the N-word is not in "Mein Kampf" nor in the film "Triumph of the Will" (as two examples), yet the word "socialist" is there in stereotypically droning socialist fashion.

Most readers do not know the etymology of the abbreviation "USSR," and that is because most writers are equally ignorant or cover it up. Newspapers evade the actual name of the former country, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and they cover up its deadly socialist dogma by substituting terms such as "Soviet."

Most writers do not know when (and where) the world's worst slaughters occurred nor their comparative death tolls (under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics with ~60 million killed; under the Peoples' Repubic of China with ~50 million killed; under the National Socialist German Workers Party with ~20 million killed). Most newspapers cover up the worst killers of all time (Stalin, Mao and Hitler) and their comparative death tolls. As a consequence, their readers are kept in the dark.

Most writers do not know that the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (under Stalin) joined as allies with the National Socialist German Workers Party (under Hitler) during World War II in 1939 to invade Poland in a pact to divide up Europe. Newspapers also cover up the fact that after the NSGWP ended, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (under Stalin) continued to pursue the violence it had conspired to with the National Socialist German Workers Party (under Hitler).

Most News workers are so ignorant that they do not know that the Pledge was the origin of the salute adopted later by the National Socialist German Workers Party. 

Most newspaper writers are so ignorant that they do not even know that the early Pledge used a stiff-armed salute. They did not know that the stiff-arm salute developed from the military salute. Consequently, most of the American public also remains ignorant.

Most writers do not know that Francis Bellamy (author of the Pledge of Allegiance and the source of America's early stiff-arm salute) was a self-proclaimed socialist in the nationalism movement and he wanted goverment to take over everything, including all schools, and that his pledge and a flag over every school (and in every classroom) was part of his scheme to impose national socialism in the United States of America.  Due to ignorant news writers and due to government schools, the American public is kept ignorant of all but the shallowest Bellamy propaganda.

Most writers do not know (until schooled by that German National Socialists did not call their flag symbol a "swastika" (they called it a Hakenkreuz,"hooked cross"). Most writers do not know that German National Socialists sometimes used their cross symbol to represent crossed S-letters for their "socialism."


The USA's undefeated "Media-Debate" champion is the libertarian journalist Dr. Rex Curry, head of the Pointer Institute for Media Studies. Professor Curry has a long-standing challenge to debate anyone in the media on any "news issue" involving free-market economics and individual liberty.  The challenge is publicly repeated to TV, radio and print journalists, columnists etc., whenever they repeat cliches that show ignorance of free-market economics and individual liberty.  The debates prove that freedom of the press (the First Amendment) is incompatible with government schools and why the latter are unconstitutional and must end.   As the libertarian joke says: the purpose of government is to provide service, and the media's purpose is to provide vaseline.  Contact Dr. Curry for help with any media debate.

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TOP SUPPRESSED STORIES - synopsizing the list below & more about what the media won't tell you.
The media and government schools are the same Libertarian Speakers Bureau
The media cover up to preserve the trio of myths about the Roman salute, swastikas, and Nazis.
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SOCIALISTS STARTED WWII - the National Socialists & the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as allies.
THE SOCIALIST WHOLECAUST - the media are deniers of it. both deliberately and ignorantly.
THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - media won't show historic photos of the original socialist salute, and the media recite the myths
     that they were taught in government schools, just as they recite the Pledge itself.
THE SOCIALIST SWASTIKA - the media won't discuss it's use as a symbol for sick socialism.

WRITING CONTEST: expose media cover-ups for the horrid National Socialist German Workers' Party.
COMPARE U.S.S.R. & NAZIS - and compare the media bias favoring the bigger killer over 3rd place.

MEDIA WON'T EXPOSE THE GREENS -as totalitarian socialists, nor the Earth Charter Community Summit.
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"PRICE GOUGING" - more media lies favoring war and against "price gouging" and for government control.
MEDIA SCHIZOPHRENIA - about ticket scalping.  Note the media's similar illogic to "price gouging."
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ANNUAL LETTERS - use this collection of letters to spam your media each month to help educate them about liberty.

"The lies the government and media tell are amplifications of the lies we tell ourselves. To stop being conned, stop conning yourself."
                                                                                                                                                                    -- James Wolcott

     Press reporting on government action is like reports from a committee that knows nothing about gravity, but which has nonetheless been assigned to watch what happens when you drop objects from high places.
     The committee keeps filing surprised reports about how objects fall – what a bizarre and unwelcome turn of events – and then they conjure up ways to keep this from happening. They recommend more spending, more programs, more controls, more bailouts, more taxes, and more inflation of the money supply.
     You just want to get their attention and explain: what you are observing is part of the structure of socialism itself, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You can cover your eyes, put up fancy mirrors, turn summersaults, speculate and talk and decry all you want. But in the end, the disasters are necessary and inevitable responses to the previous government acts that were reported.                       - the above was inspired by
Daniel Ruth

A running "blog" about "All the junk that's fit to debunk."

The new gonzo journalist picks up the torch and runs! The media are decadent and depraved.  Fear and loathing in the USA creates a savage journey to the heart of the American dream.’s mythbusting has become a cult classic. It's been called outlaw journalism, new journalism and other words I can't repeat here. sees the web as the ultimate communications instrument, as one can send information anywhere in seconds.

    If your newpaper, TV and radio media do not editorialize constantly about the need to cut government, taxes, programs and laws, then they don't "get it."  They do not understand the issue.  The issue is the enormous size of the government.     
    Most media editorialize constantly in favor of new government, taxes, programs and laws.   It is fortunate that the internet exists or no proper media would be available.

    The big story in every election, and the story that the media ignore, is that the old parties all support new government, taxes, programs and laws; that no old party candidate campaigns constantly to cut government, taxes, programs and laws.  The candidates and the media don't "get it."  They do not understand the issues.  The big story in every election, and the story the media ignore, is the enormous size of the government.  

    Another big story in every election, and the story that the media ignore, is that the vast majority of people didn't participate.  The persons "elected" weren't elected -not by a majority of registered voters, nor by those who were could have registered and did not.  The big story in every election, and the story the media ignore, is whether the government is legitimate.  That is why the story is ignored by the media.

Every time a politician dies the news media declare him a "stateman" and rhapsodize about his "accomplishments" which are always new laws, new spending and the constant growth of government while in office.  All intelligent people roll their eyes and laugh out loud at the "news," and experience a sense of relief at the obituary, tempered only by the thought "I hope his replacement isn't even worse."  And while the media rhapsodize the political careers of lifelong socialists, they ignore and ridicule people who stand for liberty, for reversing everything done by the media's career politicians.

Every time a newly appointed Drug Enforcement Chief announces that he will "target drug organizations, dry up their money supply, and dismantle them entirely," the media repeat the "news" with a complete seriousness, while all intelligent people roll their eyes and laugh out loud at the "news."

In January 2002, a shooting left three dead at the Appalachian Law School in Virginia. The event made international headlines and the media recited more calls for gun control.  A critical fact was missing from almost all the coverage: The attack was stopped by two students who had guns in their cars.

News media report on government schools and funding problems and other issues and never compare private schools.
For example, the news media write articles about school lunches and funding problems or other "lunch" issues, and never once compare private schools.  Many private schools do not provide lunch, and parents and children must bring their own lunch. Private schools promote responsibility and thought.  Government schools discourage personal responsibility.  Even lunch is provided by the government, enticing parents to evade responsibility in the most basic ways.   That is why the media won't make obvious comparisons.   It helps to hide the truth about socialist schools.

Libertarian Journalist Dr. Rex Curry, Pointer Institute for Media Studies

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